August 31, 2016

Monthly Favorites | August, 2016.

I can't believe I'm getting my Monthly Favorites in time! Guys, I think it's safe to say that I've finally found a blogging schedule I can stick with and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I've been loving making my Monthly Favorites again. It's a good way to keep the beauty and makeup part of the blog going since I hardly ever do hauls anymore (that's topic for another post) and it makes more conscious of what I'm actually using in my collection.

You guys know the drill, I like keeping these posts short and sweet. But if you're new here, just know that I only mention the products that have stood out to me on my everyday use. I don't usually mention my staples (like concealer, powder and whatnot) because they're always the same (I've been wearing my MAC Studio Fix for 6 years now..) and I think mentioning the same products over and over is a little boring.. 

Victoria's Secret Girl's Night 
Fragrance Mist.

Since I have so many of these fragrance mists I try to pull out a new one every month and this one really surprised me. It's a very light, fresh and feminine scent which is perfect for me because I hate overpowering perfumes (they give me headaches). I used this pretty much every week day as I was getting ready to leave the house and I think I might keep this one out for next month. 

Cetaphil Daylong Sunscreen SPF30.

I wear sunscreen every morning no matter what so I decided to get a new one to alternate with my La Roche Pose one. I'm a big fan of the Cetaphil brand and this product is really good. It's moisturizing and it works great under makeup. It does leave a dewy finish on the face, so if you have oily skin I would reconsider getting this one (although it says it's oil-free on the packaging). I like the dewy finish because I usually wear powder foundation in the morning so it makes everything look more natural. 
Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara.

I usually don't see a lot of difference when it comes to mascara. I don't know if my lashes are weird but every mascara looks the same to me so I never get expensive ones. But this was pretty great. I did notice that it made my lashes longer and stand out more. It doesn't transfer onto my skin when I apply it on the bottom lashes and it's really inexpensive. If you're looking for a new mascara, highly recommend trying this one out. 
NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake + Essence Lipstick in Natural Beauty. 

Another Essence product. This is the perfect everyday combo for me. I swear I wore these products almost every day this month 'cause it's what I keep in my makeup bag and I loved it. The lipstick by itself doesn't have a very strong staying power, but with the gloss on top it really works - probably because the gloss has some color to it. I loved and if you haven't tried these two together, you have to. It's the perfect natural pink
MAC Paint Pot in Let's Skate. 

I don't think this is a very popular shade among the beauty bloggers and it's funny because it is really beautiful on the lids. At first, I wasn't a big fan but I got used to it and figured out how to incorporate it in my looks and now I'm really loving it. It's the perfect base for pretty much every shimmery eye shadow 'cause it's light and already has some glitter to it. And since I usually where a light shimmery shade everyday to open up my eyes and make me look more awake, this is perfect. 

Those are all my favorites for this month! I hope you enjoyed the post and let me know on the comments any thoughts and recommendations you might have. I love hearing from you. If you've done a recent favorites on your blog let me know as well so I can go check it out. 

What are some of your favorites this month?

Thanks so much for reading and I'll talk to you soon.

August 28, 2016

IndieReadAThon | TBR.

I've decided to participate in this readathon today so I'm sorry for getting the TBR up kind of late. It goes from August 29th to September 12th so you still have time to organize your TBR and join! It was a spur of the moment decision and I need a TBR when it comes to readathons otherwise I get lost and have no idea what to do next (we need to fight the slump with all the weapons we have, guys!).

I've done some research in other blogs and booktube channels but I'm still not 100% sure what qualifies a book or an author as indie but most people are considering it as self-published so I'm going with that and I'm also mentioning books that don't have a lot of hype surrounding it but sound really good.

I got all of these books on my Kindle and a majority of them were recommendations from Jessica over at PeaceLoveBooks. She has a blog and a booktube channel and I follow both. Her reading taste is pretty similar to mine (mostly romance) which is perfect for getting good recommendations. She's also joining the readathon and you can check her TBR right here (she has more information on this thing so if you're interested in joining I suggest taking a look at her post).

As you're going to see, I've chosen six books but if I get 3 of them read I'm counting it as a success because unfortunately life doesn't stop for the readathon and I still have class and work. But the good thing is that some of tahese books re quite short so hopefully I can read them pretty fast. I'm gonna stop rambling now. Here's my TBR!

