June 22, 2015

Links I'm Loving This week.

Hello everyone !

I hope you all had a great weekend and I cannot express how excited I am for this new week. I feel like the days have been passing by so fast and I know everybody says the same thing but what can I say.. I share their struggle. I'm not a big fan of Mondays but I've been trying to be more productive and a fresh start is just what I needed. 

Today I'm here with another installment of Links I'm Loving. This time I have a mix of healthy and not-so-healthy recipes to share with you guys because we all have to take a break sometimes and make sure we are treating ourselves. I also wanted to share an incredible blog post I've recently came across in a blog that has become one of my favorites already.

I'm in love with this website. I found it through one of my favorites blogs (The Out Crowd) a couple of days ago and I've been following it ever since. They feature delicious and healthy recipes and although I haven't tried any, I have incorporated some of the ingredients they use into my everyday meals. 

Josie does healthy and fitness videos and I love her because she preaches a balanced lifestyle. You can see in her vlogs that she eats really healthy but she menages to incorporate the things that she loves to eat in her diet and I'm all about that. She also films her workouts which are huge help for me and every time I don't feel like going to the gym I just watch one of here latest videos to get some inspiration.

For me, this is the definition of a cool and stylish blog. If my blog ever becomes my full-time job I will want it so look a little something like these. I've been following it for a long and I believe it's quite famous so a lot of you might already know about it. It's a all into one blog and I love it because every post is different than the next and you never know what is coming next.     

Although I love this blog in general, I'm linking you guys to one specific post. The post is about comparing yourself to others and the reasons why we shouldn't do it. I completely related to this post and it really opened my eyes. 

These are the top links I've loved this month and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did. If you have any recommendations of blogs and website you think I would like please leave them on the comments down below and I'll definitely take a look and maybe feature it on the next post.

Thanks so much for reading. 

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