October 1, 2015

Life Update: Moving Countries, Good News and Minimalism.

Heellooo, friends!
How is everybody doing?

I'm happy to announce that I'm still alive and blogging. First thing I want to do is apologize. I know I don't owe you guys posts but I feel like we have established a connection and I do feel sorry and also grateful for all of those who haven't given up on the blog yet. No need to fear, I may be absent for a while but blogging entered in my life to stay and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. I've been absent because of nothing in particular, just life. Living and blogging at the same time is hard if blogging isn't your full time job. 

I can already tell that this is going to be a long update post so go grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and relax. I think I should start with the bad news first.. We (me and Sebastian) had some unexpected problems with the whole moving countries thing that was supposed to happen next year. It's not a definite "no" or a "never" but the process is becoming harder and harder in the job front and if he doesn't get a job he cannot move to another country and we have to keep the "long distance" thing going for one more year.. But we'll see how things go and once we know everything for sure there will be more updates. 

No need to worry, you guys won't ever be without information. I love doing these kinds of posts and I feel like it's good for you as reader to know the person on the other side of the screen. I'm real and I have real life problems. 

On a brighter note, I am formally a university graduate. YEY! Now I'm on the process of becoming an adult (aka. finding a job and, hopefully, moving out), and let me tell you.. It's not as scary as I thought it would be. I've been sending out resumes and I already got some answers back so you can say that things are going smooth. 

Another good thing I wanted to share is that, as of lately, companies have been contacting me for product reviews and whatnot and that just sounds completely crazy to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered but it's just so surreal. I haven't done any kind of sponsored content here on the blog but if it ever came to that I want you guys to know for sure that I will give my honest opinion and you will be more than warned if a post is sponsored. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings with that but you don't need to worry about that at the moment.

I also had someone asking me about my minimalism journey and it's been going great. If you didn't know I did a blog post a couple months ago explaining "why" and "how" I was going to start a more minimalist lifestyle, you can check it out here. It has been easier and more fulfilling that I ever thought it would be. I'm thinking more clear now that all the clutter is gone and I feel like I have more freedom. I've also started to be more "environment friendly" in my life in general and that includes shopping less, recycling and donating things that me and my family haven't been using. I also want to start planting trees (don't worry, I'm not becoming a hippy) because I feel like I don't do enough for the world.. I don't know.. It's just me being weird.

But I guess that's it. I've also been super busy planning our upcoming trip to the US but I will do a separate post on that when I have things figured out. This is (by far) the biggest update post I've ever wrote and I hope I haven't bored you to death. Now I really want to know about you! I'm sure your life is more exciting then mine.

Have you been doing something fun?
If you haven't you should, the weekend is almost here!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you on the next one. 



  1. I really enjoy your life updates, I agree with you on the whole knowing the blogger behind the screen :). It's a shame you'll have to do long distance for another year..that completely sucks. Least you're finding success with graduating and getting lots of success with getting a job. I totally won't mind if you have sponsored posts as I know you're real and will be honest if it's any good. :) Holly x

    1. Holly,

      Thanks so for your comment. Your kind words really made my day!:)