January 25, 2016

The Impossible List.

As soon as I've heard about The Impossible List, I knew I had to give it go. I first read about it at College Info Geek and from what I read on his website, the idea didn't come from him either but he'll direct you to the person behind this concept in his own list and you should definitely go check it out. 

Well, what's this impossible list then? It's basically a list of things you'd like to accomplish but that, at the moment, they just seem.. IMPOSSIBLE. It's a list of experiences and things you'd like to do that build upon each other and help you take action from there. This might seem like a glorified term for a simple "bucket list", but it isn't and let explain why.

The impossible list was create to be an ever-growing thing. You don't just do something and cross it off the list. Instead you build upon that. Let's say for example that you have "write a book" in your list, as soon as you write your book you don't just cross it off and forget about it, you expand the action and add, let's say, "get the book published" or go on a "book tour". This way, you keep motivated and see your progress right there in front of you. 

I think the whole reason to do this is to make you take small actions into making your dreams come true (cheesy, I know) and also help you realize that "the impossible" is not that impossible when you really think about it. Now, I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and share with you guys my Impossible List. 

This is just the start, guys! Like I said, I plan on building upon this goals and also setting new ones. I think I'm gonna do some random updates here and there just so you guys know what I've accomplished and what I'm currently focusing on. Needless to say, I loved this idea and I totally plan on keeping track of my goals and the things I'm achieving. 

Do you have an Impossible List?
Are you thinking about doing one?
What would/did you put on yours?

Thanks so much for reading!



  1. What an inspiring post! My next blog page view target is 50,000 too!! I'm also considering doing a masters but I need to get my actual degree finished with first haha.

    Toni x

    1. Thanks, Tony! Good luck with all your goals! :)

  2. I love this idea for goal setting. You've got a good list there.