January 7, 2016

Life Goals For 2016.

Well, I'm one of those people. The kind of people who enters the new year with that silly mindset of "New Year, New Me" and that actually writes down their goals and checks them a couple of times throughout the year. Yep, that me! You can judge me but I really don't care. I helps me and I like so I'm gonna keep doing it.

For me, the whole point of setting goals in the beginning of every year is not complete the whole and feel crappy and like I didn't accomplish anything if I don't. I just like making lists and I like having a "north", something to aim for so I can push myself harder. As you're going to see, I set a lot of goals and I know that there's big chance that I won't accomplish all of them. If I do, perfect. If I don't, perfect as well. The main goal that I have in mind is to accomplish most of them and have them kind of as a guide as we go into 2016. That way, if I ever feel lost and start to wonder "what the heck am I doing with my life" I have a point of reference to keep me going. 

I know a lot of people are against setting resolutions or goals and I can totally respect that. The only thing I ask is that if you're one of those people just keep your opinions to yourself and don't come rain on my parade. 

Volunteer: I've been wanting to volunteer for a while now but I've never gotten around to it. I always make plans but something always comes up. I know that this is not an excuse because if I really wanted to I would just go and do it - and that's what I'm planning on doing this year - even if I have to go by myself. I think I'm going to volunteer in a daycare center from my church, I just need to go over there and ask what they actually need me for. 

Save More / Spend Less Money: I've come to the conclusion that I buy a lot of things. I wouldn't say I waste money because I do use all the stuff that I buy. But I do believe that I could live just well (or even better) with less things in my possession. And this goes to everywhere in my life, even food items. I can't just go to a store and buy one each item that I need and that needs to change.   

Own Less Stuff: This goes together with the previous resolution. Some of you might remember that I tried a more minimalist approach to life in the middle of the year and I declutter all the things that thought it was 

Be Nicer: To myself and to others. There's not much to it. It's not like I'm a bad person now but I just want to be better and spread more positivity. I think the world (specially the internet) is already full of people trying to bring each other down and thinking that just because one person is doing well in life they need to target them with negativity and that's just sad. I believe that calling someone names and whatnot brings you down more than the person you're targeting. 

Read "Smarter" Books: I've read a lot of books in 2015 but they were mostly novels. That's not really a bad thing but I figure that if I'm already reading, I might as well put some of that reading time into bettering myself and gaining more knowledge. I'm not talking about self-help books or textbooks, just books about what's going on in the world and things like that. 

Read 70 Books: Last year my goal as 50 and I managed to read 67. This is year I'm setting a higher goal and let's see how things go.

Complete a Reading Challenge: I think I'm going to attempt to complete the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge just because it looks like the most fun. If you want to keep up with my reading and the challenge you can check my GoodReads page.

Get In Shape: I'm really happy with my body and my weight at the moment but I want to get in really good shape this year. I'm doing this more for health reasons because I feel like I eat too much crap and spend too much time on my computer or watching Netflix. This needs to change. I'm planning on stepping up my work out game and eat more clean. 

Blog More Often: I think I neglect the blog when I feeling stressed and I want to stop doing it. I know that this just a hobby for me but I still want to see to grow. My goal here is to put up at least 8 posts a month and I think that if I plan ahead and stop wasting time watching TV I can easily do it. 

Do More Beauty Posts: I started the blog very focused on traveling and beauty and I feel like beauty went a little to the side this year. I feel in love again with reading and the blog took a little turn to books and I started to a lot of book related posts. But I want this blog to reflect my interest and have a little bit of everything so I need to get back to the beauty posts. 

Better My French: I think I speak french pretty well and even have certificate or two but I really want to be fluent. I have a lot of books and I have a lot of friends who also speak french so that's nothing really stopping me, I just need to do it. 

These are all my goals for the New Year. I wish you guys all the best in 2016 and I hope you accomplish your resolutions and everything else you have planned for this new year. Let's make this one that best one yet! 

Did you set any goals for 2016?

Thanks so much for reading!

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