Addicted To You - Krista and Bec Ritchi.

Random Acts of Hope - Julia Kent.

Love Surfaced - Michelle Lynn.

Hollywood Kids - Jackie Collins.

Stars Collide - Janice Thompson.

Neanderthal Seeks Human - Penny Reid.

That's my TBR! If you're participating in this readathon let me know on the comments 'cause I'd love to see what books you're reading too. Most of these books I got for free with BookBub or I paid US$ 0.99 or 1,99 for the ebook which is a really good price. Usually, when I like books from independent author I always write a review on the book and on GoodReads to help get the word out so expect some reviews soon!

Are participating in the IndieReadAThon?
What are you currently reading?

Thanks so much for reading and have a good day! 

August 26, 2016

10 Things I'm Grateful For Today.

Today I had a weird day. It's my day off but I wasn't expecting to do much anyway but I've had some really crappy news that put me in a crappy mood all morning. I didn't get out of bed until 11:30 when I decided that enough was enough. Sometimes things just don't work out and that's life. You live and you learn (and all that) and I've lived enough to learn that part of the learning process is failing and that's alright. 

So I got up, drank some coffee, ate some waffles and decided to do something fun for a change. I've been studying and working like crazy and I needed this day to just find my chill. I've been on edge and stressed out and I'm done with all of that, at least for today. So I decided to have a fun day. I didn't expect to have so much fun honestly, maybe just go to the pool, have a nice lunch and watch some Netflix. But things ended up quite nicely, my sister managed to get off work too so we had a "family day" with my parents and I didn't even know how much I missed that.

This whole day got me thinking about how I tend to think that my life sucks and that the world is a horrible place every time I have a setback. That's just not true and sometimes we get so caught up in our lives that we tend to forget that. If you're alive or have a roof over your head there's always something to be grateful for and that's what this post is all about. I just wanted to come over here and remind you and myself of that. 

So, here it is, 10 things I'm grateful for today.

#1: Having a supportive family. I was in such a bad mood today and just having their company made me feel better. 

#2: Having goals. I know I've failed this time but just being able to set goals for myself is pretty good. A lot of girls and women out there are not allowed to follow their dreams so I try not to take it for granted.  

#3: Being able to keep trying.

#4: Blogging. It's another thing that always puts me in a good mood and I love it. I love sharing my thoughts and experiences with anyone out there who wants to read and talk about it. 

#5: Kitty. I love my cat and that's all I have to say about that. 

#6: Yummy food. My parents took us out today for lunch and it was great. I cannot remember the last time I went out for lunch on a week day and I loved it. 

#7: Pretty places.

#8: Having the luxury to go shopping. I know a lot of people are not able to go shopping for things they don't particularly need so I kind of consider that a luxury. 

#9: Good music.

#10: Movies. When we got home me and my sister spend the afternoon watching Mean Girls and I had so much fun. Mean Girls is one of my "comfort movies", it always makes me laugh and feel better.

That's all for today, guys! I'm not ready yet to share my crappy news on the blog but I'm sure I will in the future. I'm getting my thoughts together and exploring different options but as soon as I'm ready I'm planning on talking about how I deal failure. Being an adult is hard and dealing with adult problems is even harder. But I'm sure everything is going to work out in the end and I'll end up exactly where I'm supposed to. 

Now, I thought about challenging you! Let know on the comments or write a blog post about 10 things you were grateful for today. Especially if you're having a bad day I think this a very good thing to do and it'll help you to put things in perspective. I actually recommend doing this on a daily basis but I know life happens and it's hard to find time to stop and just be grateful but it can't hurt to try. If you don't feel like sharing these kinds of things on the internet, that's cool too as long as you take a moment to realize that life is pretty great actually.

What were you grateful for today?

Thanks so much for reading and I'll talk to you soon.

August 23, 2016

Girls' Night Out Playlist.

I've been wanting to share another playlist with you guys for so long so when Airtime asked me if I wanted to partner up with them for this post I didn't even hesitate. Getting ready for a night out is by far one of my favorite things to do and since I live far away from most of my friends (we usually just meet up there) Airtime is kind of life saver in that matter. 

If you haven't heard of them before, Airtime is an app that allows you to video chat with up to 5 of your closest friends at once - which is already a step up from FaceTime because you don't have to choose between your girlfriends and everybody can join the party. Within the chat you can also listen to same songs at once and sing along and just have fun. You can also link it to your Spotify account and this where my playlist gets in the picture. Oh, it's also free!

