August 17, 2016

Book Review and Discussion: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

If you follow me on GoodReads you already know that I've read this book from cover to cover in only three days and that I gave it 5/5 stars. Basically, I loved it. But I wanted to wait a little bit before writing this review because I was a little (a lot, actually) emotional when I finished. If I'm being honest, I was emotional when I got the book, when I started reading it, I teared up a couple of times while reading and I even cried a little when I finished it. And if you're a big Harry Potter fan like me I think you'll understand my reaction and not find it weird at all. Maybe you even had a similar one.

I remember when I got the first book. I remember laying in bed reading it and dragging my mom to the book store to get the rest of the books that were out as soon as I finished it. This series came to me in a perfect time in my life and that's one of the many reasons why I believe it is truly magical. I was in summer break and I remember feeling incredibly lonely because nobody called me to hang out or to do things. So, I decided to do things by myself. I took Harry to the pool, to a park near my house and pretty much everywhere I went. I finished the 5 books that were out during the break and that's saying a lot because I was a very slow reader back then. 

As you can see, the Harry Potter series has a special place in my heart and it's very dear to me. As it is for a lot of people out there and that's why I think some of them get very offended when other reviewers say they didn't like it. I understand both sides (I mean, if you're reviewing something I expect an honest opinion) but I wanted you guys to know that by no means this is a unbiased review. I love Harry Potter, I love J. K. Rowling (as a writer and as a person), I love this world she created and I will continue to read/watch/visit anything related to it.

Now, having said all of that, let's get to the review.

The first thing I need to address is that this is the full script for the play Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. It was not written like a book and it does not read like a book. I know a lot of people were hating on that and I don't really know why. Nobody promised us a book, it was advertised from the beginning as the play script and, to be honest, I'm fine with that. I've never read a play script before and I kind of enjoyed the experience. Although I would much prefer an actual book.

The second that seems to be the problem with a lot of people is that this was not written by J. K. Rowling. And yeah, it wasn't. It was written by Jack Thorne but she was part of the process and it has her approval so I'm also fine with that. I think a lot of people are trying to find things wrong with this because they wanted an actual book (a sequel) but we don't always get what we want and I'm pretty happy with what we got. It's a chance to experience this world again and if you don't like it, don't read it - just pretend things ended in book seven. 

As for the story, it begins in Platform 9 and 3/4 right where the last book ended and it's focused on Harry and Ginny's second child, Albus Severus Potter. That name right there already got me and I loved revisiting that scene. One thing that kind of bugged me in the beginning is that the whole thing went super fast and I wanted to enjoy that moment a little more.

So, Albus Potter meets Draco Malfoy's son (Scorpius Malfoy) and they become friends. I'm gonna try not to give too much away and keep the spoilers to a minimum but they're going to come up for sure so if you don't want to be spoiled you should probably stop reading now. So, they this unexpected friendship begins right there in their first ride to Hogwarts just like Harry and Ron and I loved that.

From there is one unexpected thing after the other, which was good because it kept me interested. Like I said before I'm a big fan and I already know so much about this world and these characters and it was nice to still feel surprised and not know what is coming up next.

I think what shocked me the most was Harry's relationship with his son. I was not expecting Albus to be so resentful of Harry's fame, specially when he was famous for saving the world. I mean.. how can you be angry with your dad because he saved the world? I know, Harry Potter is tough act to follow but nobody is asking Albus to follow it. And also, the way Harry dealt with the whole was just weird. I would expect that Harry would have a more open relationship with his kids given what he went though, but apparently no.  

And the best surprise was definitely Scorpius. He was just an amazing character. Fun, caring and incredibly supportive of Albus (kind of Albus' Ron, but funnier) and his crush on Hermione's daughter (Rose) is the cutest thing in the world. I love how he's the complete opposite of his dad and that shows you don't need to follow the same path as your parents, specially if you don't agree with it. 

I also liked how this story also sends a positive message like the books. It's empowering, it shows that you're never wrong in doing the right thing and that we're all stronger together. But the thing that I disliked the most was that things seemed to work out a little too well in the end. Albus kept screwing up bad but everything turned out fine and there was always a way to fix it. I don't know, that seemed kind of weird. 

All in all, it was a great story and I can't wait to see the play. I know that it's coming out in London and after that it's going to NY so I'll have to plan a trip just to see it. If you're one of those lucky people who live in London or NY just know that I'm extremely jealous of you. I already was just because you live where you live but now I'm even more. 

That's it for me, guys! I hope you found this review helpful and entertaining. I had so many feelings and so many thoughts but I hope it all made sense in the end. If you're wondering if you should read this or not, I think you should only do it if you're going in with an open mind and knowing that you're not reading another J. K. Rowling book. Because if you're expecting this to be as good as her books you're going to be disappointed for sure. Just take it for what it is and don't try to compare it too much. 

Have you read it yet?
What did you think?

Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you soon!


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