April 25, 2016

Links I'm Loving.

Happy Monday, friends!

Well, it's been a while since I've done a Links I'm Loving and I don't know about you guys but I've missed it. I like talking about cool stuff I find online and I think this time I found some pretty good links. We have mix of funny videos, work out motivation and cool blog posts. I'm gonna try to be more consistent with these but I can't promise anything. Actually, let me know on the comments if you'd like to see more Links I'm Loving. So, without further rambling.. Let's get to the fun stuff!

Well, if you don't know Amy Young you should. I'm pretty sure she's a "life coach" (forgive my ignorance but I don't know the right name for that) and as well as having her own business she also makes videos on YouTube. I've been subscribed to her channel for months now and I sometimes mention one of her videos over here. This is one of them and O M G, if you're single and dating right now WATCH THIS. It literally changed my life and I'm not being dramatic.

This week has been pretty hectic and I didn't have time to go to the gym at all so Blogilates was a savior. Whenever I had some time to spare I would pop on one of the videos and just do it on my room. If you feel like you never have time to work, you should definitely check out her channel and try it out.  

I scream laughed watching this video and until now just thinking about it makes me chuckle. I didn't know who James Corden was or that he had a show until this video popped on my YouTube suggestions page. He's so incredibly funny and he texting Leonardo DiCaprio from JLo's phone (you know from the block) was one of the funniest things I've watched this week . Seriously, if you haven't watched this go watch it.. NOW.

This post really resonated with me. It's about how sometimes when our friends are going through something they tend monopolize the conversation about their problems and forget about us. I've been there (on both sides) and it was good to read some tips about how to handle this kind of situation. 

I've been following Jessica's blog for a while now and I love her posts but this one stood out to me recently. She talks about social media and how no matter how many followers you have you can still feel lonely and sometimes interacting with people over there can feel empty and shallow. It was a really good post and it really made me think - highly recommend checking it out.

What are some the links you've been loving lately?
Let me know on the comments your answers, thoughts and opinions. 
I love hearing from you!

Thanks so much for reading.


  1. I love these posts you do. I always find new things to check out.
    :) Alice

  2. Great post! Love reading about what youtube channels people are following! X