October 18, 2015

50 Random Facts About Me.

I wasn't planning on blogging today because I thought I was going to be super busy helping my sister get her house together.. But since all my plans have been canceled in the last 5 min and I really don't feel like studying or even watching Netflix (I don't know what's wrong with me..) I decided to channel all my creative energy into something fun and hopefully entertaining for you guys. 

I used to do a lot of tag posts back in the day and I don't really know why I stopped doing them.. I feel like this is not only a great way for you to know a little bit more about me but also a way to connect with some of the bloggers out there 'cause we can tag each other and become internet blogging friends! 

I tried to make this as funny as possible and think of some facts that most of you don't already know.. Let's get to it!

1. I consider myself a cat person.
2. But I also love dogs.
3. I absolutely love reading.
4. But I dislike the clutter that comes with owning a lot of physical books.
5. I do my nails every Sunday.
6. I've probably re watched the entire Harry Potter movies more than 20 times.
7. I've been to Disney World exactly 9 times. 
8. My favorite Starbucks drink is the Iced Chai Latte with soy milk. 
9. Family is the most important thing to me. Ever. 
10. My favorite quote is: May the bridges I burn light the way.   
11. Drops Of Jupiter by Train is my favorite song.
12. Besides the Harry Potter books, The Summer I Turned Pretty series by Jenny Han are my favorite books.
13. I'm a very big fan of Harry Potter.
14. I cried when I bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I also cried multiple times while reading the book and when I finished reading it. 
15. My best friend has been my best friend for almost 14 years.
16. Mulan is and has always been my favorite Disney movie.
17. If it has Nutella on it I'll probably eat it.
18. Starting a blog was one of the most terrifying thing I've ever done.
19. I once had a panic attack when I thought I'd have to spend Christmas and New Years Eve alone because I was traveling - I didn't btw.
20. I watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas every year.  
21. I love change and I get anxiety when things stay the same for too long.
22. Modern Family is my favorite TV show. 
23. I did ballet for almost 6 years and I was actually quite good at it.
24. I've dated my first boyfriend for exactly one week. 
25. When I'm traveling I never get homesick but I really miss my parents.
26. I don't like to watch old movies.
27. When I was a kid I used to take food from other people's tables at restaurants.
28. Pandas and monkeys are my favorite animals.
29. I want to visit all the continents before I die.
30. Traveling is my favorite thing to do. Ever. 
31. I have a weird stationary obsession and I love to buy pens. 
32. I don't like clutter and being surrounded by things I don't use.
33. I deep clean my room at least 2 times year.
34. I'm not a big fan of superheroes.
35. Chocolate Chip Cookies are my favorite dessert.
36. I don't have a favorite color.
37. My favorite lipstick is MAC's Ruby Woo.
38. I drink my morning coffee with milk, stevia and chocolate powder.
39. I cut my own hair.
40. I prefer going out for lunch than dinner.
41. My favorite breakfast: pancakes with bacon.
42. I love the smell of rain.
43. I'm more of a morning person.
44. When we were little my best friend told me she could see the future and I believed her for almost an year.
45. I really want to have kids someday. Not anytime soon, though.
46. I don't judge people by their personal choices. 
47. It takes me a very long time to trust anyone.
48. I speak French, English, Spanish and Portuguese (my first language).  
49. I'm Brazilian. I know it says on my about page but I lot of people seem to miss it. 
50. Blogging is my favorite hobby.

And that's a wrap! I know everybody says this but thinking of 50 facts about me was super hard. I even asked my mom for help. If you'd like to try it yourself, please consider yourself tagged and don't forget to let me know if you do answer this tag so I can check out your facts. 

Thanks so much for reading.


  1. Love that quote for number 10! This coffee shop I go to a lot makes these Nutella cookies. They are just giant cookies with swirly blobs of nutella and some salt on top. They are literally the best things in the entire world! haha
    :) Alice

    1. Nutella is the best thing humans have created! I've tried doing Nutella cookies myself and although they tasted ok (everything tastes ok with nutella in it) I created such a huge mess making them that I'll stick to eating nutella by itself. which is not so bad either.