December 16, 2015

Christmas All Over Again.

Heeeeeello, peeps!

Today I decided to do something a little different. Since I'm every much into the Christmas spirit I wanted to share with you some of my christmassy picks, like my favorite movies, songs and all that good stuff. But since I've already  done all of these before, I thought it would be best to just link up my previous posts from last year and if you're interested in the topics you can just click on the links and it'll take you right back there so you can read them. 

I know this sounds kind of lazy but it's not. My favorite Christmas movies and songs don't change from year to year so if you're interested in checking them out you can go back over there and see for yourself. I'm also sharing in this post all my past Christmas posts, so you can consider this a Links I'm Loving From My Own Blog. If you're interested in browsing through the Christmas section of the Let Me Cross Over archive, just keep reading!

My Favorite Christmas Songs: I stand by all of my picks from last year, but I just wanted to add in Winter Wonderland and Holly Jolly Christmas, specially the Michael BublĂ© versions. Actually, if you're looking for a good Christmas album to listen to this season, Micheal BublĂ© is your guy. His is voice is just amazing and something about it just sounds like Christmas.

Christmas is also the time when Mariah Carey shines. Isn't it weird that this woman is gone for most of the year and only shows her face on Christmas? But anyway, her albums is also awesome and I believe that you can find it on Spotify, if I'm not mistaken.    

My Favorite Christmas Movies: I would also like to add something else in the movies category. I cannot believe I forgot to mention "The Holiday". I looooove this movie so much, specially the whole exchanging house thing. It's such a fun little romantic comedy and it always puts me in a good mood when I watch it. If you haven't watched it yet, you definitely should. 

Christmas In Rome: This post is about my 2013 Christmas but I wrote it last year so it's as old as you'd think. I love rereading it because it brings back so many amazing memories. In 2013 I spent Christmas in Rome during my exchange program in France because everyone was traveling for the Holiday, so me and my friends decided to spend it in Rome and it was absolutely beautiful. So, if you'd like to know how everything went down and see a lot of beautiful pictures you should go check it out.   

That's all for today, guys! I hope you liked this post and all the links I've mentioned. Next post is going to be my Christmas Wishlist so if you're reading this and you're related to me somehow or my close friend you should pay close attention to that one. I'm so excited to be doing all this Christmas posts over here and I hope you're enjoying them to. I tried to do blogmas but I just didn't have time and energy to keep going, it really is a commitment. 

What are you most excited about for Christmas?
In my case it's the food.

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Holidays!

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