November 30, 2015


Heeeeeello, friends!

Guess who is in a good mood? You guessed right:ME! I just came back (I've literally arrived home 40 minutes ago) from one of the best vacations I've ever had in my life. I know I say this about every vacation I take but what can I say? Every vacation is my favorite. I explained everything about it in the last post so if you're a little confused and don't know what I'm talking about just scroll down and hit the little "older posts" arrow in the bottom to read all about it.

But today I just wanted to come over here and to tell you guys that I'm back and that I'm sorry I couldn't update the blog while I was away. I didn't bring my laptop with me because I thought I was going to buy a new one on Black Friday but things were just so crazy that I didn't get around to it. And I was also busy enjoying a much needed break and a lot of family time aaaaand doing a lot of shopping.

Needless to say, we had a great time. We went to Magic Kingdom, did some Black Friday shopping, ate a lot of good food and saw a lot of pretty things. If you live in the Orlando area, you're a lucky human. I'm gonna do separate posts for each day that we spent there so don't worry. 

Now it's back to reality. I already have a lot of catching up to do with all the studying I conveniently pushed to the back of my mind while I was away. Piles of required reading are stacked in my asked, silently judging me as I take some time to write this post. But I guess that's how life works. The key balance, right? You struggle for a few months to get a little break once in a while. 

As for the blog, things are coming back to schedule. I already have a post to be uploaded on Wednesday and after that I'm gonna see if I can begin with the traveling posts because I took a  ton of cute pictures I want everyone to see. Talking about pictures, I've been posting a lot on Instagram so if you wanna see some of them you can go over there to check it out. 

I guess that's about it, guys! For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a great time and got to spend it with friends and family. I cannot believe that tomorrow is already December and the year is practically over - I need to start making plans for New Year's Eve already.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

I'll see you really soon!


  1. I'm glad you had a good time on vacation! I loved seeing all of your pictures on Instagram, it looked like you guys had fun! Can't wait to read the posts about what you got up to in Florida!
    :) Alice

    1. Thanks, Alice! You're always so kind. New post are coming soon... I hope! :)