October 17, 2016

Links I'm Loving | Cruelty-Free Edition.

Heeeello, everyone!

I'm going to start this post with a little tangent 'cause I'm really proud of myself. I thought this was going to be another busy week and that I wouldn't be able to blog again, but PLOT TWIST! My week is still going to be as busy as always, but I've decided to start waking up at 05:30 AM. I started reading that book, Miracle Morning, and it basically says that waking up at 05:00 is supposed to make you super productive and all that good stuff. So, I'm slowly working my way up to 05:00 just to see if it really works. Today was super hard to wake up, but did it! Anyway, I'll keep you updated on that later, let's talk about the fun stuff I found on the internet.

If you haven't read my latest post, your probably a little confused. As of really recently, I've been trying to go completely cruelty-free with all my cosmetic products. And since I talked about how hard this transition has been for me, I decided to share over here some bloggers and youtubers that have been making my life a little easier lately. Discovering if a brand tests on animals and finding replacements for the products you currently use that are not cruelty-free can be really challenging. I hope these links help you out!  

Logical Harmony // This blog has been EXTREMELY helpful. They contact companies, post updated lists of the ones that are still cruelty-free, recommend products.. They basically do all the hard work for you. Literally, all you need to before going shopping is go on their website and informe yourself. This link is bookmarked on my browser, I could not recommend enough. 

Foxes and Boxes // I found this channel by simply typing "cruelty-free products" on YouTube and I came across this super helpful video. In this one, she's actually talking about vegan makeup, but all the products mentioned are cruelty-free as well. She also has a bunch of other great videos about "companies you thought were cruelty-free" and other things related to this topic. From the ones I've watched, I think she's also making the transition to only cruelty-free products and I love seeing how people are going about it.  

A LoveTart // I've recently discovered this channel when I was searching for videos about minimalism. Mary has a bunch of videos talking about minimalism that I highly recommend checking it out, but she's also doing the transition to cruelty-free makeup. I feel like following people that are following a similar path to you is super inspiring and it keeps you on track. She has a super calming voice and her videos are surprisingly relaxing for me.

Rhian HY// Another YouTube channel. I found this one through her Ride or Die Makeup TAG in which she only uses vegan and cruelty-free products. Her videos are great and super entertaining. She's super talented and I love the fact that she only uses cruelty-free makeup.

PETA // This is basically the place to go when you opt for the cruelty-free route. I talked about this before, but PETA offers pdf lists of companies that are not and companies that are cruelty-free on their website, which you can easily download to your phone. These are super helpful on the go when you're out shopping. They also have a ton of information on animal testing and alterative quality control methods companies can implement instead, which is something I was really curious about. If you still haven't decided to switch to cruelty-free products, please go check it out and see if you change your mind.

Those are all the links that I have to share today. As I expand my research, I'll talk more about it ove here since this is something very recent to me. I hope this was helpful, though. If you can't switch completely to cruelty-free products, at least try to make as many changes as you can. Everything step in the right direction counts! 

Are you also transitioning to only cruelty-free?
What do you think about this subject?

Thanks so much for reading and I'll see you soon!

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