February 15, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson.

Let's just take a moment to appreciate this cover. It's so beautiful. I usually don't like books with humans on the cover but in this one it just works. Maybe because they're not staring at you like they know all of your deepest secrets. I know it's bad but I have to admit that I picked this book up mainly for the cover and also because I needed a book set during summer for my Reading Challenge. Another one I can cross off the list - YAY!

I have some mixed feeling for this one. I definitely enjoyed it and I would recommend it if you're looking for a fun and light summer read. Morgan Watson's writing is super easy to read and incredibly funny. I seriously found myself laughing and I can't say that about many books. I also think I read the whole thing in just three sittings. 

The book centers around the friendship between Emily and Sloane. They are super close friends but when Emmy comes back from a family trip Sloane is just gone. There's no one at her house, she doesn't answer her phone, doesn't return her messages and no one knows where she went. She just disappears. 

After a while, Emmy receives a letter from Sloane with a list of thirteen tasks for her to accomplish during summer. These are things that Emmy wouldn't normally do on her own and they're supposed to get her out of her comfort zone and make her have fun during the summer. As Emily starts going through the list, she starts to think that if she finishes everything Sloane will magically turn up again and it'll be like nothing ever happened. 
But a lot of things happen. While Emily is trying to go over the list she ends up meeting new people and making new friends. She learns more about herself and the things she likes and doesn't like to do. Overall, this book was pretty good and I believe I gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars on GoodReads. It could be a 4 stars but the friendship between the two main characters really bothered me. Although in the end the author kind of explains why Sloan was acting so weird, it still wasn't enough for me.

In my opinion Sloan was flat out a bad friend and I didn't like how Emily forgives everything and is so depended on that relationship. Putting that aside, I really enjoyed the other parts of the book. I loved the new friendships Emmy made and how her relationship with Frank develops. And I also really enjoyed the fact that the list helps her get out of her comfort zone and do different things.

Like I said, I really enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys YA/Contemporary. If you're already a fan of this genre I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's cute and funny. There's a good romance going on. There are playlists in the middle of the book. The writing is easy and you can ready in two to three sittings. I also plan on reading more books from her, like Amy and Roger's Epic Detour. 

Have you read this book?
What would you recommend I read next?

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