March 21, 2016

I HATE The Players and You LOVE The Game.

Here I am today with another chapter of my Single Life Adventures - this should really be a series here on the blog if it wasn't so depressing at times. So, I haven't gone on a date or met anyone interesting yet, but I've been chatting/texting with a few guys here and there and let me tell you something: IT'S THE MOST FRUSTRATING THING EVER. I don't wanna come here and sound like a grandma, but when did things get this complicated? And how are we supposed to know all these "rules" that apply when you're texting? Is there a book people are reading that I don't know of?

I mean.. You can't reply too fast or take too long, you need to be careful with what kind of emojis you use, depending on what time you text a person it means something different, what they say is not always what they mean and I'm just like.. Can we all just be normal? If a guy texts you and you happen to be on your phone at the time, why can't you just text him back already? Why does that make me desperate? And I'm just gonna put it out there, dating would be a lot easier if we just said what we meant!

Get ready 'cause I'm gonna say something revolutionary: if you don't want to go out with a person just say NO. You don't need to create excuse after excuse and hope they take the hint. Some people are oblivious and giving a straight answer only saves you time and energy. I feel like when it comes to dating, you don't own anyone anything. 

I know it sounds bad but let me explain. You don't need to feel guilty about saying no just because he has a great personality. If you're not interested or attracted to him just say no and move on. You save your time, his time and he might be a little angry at first but he'll get over it. If you just treat people with respect you can and you should just be honest from the start. Life is short and you don't want to waste your time with relationships you already know are not going anywhere.

Like it says on the title, I hate playing games and I really dislike people who enjoying playing them. If you're 21 or older I expect a certain kind of maturity from you when it comes to dating. You don't need to be as sincere and upfront as I am (I literally say exactly what I mean) but I do expect you not to be an asshole. If you have a girlfriend, don't text other girls even if you say your relationship is practically over (we've all heard that before), don't say you want to get to know me and invite me to your house at 2:00 am or flirt with my friends in a attempt to make me jealous when you're supposed to be my date.  

From what my friends say, that's exactly what it happens on those dating apps like Tinder. I haven't given Tinder a chance and I don't plan to. I did download the app and occasionally me and my friends would go there and just have fun looking at the pictures but I've never even talked to anyone. If you like the app and it works for you, GREAT (seriously, share with us your secret)!

I guess it all just comes down to the fact that I've reached a point in my life where I don't have any energy left to spend playing relationship games. I have a job, I study, I'm applying for masters and I'm dealing with a lot of personal bulls#it of my own to waste time figuring out what you mean when you send me: Hi (wink face)! If you send me that I'll just assume you're saying hello and keep going with my life. If you want to go out just say: Hey, we should go out sometime - don't expect me to assume things based on an emoji, we're not fifteen. 

I was not planing for this post to be a rant but I guess that's how it came out. I just have very strong opinions about certain topics and "playing games" is one of them. Dating is already a rather.. Let's say challenging thing and if you add to that the pressure of over analyzing every sigle word in a text or an email it's enough to just drop everything, by a bunch of cats and become the neighborhood's official crazy cat lady.  

Do you agree?
Are you also tired of playing games?
Let me know your answers, thoughts, hopes and dreams on the comments.
I really enjoying hearing from you guys!

Thanks so much for reading and I'll talk to you soon!


  1. Ugh, I know what you mean! I have always been the worst at that. I always assume that people who are being friendly are just being friendly, even though I've been proven wrong a million times! Ha ha! You are so right that if you don't want to go out with someone then you should just say, "No I don't want to." It does feel like you're being mean, but you aren't. You have a right to your own time and nobody else does. AND, every time I have not been crystal clear with a guy he has continued to ask, maybe thinking that he could wear me down eventually...not the best way to start a relationship! Ha ha! You've just gotta say what you want from the start and then keep being honest. You'll figure out who is not worth it quicker that way.
    :) Alice

    1. Like always I agree with you 100%, Alice. It's good to know I'm not crazy and that people actually know what I mean! :)

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