September 14, 2016

5 Apps To Use While You're Stuck In Traffic.

I think everybody is already tired of reading me talk about it, but I commute to work/school everyday. I feel like this is a problem a lot of people go through and I thought it would be fun to share some apps that could make this horrible part of our days a little better. Even if you don't commute to work I think you'll still enjoy the apps and you can download them and to put them to use on a long trip or something. Just keep in mind that I'm recommending this games for people who are not driving. If you're driving, please don't be stupid, focus on driving!  

Back to the apps, they're all free so money wont be a problem here. I don't know about you guys but I can't justify spending money on apps. I know some apps are really clever and helpful but, for some reason, I just can't do it. And also, I won't be talking about apps like Waze or GoogleMaps (which btw are the ones I use to escape traffic). These are just apps to keep you entertained and help you kill some time while you're stuck on your commute!

Pokemon GO: Ok, I admit it: I'm addicted! I cannot stop playing this game and I'm not even a die-hard fan. I did watch it on TV when I was younger, but my relationship with Pokemon ends there. I just think it's such a clever name. I know a lot of people where throwing shade at the game and saying that they were "too busy" to play and, to be honest, I don't get it and I hate when people hate on "nerdy" things, like games, movies or books. 

You don't have to ignore your responsibilities and play it all day long. To me, it's just a fun thing to do while I'm stuck in traffic or waiting in line for something. I have been going on more walks lately to hatch the eggs, which is a good thing. Anyway, sorry about the rant! I love this game and I think it's perfect for commuting, especially if you take the bus like me. 

Audible: This is a life saver. Audible is my favorite app for audiobooks. The app itself is free, but the books aren't. Besides podcasts, audiobooks are my favorite thing to listen to when I'm stuck in traffic. I listen to music sometimes, but audiobooks make feel like I'm being productive. And also, I'm on a deadline with the Reading Challenge and every books counts. I like audible because they have a big selection of books and because they sometimes will partner with youtubers and bloggers and I like to use their links to support them when I can. 

Kindle: I have a Kindle (my favorite thing in the world), but I use the app on my phone when I don't feel like bringing it with me. I know you can read with other apps, but this is just what I use. I also like Amazon and the app because you can get a lot of free books and they're always having sales. The app is also super helpful because it syncs up with your device and don't have to worry about finding the page you were in. 

Duolingo: I've been using Duolingo for years now and I love it. I even remember recommending it in one of my Links I Love posts. I've started using to keep practicing my french after came back from my exchange program. But I liked it so much that I decided to try out new languages like German and it's working great so far. I'm not fluent in German, but I haven't been using it that often also. I don't think this is enough to learn a new language but it does help. They make it like a game which is super fun, and I can literally do it for hours. 

Podcast: I've recently did an entire post talking about my favorite podcasts, and if you want you can check it out here. I was a little reluctant to try them out but now I love them. They're my favorite thing to listen to in the morning, especially funny ones like Shane Dawson with Friends. 

Those are all the apps that have been helping through the rough times in traffic. I have an iPhone so I don't know if all the apps are available for Android but I'm pretty sure they are 'cause they're pretty popular. I hope you enjoyed the post and found cool new apps to try. If you have any cool apps to recommend us please let them in comments, I'd love to know. 

Do you also commute to work?
How do you handle it? 

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