August 5, 2015

Monthly Favorites: July, 2015.

I don't do Monthly Favorites very often simply because I don't usually have a lot of favorites. I don't change up my makeup/skincare products very often.. Actually, I don't change up anything that is my "favorite" very often. And that's one of my biggest pet peeves with bloggers and vloggers out there, the fact that every month they have new makeup favorites.. 

But this past month I did some changes here and there mostly because I finished watching my go-to TV show (so I HAD to find a new favorite). I don't really have makeup products this month because I've been doing my Everyday Makeup Routine everyday that I actually put on makeup so if you're interested in that you check out that post, but I warn you that it's kind of an old post and back then I wasn't the awesome blogger I am today.. Who am I kidding ?

Let's get to the favorites!


We FINALLY surrendered to the Netflix magic. I know we're probably the last people on Earth to get it but we were kind of hesitant because we still payed cable. But after getting Netflix my life has changed for the better, I'm not on my most productive game lately but I'm definitely happier. Me and my mom's saturday afternoon schedule consists on coffee, pajama pants and Netflix and we're not even ashamed to admit it.   

Red Band Society.
Like I said before, I'm already all caught up with my favorite TV show EVER - Modern Family. So, I had to find something new to watch. I saw someone talking about Red Band Society on Twitter and decided to check it and I LOVED IT. It's a little morbid because the whole show centers around a group of teenagers who are in the hospital for different reasons. 

But somehow, they made it work. It's also not very realistic because the hospital in the show looks more like a boarding school but it's still fun. If you're considering checking it out (which I think you should) just keep in mind that it's a very teenagery show. And by that I mean that there's a lot of teenage drama, and relationships and breakups but does deal with some more "real" subjects like cancer and other diseases. I'm not doing a great job at describing it but just watch the first chapter and see if you like it. 

How To Get Things Done by David Allen.

I've read a lot of good books this past month but I really wanted to mention this one today 'cause it has been helping me a lot. I'm sure some of you might have noticed that I'm in a constantly talking about my struggle to find balance and to live a more organized life and since my boyfriend was already tired of hearing me complain about this he recommended this book and I really really loved it.

I haven't finished it already but since I'm in the last chapter I can honestly say that this book is a life saver. If you're expecting a magic trick to organize your life in a second this is not the book for you, but sometimes it's good to have "someone" tell you exactly (and I mean to the last detail) what to do and how long it's going to take for you to get your s#!t together. 

The author share in the book his method for organizing not only your work life but your life in general. I didn't agree with 100% of the things that he said and I won't implement his method to the last detail in every expect of my life but I did take away some valuable lessons from the book. I changed somethings in my "organizing system" and I have to say that I'm experimenting way less anxiety and stress. 

My Life Next Door.
I think the best word to describe this book is adorable. I'm not going to make a complete Book Review right now but I'd say that if you enjoy cute teenage romance you're gonna love "My Life Next Door". I'm sucker for any summer related books and this one was exactly what I needed at the moment after reading so many suspense/thriller books.   

Running Everyday.
I'm proud to say that I've been running everyday. I started this new habit this month because I was feeling a little fat, I had gained 2 kilos and my clothes just were not fitting right on me. Besides loosing the extra weight (which is always a big plus), I've also been feeling more motivated and excited about life in general and it's good to have this "excuse" to live the house at night and get some quiet time for myself.  

My Kindle.

I did all my reading this month, including stuff related to my classes, with the Kindle. This is seriously my favorite little gadget all year round but I decided to include it in July's favorite because I did a lot of reading this past month. I'm also thinking about doing a post only about what I have in my Kindle, like books, apps and other little things so if you guys are interested in that please let me know.. I might to do it anyway but it's good to know if you'd want to see it. 

What were some of your favorites ?

Thanks so much for reading. 

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