May 30, 2016

BOOK TAG: Intimidating TBR.

Heeello, everyone!

For today's post I decided to do a TAG. It's been a while since I've done the last one and, for some reason, I really enjoy answering TAGs. If you're familiar with BookTube you know this TAG is pretty much everywhere and everybody is doing and I thought: Heeey, that looks like fun! And we're today.

I've been doing a ton of reading because of my Reading Challenge and just like every book lover and avid reader out there I also have pretty intimidating TBR. If you don't know what that is, it stands for To Be Read and it's just the book we have on our shelves that demand our attention. 

Without any more rambling, let's get to the TAG!

I could not finish this book. I've tried several times to get into it and I just couldn't. The plot is not my favorite, kind of like a post apocalyptic world, and the characters were just meeeeh. Not thing sparked my interest and I didn't have that "I need to know what happens next" feeling, you know?
Having said that, if you're interested in the plot I think you should pick it up and try for yourself. I know a lot of people LOVE this book and it has a pretty good rating on GoodReads, it was just not for me. 
I know a lot of people love Colleen Hoover and I do like her, but last month I read Slammed by her and I really didn't enjoy. I thought the story was week and predictable and the characters just weren't relatable to me. So, based on Slammed, I decided to postpone reading Ugly Love for awhile. I do want to read it in the future, just not right now.  
I reaaaally want to read this book. First, the cover is GORGEOUS. Second, it won an award. Third, everybody says it's amazing. The only thing keeping me from reading this is the time. Because it's historical fiction I feel like I need to really pay attention to the story, not like Sophie Kinsella's book that you just fly through in one sitting (which are all amazing, btw). But will make time for it. Soon. Ish.  
Just look at this cover and tell how I could not buy it when I went on vacation. This book screams beach read and summer. I needed this in my life... And then I saw the reviews. It's not like this book has terrible reviews, it has a 3,59 average rating on GoodReads which is pretty standard. But every book reviewer and book blogger that I follow said this book is kind of a let down and not as good as they were expecting. But I still plan to read (I bought it, didn't I?) I'm just avoiding it for the time being. But I'll get to it, eventually. Or I'll just donate it. 
This is the fourth book in the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I was pretty hooked on this series in the beginning of the year but as time went on and I think I lost interest a little bit. This is a pretty good series with aliens, love triangles and all of that good stuff that hooks you but if you don't marathon the series..   
Ok, this book is not that big (503 pages) but when you're trying to read 100 books in a year you tend to gravitate towards smaller books. I meanly want to read this book because J.k. Rowling wrote it because the story doesn't seem like something I would normally read. Well, see what happens in the future, but for now it's my TBR pile.  
Not because of the size or anything like, it's mostly intimidating because of the topic. I saw the movie and I was intrigued. I know shooting in schools is a very pressing topic in the US and I wanted to inform myself. I've been trying to read more books that will help me expand my culture and learn about different points of views and that sounds like a good one.

That's all for today, folks. I hope you enjoyed the TAG and I'm tagging EVERYBODY. You read it right, everybody. If you'd like to do this TAG please do it and let me know on the comments so I can go and check it out. It's so much fun reading through other peoples answers and discovering cool new books. 

Do you also have a big TBR pile?
What's the most intimidating book in it?

Thanks so much for reading and go read a book!

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