As soon as I heard of it I thought it was such a great app and to be honest, I might just use it to catch up with my friends and skip the party. I've recently graduated from college and I feel like it's almost impossible to get all my friends together in the same place at the same time because everybody is always busy. And Airtime is a great way to get around that problem. If you get the chance download the app and see it for yourself.

Fantasy - Felix Jaehn Remix.

Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande.

Hurts So Good - Astrid S.

In My Blood - The Veronicas.

Sex - Cheat Codes.

Chill Bill - Rob $tone.

Final Song - MØ

Closer - The Chainsmokers.

One Dance - Drake.

Good Together - HONNE.

That's my current go to playlist for when I'm getting ready for a night out! If you get the chance to listen to these songs let me know on the comments if you like them as well as your current go to playlist for getting ready for a night out. I'm always down for listening to good music and I'd love to know your recommendations. Make sure to check out Airtime as well!

What are some of your favorite songs right now?

Thanks so much for reading and I'll talk to you soon.

August 22, 2016

The Struggles of Being a Reader.

Guys, being a reader in 2016 is not an easy task. In the old days you could just stroll through the bookstore and pick out the books that caught your attention hoping they would be good. But nowadays we have BookTube, book blogs, GoodReads, Bookstagram and something else that I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention right now. At first, you might think that that' s a good thing: the more reviews the easier it is to make a choice, right?! WRONG! SO WRONG!

With all of the that, the options and the recommendations are endless. I add new books in my to-read shelf on GoodReads every single day and right now I have exactly 226 books over there. And that's just on GoodReads! Don't even ask me about all the books I have in a my real shelves at home and on my Kindle just waiting to be read. We get sucked in by the cute covers and the hype that surrounds a new release and the next thing we know we want it, we need it, we get it and it goes on the pile with all the others stunning books to be read. Now, tell me this is not a struggle!  

So many book, so little time (and money): I think this is the biggest struggle. I cannot describe the feeling I get when I go to the bookstore and have to restrain myself because I know it's not humanly possible to read all the books that I want to read in one lifetime. It's just how life goes and we need to expect it. But it hurts nonetheless. 

Disliking a hyped book: I'm gonna be honest here, when that happens I feel like the internet cheated on me. I mean, how could you nurture my expectations like that just so the ground would be pulled from under me? Not cool, internet. Not cool at all. And you want to say it's going to happen again, but you know it will and there's very little you can do about it.  

Ignoring the hype: Not paying attention to the hype is hard because the hype is everywhere, on Twitter, on Instagram, on YouTube... And it seems like to no matter what you do you end up giving in because so many people are talking and talking about the same book and it gets into your head. I can't help it, when it comes to book (and only then) I'm weak!  

If it's 0,99 cents (or cheap in general), I need it: If there's one thing that really brightens up my day is seeing a 0,99 cents book on Amazon. It's like the universe is giving me a present and when that happens I'm sorry but I just can't ignore the universe. 

GoodReads star rating system: When are we getting the possibility of a half, GoodReads? When? It's 2016 and I think it's time. You can't just give us a 5 star system and expect an accurate rating. 

Should I go for the audiobook?: Some books are better on audio, that's just a fact. Especially when the author is the one narrating it or when it's a memoir. But you never know for sure when you're going to prefer the audio version or not and sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith. 

Disliking a book from your favorite author: This breaks my heart because we love that author, we do! We loved his previous work so when we find a book that we don't love it's so hard to give it a bad rating but we have to do it. And after I do it I just feel sad on the inside.

Those are all the struggles I could think of right now! If you have more to add to the list please leave it on the comments below. I hope you guys liked it. This was supposed to be a funny take on the many "struggles" we face as readers. It was just supposed to be funny and entertaining and I hope I made you laugh.

Do you share the struggles?
Thanks so much for reading and have a good day.

August 19, 2016

Links I'm Loving.

Heeeello, everyone!

I hope you'all are having a great so far, I know I am. Today is my day off and that's kind of exciting. I went to the pool in the morning, watched Gilmore Girls, had lunch with my sister and now the only thing on my list is blogging. I finally have to time to update my blogging schedule and you have not idea how good it feels. I'm also excited for today's post, it's been a while since I've done a Links I'm Loving and these are one of my favorite posts to write. I have so cool links to share with you guys and I hope you get the chance to check them out! 

