January 21, 2016

Why Am I Always BUSY?

Am I the only one who thinks I'm always incredibly busy? I honestly thought I had my life together with the whole time management thing but, apparently, I didn't. I tried everything, books, YouTube videos, online articles, more books and I even went to a psychologist for a while to see if the problem was deeper than it was. According to her I just need to relax and create a schedule I'm comfortable with.

But that's exactly the problem: there's no way I can create a schedule I'm comfortable with considering the amount stuff I have to do. I didn't come here to complain or anything - I have my boyfriend for that and believe me when I say that I talked his ears off with this, he's the one who recommend all those books I've mentioned before. The point of this post is to just talk (or write) about it and try to get my thoughts straight and, hopefully, realize that I'm not alone in this.

I know I'm probably making it a bigger deal than it is and you might be thinking: What the heck does this girl do everyday? Cure cancer? Hold secrets of the State? And I'm gonna tell you. The sad part is that, when I really look at it, I feel like I'm not making much. Weird, right? My life is a constant struggle between always feeling like I'm busy and also like I'm not doing enough, do you feel me? And I hate it.

I'm currently on the process of applying for grad school (or a master, whatever you want to call it) and it's very stressful. Since I want to do it outside of my country (I know, leave it to me to complicate things) and English is not my first language, I need to a bunch of tests and get a ton of the paperwork ready in a short period of time. I'm also pressuring myself to go to the gym regularly in order to keep up my 2016 Goals and whatnot. I'm working on a plan B in case things don't work out with the master. And, AAAAAAAAH! Sometimes things get too overwhelming.

Every time someone invites me to do something I just don't have time to go. It's hard to menage everything: gym, study, work, family, friends - I don't even have time for my cat. Seriously, you people with two jobs, kids and still menage to live a normal and sane life, I don't know how you do it and you need all the appreciation in the world. 

Whenever I feel like I need a break, I only have time for a 30 min break and I usually spend it reading. I know a lot of people say that being "busy" is just an excuse and that if you really want to do something you'll just go and do it, but I'm starting to think that this rule doesn't apply to me anymore. 

Probably, most of it is my own fault. I decided that 2016 was going to be the year I was going to focus on myself and start a career and whatnot. Maybe I've been subconsciously pressuring myself into doing everything at once and I just need to TAKE MY TIME with things. I know the world doesn't stop for anyone, sometimes, like right now, I really wish it could. But if we keep pressuring ourselves we're just going to freak out, anxiety levels are gonna go through the roof, and we'll just want to curl up on fetal position and cry.

I set out a bunch of goals for myself and I do want to accomplish all of them as fast as possible but I feel like I need a time out to regroup and see if it's humanly possible for me to go through it all at the moment. WOW, sometimes I feel like blogging is better than therapy. And that's why I'm planning on doing more of it this year. I know I need to focus on growing as person and starting a career but it's also important to focus on things that make you happy and blogging/talking to you guys makes me very happy. 

Funny how sometimes I use this blog as a diary, kind of. It's good to come here and write how I'm feeling and what's going on in my life. I hope you enjoyed this post and took something from it, even if it's just by realizing that you're not alone or an alien. I share your struggle and we can do everything we want to do, just not all at once. Actually, you probably can do all at once but I think it's going to take a toll on your metal health or something.

Do you have any tips for us?
Do you share the struggle?

I'd love to know your opinions specially on this subject. 
I'm running out of options and I need all the help I can get. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you soon.  


  1. Hi Michele! I replied to your comment on my post. Thank you heaps for commenting and following. I've also followed you through GFC :D

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries and Perfume

    1. Hi, Sophie!
      Thanks for stopping by and for following the blog! :)

  2. Sometimes I think that other people just "seem" to have their lives together. I think that's just the work of change things as needed.
    :) Alice