December 10, 2015

Social Media is FAKE! WHAT?

I know this has been all the rage in social media recently because of Essena O'Neill and the fact that she said she was quitting social media, but last time I checked she still has her account on Instagram and now she has a website, which she uses to post content that it's not fake to her standards and to communicated with her "followers", "fans" or "supporters", whatever you wanna call it. To me this all just sounds ridiculous. She is still doing pretty much the same thing she did before but now instead of an Instagram account or a YouTube channel she has a website. Woooooow, now things are really taking a turn, right? NO.

My first thought when I saw people discussing this was: is that news to anybody? Seriously, are you telling me that someone out there still didn't know you could make money from social media or that you can edit your photos and put filters on them? Guys, in which year were you all born?

Of course people make money from social media and I honestly don't see anything wrong with that. I don't make money from it but if someone does, well, good for them. And I also think it's pretty awesome that we live in a world where anyone can put themselves out there and try to make a career out of YouTube and or something else. In my opinion that's not any different than what the Kardashians or anything else with a reality show does.  

Another thing that really rubbed me the wrong way with her video was the fact that she was saying that all her pictures were fake because she "had to" (she's an adult and I don't think anyone forced her to do anything, but I could be wrong) stay 2 to 3 hours in a photo shoot to get a picture to promote a product she was paid to promote. Is that any different than what models do? They also spend hours and hours at photo shoots doing pretty much the same thing, taking pictures to promote products. And although this could be tiring and everything, it is a job... The only thing that I see wrong with it is the fact that she was trying to portrait those pictures like they were all "spontaneous" or "candid pictures of her at the beach" because I really don't think companies ask you to hide the fact that you're promoting something. Every time a company approached me they never told me to hide the fact that I was promoting a product or the company I was working with. 

Guys, social media is just like everything else in life: it is what you make of it. Of course people are not gonna post pictures of themselves looking horrible and gross. I don't go in public looking horrible and gross so why would I put pictures looking like that on social media? It's true that social media gives us a platform where we can "edit" ourselves and only show certain aspects of our lives but that doesn't mean that everything is fake and that we should all go over to Instagram and close our accounts because it's the source of all evil.  

But I also think that sometimes when social media becomes your job the lines can get a little blurry and it's hard not to get caught up in it. But so is fame, money, power and everything else that is addicting in life. The only thing that I kind of agree with her is the fact that she had enough and, apparently, decided to put a stop to it. But then again, if you're going to quit something just quit it, you know? No need to make that big a deal out of it and offend people out there who do the same thing as you.

I think this is all I wanted to say about this matter. I just wanted address this situation because I saw a lot of people talking about it on the internet and I just thought that it was a little ridiculous. I don't think social media should be the center of your life, not even if it's your job. But also think that when this is your job you are required to put some effort into it and stay on top of things. So I guess my message to Essena is: if social media was starting to overwhelm you, quitting was the way to go, just don't make a huge deal out of it and don't say that people who are currently doing the same thing that you did for a long time are fake and miserable.

I guess this is a big topic for discussion and everything has their opinions so if you think different please don't hate me. But I do want to know your opinions in a polite manner, it's ok to disagree and I want to know your thoughts.

What do you thing of the current social media dilemma?  

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. I agree with you, I do understand what she's trying to do, trying to create and promote a healthier awareness but lots of the things that she's doing contradicts what she's trying to so call promote. I'm not sure yet how I feel about her...time will tell I guess.

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  2. In terms of making a business out of social media, I completely agree. Even just social media for the everyday person is beneficial in a way because it's a platform for sharing things. The lines getting blurred between healthy and unhealthy obsessions are also very real though. I know I suffer from getting too caught up in it. But then it's the individual's decision to step out. It doesn't mean they can speak on behalf of everyone else.

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