August 17, 2015

The WORST Book I Read This Year.

I know that the year is not even close to being over and I don't like to talk down on books because I can imagine how hard it is to write a book and also get it published but this book completely sucked in my opinion. I don't really know why I disliked it so much since it's a genre I'm usually interested in (thriller/suspense) and the premise looked very intriguing and overall appealing. 

The book I'm talking about is Shut Your Eyes Tight by John Verdon. A friend of mine actually gave me this book as a gift (maybe on my birthday) and she told me she really liked this author and that she have read a lot of his books but not this one yet.. I still haven't asked her how she feels about this book but it goes to show that we all have different opinions so if you really love this book or this author good for you, it just wasn't a good match for me.

In the book we follow Mr. Gurney who is a retired detective from the NYC Police Department as he embarks on a new murder investigation. Since he's retired, he actually gets involved with the investigation when a family member of the victim hires him as private investigator because apparently the police is not doing a very good job.. And that's pretty much all you need to know before reading it.

Our main character is married with Madeleine and they live in a house in the suburbs. His wife is not very supportive of his work 'cause she finds it very dangerous and consuming. The whole aspect of their relationship really annoyed me. Gurney is portrayed like a man who neglects his wife and she is portrayed like pretty much a bitch who doesn't support her husband. Besides the fact that she asked him not to get involved with the investigation he ignores her and takes the job anyway.  

As the investigation goes on the police and Gurney start finding out that there is more to the crime than just that one murder and as the book goes on they start to find out more and more. One thing that really bothered me in the investigation was that some things didn't feel real, like they wouldn't really happen in real life and I found it very hard to keep going since I didn't believe what I was reading and I thought it was quite exaggerated and kind of annoying.

All the murders and the crimes connected to the murders have sexual undertones. The author really explores the mind of sex criminals (especially young women) and I found that rather disturbing. I know that there are some really crazy people out there but I just didn't really buy that the reason behind all those crimes was sexual abuse, but then again I don't really know a whole lot about that..  

I also didn't like some of the dialogues. The author would squeeze in some bad words for no reason at all and make everything seem really forced and unnatural. I'm not easily offended by these things but it just looked odd.

As for the things that I did like, there were not a lot of them. Like I said in the beginning, I really liked the whole premise of the book and I also like the end. I'm not gonna give out any spoilers but I really liked the way the author turned the story upside down and I totally did not see the end coming. I love being surprised with a story and that was my favorite part of the book. 

So that's it for the review. I hope you enjoyed the post and if you haven't read this book I don't suggest picking it up. I was in doubt if I should write a review of a book that I didn't like but I hope this was helpful in case you were considering reading this book or something from this author. 

If you'd like to keep up with the books I'm reading you can follow me on my GoodReads account so we can be reading buddies. I gave this book 2 out of 5 stars because in my opinion it really was that bad. I don't think I ever gave a book less than three starts but in this case I couldn't bring myself to rate it any higher. 

Have you read this book ? 
Do you think it's helpful to write reviews of books I didn't like ? 
What are you currently reading ?

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