August 15, 2015

Life Update: Exciting Things Are Happening.

This afternoon, as I was trying to figure out what today's post was going to be, I realized that it has been more than a month since I did my last Life Update and since I have a lot of things to tell you guys I thought this would be the perfect post for today. 

First thing I'd like to share is about my graduation. If you follow me on Twitter you already know that I finished all of my classes and assignments but I still don't have my diploma because these things take some time to get ready. But my university finally scheduled a date for the official graduation, which is going to be in two weeks and the best part is that Sebastian is actually going to here for the date. YEY!

This brings me to my second update: Sebastian is COMING! And I could not be more excited about it. We haven't seen each other since February and we've been literally counting the days. Hopefully, this whole long distance situation will be over next here (or December) once he finally moves here for good but until then we're trying to make the best of it. 

We also have a lot of weekend trips planned. We are visiting a couple of small cities around where I live and I love being a tourist in my own country. We're pretty obsessed with the beach and even though I live quite close to the beach we enjoy exploring different ones. Another good thing is that I'm not only gonna have my official photographer back but I'll also have a lot of cute places to shoot OOTD posts for the blog. YEY!

As for things I've been doing, I need to admit that I've not been doing a lot. I've been studying like crazy and trying to keep up with all the things that I need to read for my classes because while Sebastian is here we'll visiting different places and having fun so studying will not be priority. 

I managed to watch the new (not so new now) Jurassic World movie and I LOVED IT. If you've watched this let me know on the comments your opinions. It was waaaaay better than what I was expecting and I loved the whole Dinosaurs meet Disney World concept. While I was growing up this was my favorite movie and it made want to be a paleontologist (is that what it's called?).. I even started to dress like the woman in the movie.

Another thing that I also squeezed in some to watch was Pretty Little Liars and O M G ! If you haven't watched it go watch it now. I'm not gonna give any spoilers but my mind was absolutely blown with the A revelation, seriously. There were so many feelings and emotions involved and although I'm excited to see how it all ends I also don't want it to end. 

At first when I started watching this show I thought it was just another silly teenage show but it really grows on you. The whole "who is A mystery" hooked me and I'm obsessed with their wardrobe, whoever dresses them is doing an amazing job.

So I guess that's it. My life is kind of boring and I mainly wanted to share with you guys that my graduation is coming and my PLL feelings. I hope you all had an amazing week and if not at least enjoy the weekend. 

Do you have any fun updates to share with us ?

Thanks so much for reading and I'll talk to you really soon.