Wonder Forest | COMMUTING: Just like the majority of the world population (don't quote me on that) I also commute to work and school every single day. Monday through Friday. And it sucks. It's by far the worst part of my day and I'm always trying to make it a little better. This post gave me great ideas on how to make the whole commuting thing better and I'll definitely put some of them to the test. 

GoodNet | BOOKS: A teacher of mine told me a about this website a couple of months ago and I've been checking it out once in a while ever since. This week I saw an article (or a post) there mentioning 10 books about women who are trying to change the world. If you remember, in an older post I mentioned that I was trying to read more books that would expand my horizons and bring some knowledge into my life and this post has everything to do with it. If you're a reader and you're looking for great recommendations, that's a good place to start. 

Vegan Cheesecake | RECIPE: So I've been trying to eat healthier and more plant based in general for a while now and I'm really enjoying it. I feel like I'm loosing and I'm just feeling better overall. And since that has been a success I decided to go vegan for one day a week. I did it last week and it wen't well, my only problem is that I feel like I can't get a whole meal together. So, I've bee doing some research and although a cheesecake is not a meal it does seem delicious.

Good Movie To Watch | FUN: I discovered this website yesterday when I went to my sister's house. The plan was to watch a movie and relax with a glass of wine but you know how the whole "so what do you want to watch?" Netflix debate can be frustrating. So I went online and found this. It's a pretty fun website where they suggest movies for you to watch based on what you're in the mood for. You can go over there and select lighthearted or griping and save yourself the 3 hours you waste browsing Netflix. 

Those are the links that I've found interesting this week. You know, these posts are getting harder and harder to make. Maybe it's because I haven't been spending as much time on the internet as I used to, I don't know.. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and let me know your thoughts on the comments. I love hearing from you!

Thanks so much for reading and I'll talk to you soon!

August 17, 2016

Book Review and Discussion: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

If you follow me on GoodReads you already know that I've read this book from cover to cover in only three days and that I gave it 5/5 stars. Basically, I loved it. But I wanted to wait a little bit before writing this review because I was a little (a lot, actually) emotional when I finished. If I'm being honest, I was emotional when I got the book, when I started reading it, I teared up a couple of times while reading and I even cried a little when I finished it. And if you're a big Harry Potter fan like me I think you'll understand my reaction and not find it weird at all. Maybe you even had a similar one.

I remember when I got the first book. I remember laying in bed reading it and dragging my mom to the book store to get the rest of the books that were out as soon as I finished it. This series came to me in a perfect time in my life and that's one of the many reasons why I believe it is truly magical. I was in summer break and I remember feeling incredibly lonely because nobody called me to hang out or to do things. So, I decided to do things by myself. I took Harry to the pool, to a park near my house and pretty much everywhere I went. I finished the 5 books that were out during the break and that's saying a lot because I was a very slow reader back then. 

As you can see, the Harry Potter series has a special place in my heart and it's very dear to me. As it is for a lot of people out there and that's why I think some of them get very offended when other reviewers say they didn't like it. I understand both sides (I mean, if you're reviewing something I expect an honest opinion) but I wanted you guys to know that by no means this is a unbiased review. I love Harry Potter, I love J. K. Rowling (as a writer and as a person), I love this world she created and I will continue to read/watch/visit anything related to it.

Now, having said all of that, let's get to the review.

The first thing I need to address is that this is the full script for the play Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. It was not written like a book and it does not read like a book. I know a lot of people were hating on that and I don't really know why. Nobody promised us a book, it was advertised from the beginning as the play script and, to be honest, I'm fine with that. I've never read a play script before and I kind of enjoyed the experience. Although I would much prefer an actual book.

The second that seems to be the problem with a lot of people is that this was not written by J. K. Rowling. And yeah, it wasn't. It was written by Jack Thorne but she was part of the process and it has her approval so I'm also fine with that. I think a lot of people are trying to find things wrong with this because they wanted an actual book (a sequel) but we don't always get what we want and I'm pretty happy with what we got. It's a chance to experience this world again and if you don't like it, don't read it - just pretend things ended in book seven. 

