December 28, 2015

Links I'm Loving This Week | New Year's Edition.

Let's talk about important things first: Is it already time to take down the blog's holiday decorations? I really don't want because they look so cute and it took a lot of work to get them up but if you think it's time do let me know on the comments and I'll get on to it.

Now that we got that out of the way let's get to today's topic. It's been a while since I've done a Links I'm Loving but I wanted to so something different this time. I decided to do one related starting the year in the right mindset. I tried to get together some cool links to help you achieve your New Years resolutions and if you don't like resolutions I hope this links will help you be more organized and overall better yourself throughout this year. We have a mix of apps, YouTube channels and overall cool stuff from the interwebs!

To Do Ist: This is my favorite new app. Seriously. If you've been reading the blog for a while you know that since I graduated college I've been struggling with getting stuff done, motivation and all that not-so-good stuff. After doing a lot of research on that topic and trying out a lot of different things, I've stumbled upon this little app. It's nothing fancy but for a some reason it worked for me and I've been using it for month. 

It's basically an "online to do list". You just log in over there and type in your errands for the day and as you get them done you just click in the little "check thingy" and it deletes it from the list. You can also schedule things to appear on your list everyday or every two days (how often you want) and, the best part for me, you can put the time you need to accomplish them so you're always on top of your things. I really liked it and I use it almost everyday - I give myself a little break on the weekends. 

10 Tips For Decluterring: I think this is very fitting for this time of the year. We're almost in 2016 and what a better way to start new year than with a clutter-free organized house. I've seen a lot of videos like this one on YouTube, but, in my opinion, this is one of the best. I like the process she uses and the way she explains it. I haven't done a New Year Declutter yet but I fully intent on doing one. 

Motivation Groundwork: I've discovered this channel yesterday and I've already watched more than 25 videos. I think this channel is target to people who just want to be better - more focused, organized and all that good stuff. In this video in particular he talks about finding motivation to study and to, overall, get stuff done! If you also struggle with motivation and focusing on the things you need to do, I highly recommend his videos.

Pop Sugar 2016 Ultimate Reading Challenge: I'm so excited to jump into this Reading Challenge. This year I only did the GoodReads challenge, in which you just set a number of books you'd like to read during the year and try to achieve and although I enjoyed it and it was super fun to push myself to read more, I want to try something new and branch out a little more. This Challenge includes categories such as "a book set in Europe" or "a book with a blue cover" and whatnot - I think this going to be super fun and I've seen a lot of bloggers and booktubers who tried last year's pop sugar reading challenge and really enjoyed it. 

I'm planning on doing one more post before the end of the year, but if this is my last, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope you have a lot of fun celebrating the year to come. If you get the change to check out the links let me know your thoughts on the comments!

What do you usually do on New Years?
Did you like the links?

Thanks so much for reading!

ps: Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! YAY!

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