July 28, 2015

HOW TO: Don't Freak Out During Finals Week.

I didn't have "finals week" during college, my teachers simply scheduled exams in a convenient day for them and let us know so we could prepare, but I know a lot of people have them and I know how stressful it can be. So, after spending four years in college (I won't even count my high school years of struggle) I'd like to believe that I've acquired some knowledge in that area and in the last semester I didn't even interrupt my regular schedule when I had exams.

The tips I'll be sharing with you guys today are simply things that I used to do (and still do) to prepare for an important exam, it's not just for "finals week". They will help you organize not only your material but also your mind, which is the most important thing. 

I know I always say that I'm not organized and that my life is a mess and bla bla bla.. But that only applies when it comes to other areas of my life other than school. I've always applied myself really hard and studying always came first. So if you're interested in learning my tips on how to not freak out, just keep reading.. 
I see a lot of posts/videos like this on the internet and everybody says: "Make sure you have all your pens and pencils" and I'm always like:"REALLY?". I don't know about you guys but the last thing I'm worried about is the kind of pen or pencil I have when I'm studying and also, if you're a student it's a given that you have pens and pencils on you, specially when you're preparing for an important exam. 

I'm talking about your textbooks, special articles you should read or any kind of complementary reading. I cannot tell you guys how many times I needed a specific article or chapter of a different book for an exam that I thought I had but actually didn't.. So off I went to buy it online and expend my hard earned money when I could have just printed it at school.   
I also see a lot of people on the internet (and also in real life) claiming that they are so awesome because they did everything the night before. I don't know if they are like Jimmy Neutron or just lying but I find it almost impossible to do things last minute, specially when you're in college. Actually, I find it impossible to do it last minute and get a good grade.

So, get yourself a planner and plan the s#!t out of the month of "finals week" or even a little earlier if you can. I usually try to keep up with the required reading for every class but since I know this is super hard make sure to take a couple of hours on the weekend to try to catch up. 

I know this may seem a little too much but your girl over here has major anxiety attacks if she feels like she doesn't know anything before an exam. If you're anything like me, planning it out and doing little by little helps a lot. It's also good because you see progress in your work and you're gonna feel a lot more productive.  
Everything that you think that you should do but you don't actually enjoy doing (exercising, for example), I suggest that you try to make it a habit. So try to include studying into your everyday schedule. It doesn't need to be a drastic change, maybe try reading one chapter of any subject everyday and build it up from there. 

In my experience this really helped and the days I didn't read or study I felt like something was missing and also missed the feeling of being productive. I don't know about you but at the end of the day I need to feel like I accomplished something. 

They say it takes one month to build a habit, I suggest you get started today.    
Working out is one of the best things to do when you're stressed. It's a great excuse to take break and not feel guilty about it, you're gonna balance out all the junk food you're eating and it's gonna help you to clear your mind. 

When you come back from the gym or from a run, I guarantee you're gonna feel more productive, more motivated to keep going and less sleepy and tired. I know.. Exercise works in mysterious ways, if you're not doing it you're missing out.
Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how to prioritize the things that you're studying because I have no idea what you're actually studying. But prioritizing it's the best way to deal with stressful situations, because if you start freaking out and having panic attacks it's only going to make things 100% worst and you won't get any studying done. At least this way you still have shot on passing. 

Just focus on what teacher said in class (this is why it's good to take notes) and if you can talk to students who already did this exam or passed the subject and ask what they think it's more important so you can focus on that. It's always better to read everything but in the real world sometimes it's just not possible. 

I hope these tips help you in case you're feeling a little lost in the middle of all those sources of knowledge you have in front of you and I wish you the best of luck in your next exams. 

How do you get ready for an exam ?

Thanks so much for reading.



  1. Your tips are absolutely perfect! Planning and having loads of resources are definitely the way to go. And as for working out, I generally don't do that when I'm studying, but next time I do, I'll be using that as my break. Making a habit out of studying something daily is something I've never accomplished, but I'm determined to start something of the sort. Thanks for this!

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thanks, M ! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. You should definitely try working out next, it's really good for you and you'll help you relax.

  2. Former Teacher Me agrees completely with all of this, especially the part about making studying a habit like anything else that is "good for you." Being in the habit of studying or learning or working on whatever...that is a seriously important life skill. It's just bonus that it will result in better grades for you while you're in school.
    :) Alice

    1. I had no idea you were a former teacher, Alice.. And I completely agree with everything you just said ! :)
      Thanks for the comment.