As for the story, it begins in Platform 9 and 3/4 right where the last book ended and it's focused on Harry and Ginny's second child, Albus Severus Potter. That name right there already got me and I loved revisiting that scene. One thing that kind of bugged me in the beginning is that the whole thing went super fast and I wanted to enjoy that moment a little more.

So, Albus Potter meets Draco Malfoy's son (Scorpius Malfoy) and they become friends. I'm gonna try not to give too much away and keep the spoilers to a minimum but they're going to come up for sure so if you don't want to be spoiled you should probably stop reading now. So, they this unexpected friendship begins right there in their first ride to Hogwarts just like Harry and Ron and I loved that.

From there is one unexpected thing after the other, which was good because it kept me interested. Like I said before I'm a big fan and I already know so much about this world and these characters and it was nice to still feel surprised and not know what is coming up next.

I think what shocked me the most was Harry's relationship with his son. I was not expecting Albus to be so resentful of Harry's fame, specially when he was famous for saving the world. I mean.. how can you be angry with your dad because he saved the world? I know, Harry Potter is tough act to follow but nobody is asking Albus to follow it. And also, the way Harry dealt with the whole was just weird. I would expect that Harry would have a more open relationship with his kids given what he went though, but apparently no.  

And the best surprise was definitely Scorpius. He was just an amazing character. Fun, caring and incredibly supportive of Albus (kind of Albus' Ron, but funnier) and his crush on Hermione's daughter (Rose) is the cutest thing in the world. I love how he's the complete opposite of his dad and that shows you don't need to follow the same path as your parents, specially if you don't agree with it. 

I also liked how this story also sends a positive message like the books. It's empowering, it shows that you're never wrong in doing the right thing and that we're all stronger together. But the thing that I disliked the most was that things seemed to work out a little too well in the end. Albus kept screwing up bad but everything turned out fine and there was always a way to fix it. I don't know, that seemed kind of weird. 

All in all, it was a great story and I can't wait to see the play. I know that it's coming out in London and after that it's going to NY so I'll have to plan a trip just to see it. If you're one of those lucky people who live in London or NY just know that I'm extremely jealous of you. I already was just because you live where you live but now I'm even more. 

That's it for me, guys! I hope you found this review helpful and entertaining. I had so many feelings and so many thoughts but I hope it all made sense in the end. If you're wondering if you should read this or not, I think you should only do it if you're going in with an open mind and knowing that you're not reading another J. K. Rowling book. Because if you're expecting this to be as good as her books you're going to be disappointed for sure. Just take it for what it is and don't try to compare it too much. 

Have you read it yet?
What did you think?

Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you soon!


August 16, 2016

If You Liked This, Try That | Book Edition.

I've been wanting to do this post for so long and I'm so glad I've finally read enough books to do it. So, the basic concept here is that if you liked one book, you'll probably liked another one that I consider similar. I don't know about you guys, but when I read a book that I love I want to keep the vibe going and read similar alternatives. I don't know if that came out right but you know what I'm talking about.

Especially if you're in a reading slump or a book hangover (when you finish an amazing book/series and you don't know what to do with your life after) this post is going to help you get into the reading mood again and excited about book. Now, I'm going to stop rambling and we're going to get to the books!

Night Film | Everything Leads To You.
 What's similar: Both stories revolve around films and a mystery. They'e incredibly gripping and we'll hook with the first few pages. 

What's different: Night Film is very dark and scary sometimes. There are some really vivid scenes, elements of dark magic, voodoo and all that weird stuff. It's like "reading a scary movie". ELTY is a contemporary and although it centers around the mystery there's a love interest, a strong friendship and a very present family element. 

The Deal | Wait for You.
 What's similar: They're both romances and set in college. They follow the same romance cliche  of guys meets girl, the fall in love, something happens and they get back together. But they're still good stories if that's what you're in the mood for. 

What's different: Not a lot is different. In Wait For You the girl is the one with the secret and in The Deal the boy is the one with the secret. The way they meet and these particulars are different because they are different stories written by different authors but they both have the same vibe. 

The Girls | Dark Places.
 What's similar: The girl protagonist, the existence of a cult and the time period. 

What's different: In The Girls the main character gets involved in a cult so we can see the inner workings of it and the kind of people that join. In Dark Places the life of the main character is change by the workings of a cult. 

Yes Please | Bossypants.
 What's similar: Funny memoirs written buy comedians.  

What's different: Honestly, I don't see a lot of difference between this two other than the fact that they're written by different people.

