August 7, 2015

Links I'm Loving This Week.

Heeeello, everyone !

Today's post is going to be short and sweet but hopefully entertaining. Today is literally the busiest day of my week which is completely out of the ordinary since Fridays are usually my days off meaning that I don't have to go to class or anything. Although I'm kind of stressed and super busy today is going be super exciting because I'm going to a wedding ! 

I don't know about you guys but weddings are just so much fun for me. I love the whole celebration of love and I always end up crying even when I don't know the bride and the groom that well. And now you must be wondering: Why are you so busy if you don't even know the couple ? 

I'll tell you why.. BECAUSE I'M DOING EVERYBODY'S MAKEUP. Seriously, you watch a couple of YouTube videos and all of a sudden your mom starts telling people you're super good with makeup and all those people start asking you to do their makeup. So my mom, my sister, my grandma, a friend of my sister and a friend of mine are coming over this afternoon so I can do their makeup before the wedding. And that's why I need to get this post up right now before they arrive. 

Ok, so I've been rambling for three paragraphs already and now I'm gonna stop and we're gonna get into the cool stuff I found on the internet this week because that's why you're really here. 

I've been trying to loose some weight lately, who hasn't right ? But I've been on and off diets and trying to exercise more often but I just get bored and end up giving up. But now, I'm trying a different approach. Whenever I feel bored of a certain workout or just don't feel like doing it, I change things up.

If you've been following me for a while you might remember that I used to talk about Blogilates all the time, and I still love her channel and her workouts but after doing it for so long, I got bored. 

So, at the moment I've been doing a combination of running and after that I just go into Adriene's channel and find a good yoga exercise that looks like fun. I've been doing this for quite a while now and I LOVE HER WORKOUTS but I feel like I should warn you that yoga is quite harder than I thought it would be so if you're new to it (like me) don't feel bad if you can't do everything right 

Nowadays the amount of hate you find on the internet is astounding and kind of sad so when I saw this video that Colleen Ballinger posted on her channel I just thought it was amazing and I had to share it here in case some of you haven't watched it yet. She makes a song out of her mean comments to send a message to haters and I loved it. 

I know I know.. shameless self-promotion, but who really cares ?! Guys, I'm just linking this up over here because I've noticed that a lot of you already follow me on Twitter, Instagram and here on the blog as well but maybe you haven't noticed the we also have a Facebook Page for the blog. And I just thought we could get some love over there as well.. We currently have less than 20 likes or friends (I don't really know the correct term) and I just thought we could do better. 

So if you have the time to "like" our page that would be awesome and will really help me to get the word word out and grow our little family a little more. Thank you in advance and if you found this annoying I'm sorry but it is what it is and if one day you create a blog or something along those lines I'm sure you'll understand and I'll be happy to show you some love and support as well.

And if you already follow our page let me know on the comments so I can personally give you a huge THANK YOU.    

This website was one of my favorite finds this week (or even month). This is basically a traveling website like Tripadvisor but I think their "articles" a little more interesting and with more exciting and different stuff to do. As you guys already know if you've read my latest traveling post, WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY (yey!) on November and I know that it's a little far away but we're already looking for fun things to do and trying to do a little planning here and there.

The article that attracted me to this website was this one but you can find a bunch of other things there and obviously articles about other destinations. So if you're planning to travel somewhere I suggest you take a look over there and see if they have anything cool to offer that could maybe help you out.    

Do you have any cool links to share with us this week ?

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll talk to you soon. 


  1. I hope you had a great time at the wedding! x

    1. We had blast, Elizabeth ! Thanks for stopping by ! :)

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