August 28, 2016

IndieReadAThon | TBR.

I've decided to participate in this readathon today so I'm sorry for getting the TBR up kind of late. It goes from August 29th to September 12th so you still have time to organize your TBR and join! It was a spur of the moment decision and I need a TBR when it comes to readathons otherwise I get lost and have no idea what to do next (we need to fight the slump with all the weapons we have, guys!).

I've done some research in other blogs and booktube channels but I'm still not 100% sure what qualifies a book or an author as indie but most people are considering it as self-published so I'm going with that and I'm also mentioning books that don't have a lot of hype surrounding it but sound really good.

I got all of these books on my Kindle and a majority of them were recommendations from Jessica over at PeaceLoveBooks. She has a blog and a booktube channel and I follow both. Her reading taste is pretty similar to mine (mostly romance) which is perfect for getting good recommendations. She's also joining the readathon and you can check her TBR right here (she has more information on this thing so if you're interested in joining I suggest taking a look at her post).

As you're going to see, I've chosen six books but if I get 3 of them read I'm counting it as a success because unfortunately life doesn't stop for the readathon and I still have class and work. But the good thing is that some of tahese books re quite short so hopefully I can read them pretty fast. I'm gonna stop rambling now. Here's my TBR!

Addicted To You - Krista and Bec Ritchi.

Random Acts of Hope - Julia Kent.

Love Surfaced - Michelle Lynn.

Hollywood Kids - Jackie Collins.

Stars Collide - Janice Thompson.

Neanderthal Seeks Human - Penny Reid.

That's my TBR! If you're participating in this readathon let me know on the comments 'cause I'd love to see what books you're reading too. Most of these books I got for free with BookBub or I paid US$ 0.99 or 1,99 for the ebook which is a really good price. Usually, when I like books from independent author I always write a review on the book and on GoodReads to help get the word out so expect some reviews soon!

Are participating in the IndieReadAThon?
What are you currently reading?

Thanks so much for reading and have a good day! 

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