Seraphina | Carry On.
 What's similar: Magical realism and young protagonists. 

What's different: Carry On is basically Harry Potter fan fiction so you can see why I loved it so much. In Seraphina we see a different world with dragons and a different magic system. 

That's it for me today, guys! I hope you enjoyed the post and took some good recommendations from it. I loved all of the books I mentioned here so if any of them spark your interest (even if it's just a little spark) give it a chance and you won't be disappointed.  Have a great day!

What are you currently reading?
Do you have any books to recommend us?

Thanks so much for reading and I'll talk to you soon. 

August 14, 2016

Currently Watching | TV Shows.

Just like everybody else out there I watch waaaaay to much television. Ok, maybe not that much. But more than I should for sure. And with that comes the struggle of "what to watch?". I mean.. if you also have a Netflix account you know what I'm talking about. Gone are the days when you could just turn on the TV and waste away your day. Now, you actually need to put some thought into it. And the options.. Why do we have so many options?! We obviously don't need all of them. Sometimes we need to make some pretty though choices, guys.

But I'm here to make your life easier. Sometimes we don't have the brain power to choose what we're going to watch but we still want to have a good time. We spend the entire day making choices and when we get home we want to spend our time chilling out and maxing relaxing. I feel you and I got your back, girl (or boy).  
Suits: There's a new season out and I can't wait to watch it. I've been putting it off because I know I'm going to love it so I want to wait for more episodes to come out. But Suits is your usual show set in an office. In this case it's a law office and there's a lot of drama and action going on all the time. I also love the opening song which is a big plus in my book. I remember I was hooked from episode one and still am so that's saying something. 
Gilmore Girls: If you still have any doubt about how much I love this show please refer to this post over here. Thanks you. K, bye!

Pretty Little Liars: I'm so glad PLL is back with a new season. Although I'm not enjoying this one very much. I was a little late to the PLL party and started marathoning the show a couple of years ago so I'm still curious to know more. But if I had started to watch this when it came out (6 years ago I think) I would be long gone. In my opinion the show should have ended when we found out who "A" was, but now there's a new "A" and I don't think things are going to work out that well. We'll see. But don't get me wrong, this show is great, I'm just not sure how I feel about the new season. 
Stranger Things: This was such a big surprise. I decided to watch because everybody else was watching and I really didn't think I was going to like it. I'm usually not a fan of Netflix's original shows, I think I'm the only person who really doesn't like Orange Is The New Black. But Stranger Things, apparently, is the exception. I loved the characters and the whole dark vibe going on. You should really give this a try, specially if you already have a Netflix. 
Black-ish: I was not expecting this show to be so funny. I thought it was going to be a "filler show" for me, you know? Just something to watch while I waited for the next seasons of the other shows I was watching and boy, was I wrong? I scream laugh sometimes while watching this and I love it.  

I hope you enjoyed this post and wrote down some good recommendations. I apologize in advance if you get hooked on any or all of these shows. Although I think they're all really great and marathon worthy. If you get the chance to watch any of the ones I've mentioned, let me know on the comments so we can chat about it. 

But before I go, I would like to make some honorary mentions to Game Of Thrones and Modern Family. AMAZING shows. Seriously, these are my all time favorites. But they're currently out and we need to wait for the new season, so unfortunately I'm not "currently watching" them but they'll always be in my heart. 

Do you have any recommendations for us?
What are you currently watching?

Thanks so much for reading and I'll talk to you soon. 

August 12, 2016

5 Blogs That Inspire Me.

Before deciding to take a leap of faith and start my own blog I used to keep up with 187593 blogs. I'm not even kidding. I used to have Bloglovin just to follow my favorite bloggers and keep you with their content. But than, I started my own blog and the time I had to do that was cut in half 'cause I was focusing almost completely on my own blog.

So, from time to time, I like to write and share with you guys some of the blogs that I've recently discovered or that I've know for while but keep coming back for more. They all have incredible designs and are run by great bloggers - I don't know any of them in particular but I follow their blogs so it's kind of the same thing, right? I think it's so funny how you literally feel like you know someone if you've been following them for a while. 

Anyway, I'm not going to talk specifically about every blog because that could take hours and I think it would be best if you guys just checked them out for yourselves. But I will say that they're all amazing and if you're in the need for some blogging inspiration that's where you'll get it!   

