October 16, 2016

My Thoughts On Cruelty-Free Products.

There's not another way  put it: today's post is a rant. I hate writing negative posts, but I need to vent a little and this blog is the perfect place for it. Today we're taking a quick break from all the Halloween inspired posts and I'm going to talk about a topic that's very near and dear to my heart. If you've read my last Empties you know that I've decided to switch all my beauty, skincare, haircare and makeup products to cruelty-free ones. I've also decided to take a slower approach since I won't be throwing everything away and replacing the product for cruelty-free right away. I feel like by doing that I would be just producing more waste and wasting money. So, instead I'll be finishing those up and then, switching to cruelty-free products only. I also plan on extending this awareness to my clothes accessories, but this is a topic for another post.

Having said all of that, there's still something that has been bothering me about all of this. I'm 23 years-old, and only now I've realized and started to care about how the makeup and products I use every single day are made. I've always been very conscious about the environment, I recycle, I don't buy more stuff than I need and yet, testing on animals has never been something that even crossed my mind - and that's kind of scary to me. I know, it's sucks to admit it but it's the truth.

I don't feel like animal testing is something that a lot of people care about because they simply are not aware that it happens. I mean, they know it happens, but they're not aware of the enormity of this issue. I guess what I'm saying is that animal testing is not often talked about on the regular media or on social media. I don't see a lot of people talking about it on the internet, and the people that do bring this subject to light don't get the recognition they deserve also. The only reason this has come to my attention is because of my research on minimalism since a lot of bloggers that talk about this topic happen to also focus on only using cruelty-free products. 

Making this transition has been extremely hard. As I've started to make my research I've realized that every single hair product I own and love is not cruelty-free. Brands like Pantene, Dove, Aussie, Herbal Essence and TRESemm√© (all of which are currently on my shower) test on animal, and when I think of the amount of money I've spent on these brands throughout the years and therefore supported animal testing makes me really angry and shocked. And what makes it harder is that finding cruelty-free replacements for these products is extremely hard and even very expensive at times. This discourages people to even try.

Having said that, making this transition is not as bad as some people might think. It's hard, but only because, like any consumer, we're so used to using certain products that we know work for us. But, that doesn't mean we can't find cruelty-free alternatives. Websites like PETA and a bunch of talented bloggers are always contacting brands and updating their lists of brands that don't test on animals. Just so you won't leave this post uninspired, I'm gonna list over here some brands that I've found that don't test on animals:
  • Urban Decay.
  • Too Faced.
  • Essence.
  • Wet'n Wild.
  • Sleek.
  • Kat Von D.
And many more. See, it's not all bad! There are still some brands out there that make great products without tasting on animals making this transition easier. In my opinion, there's no excuse to keep buying products that are not cruelty-free after you're aware of it. Like I said before, you don't have to throw everything away! Let's be honest, we spent a lot of money on these products and I see no point in throwing them away when you can still get use out of them, just choose cruelty-free options when you're done.

My plan for the blog is to avoid talking about brands that test on animals and to, when I have to mention the product on an empties post for example, highlight the fact that it's not cruelty-free and that I won't be repurchasing. This is a topic that has sparked my interest lately so expect more posts about it. But don't worry, it won't be my only focus. I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped you out in any way. If you can, please try to be a more conscious buyer and focus on cruelty-free alternatives. I really want to know your thoughts on this topic!

Do you only buy cruelty-free products?
What are your thoughts on this subject?

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

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