That's it for today, folks! I hope you enjoyed it and if you get the chance make sure to check out the blogs I've mentioned. I obviously think they're all great and I think you will too. And also, if you have a blog please leave the link on the comments so I can pay you a visit, as well as any thoughts, opinions or suggestions you might want to share.

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August 11, 2016

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Gilmore Girls.

Guess who's climbed out of the whole she was living and discovered Gilmore Girls? ME! I cannot believe I've waited this long to watch this. And now, 'cause apparently when I discover a new series I need to watch as much as it's humanly possible in one sitting, I'm addicted. It'all I watch. Everyday. Lunch break, Gimore Girls. Afternoon, Gilmore Girls. When I get home from class, Gilmore Girls. Before going to sleep, Gilmore Girls. 

So, in honor of this new love affair I've started I decided to put together all the reasons why Lorelai and Rory are slowly taking over my life and I'm loving it. If you've already watched the entire thing just take this moment to "fangirl" with me and take a trip down memory lane. And just one more thing, if you feel the need to give out any major spoilers, reconsider. Nobody likes a spoiler and shame on you. 

Reason #1: I want to be Lorelai when I grow up.
I mean, who doesn't want to be an independent woman who can take of herself thank you very much? Seriously, I love Lorelai. I love how independent she is and how she's such an understanding mother. I feel like nowadays most TV shows are just worried about showing perfect looking people with perfect looking clothes in perfect looking sets. So I can totally appreciate how real this show feels and I think most of this is due to Lorelai's character. I mean, I know it's not real real (it's a TV show) but you get what I'm saying, right?  

Reason #2: I want to marry Luke Danes right now.
I love how this show makes you love almost every character. None of them are perfect, they all have their flaws and none of them look like supermodels but you just can't help loving them all. Luke is kind, supportive, understanding and funny. He's not always on a good mood I'll give you that, but none of us are.    

Reason #3: You'll never get tired of the opening song. 
"Where you lead, I will follow.." HA, now you're gonna have that song stuck in your head the entire day. Sorry not sorry. It's a great song!

Reason #4: Rory is sometimes the perfect example of what not to do.
In the beginning we think Rory is the perfect daughter. She's intelligent, makes good decisions, has good friends and all that. But then she meets a "bad boy" and all of that intelligence goes down the drain. She looses herself and starts making bad decisions.
What I'm saying is, even the smartest girls can have their lives turned upside down because of a boy. It happened to Rory, it happened to me and I'm pretty sure it happened to you too (or to a "friend of yours"). It's life and sometimes we need to make mistakes to learn a few lessons.   

Reason #5: Michel is literally me.
No, let me correct that: Michel is all of us. Who doesn't get tired of dealing with people everyday? I know I do. 
Reason #6: Emily Gilmore. 
Don't get me wrong, I'm #teamLorelai all the way but I really like Emily's character. She's the opposite of Lorelai and that shows that there's no "right way" to live your life. You can be independent Lorelai or "corporate wife" Emily and that's just fine as long as you feel happy, fulfilled and proud of your life.  

Reason #7: Paris can never find her chill.
Paris is just so Paris. I could never be friends with a person like her 'cause I'm sure she would give me anxiety 24/7 and I can't live like that. But it's still fun to watch her. 

Reason #8: We all know a real life Kirk.  
Kirk is the embodiment of every odd person we know and I love that. 

Reason #9: It will make you want to move to a small town.
I felt the same way when I watched Heart of a Dixie. There's something about small towns in TV shows that makes it sound so much fun and heart warming. I've never lived in a small town but I'm pretty sure it's not all rainbows and butterflies and everybody loves each other all the time.. But still, I kind of want to move to Stars Hollow now. 

Reason #10: It'll expand your concept of family.
The thing I like the most in this show is the family aspect. It perfectly portraits that you don't need to be actually related to someone to consider them family and that it's not just because you were born in a family that you'll necessarily fit in.  

That's it for today's post! I hope you guys enjoyed it and found it entertaining. I just wanted to do something funny so we can all laugh together. Although I'm dead serious when I say this: Netflix is going to be the death me. If you have any suggestion based on Gilmore Girls, please let me know. But I'm still in Season 5 so it's going to take me a while to get to it.   

Have you watched Gilmore Girls?
Did I convince you to do it?

Thanks so much for stopping by and come back soon.