October 31, 2016

Still Spooky TBR | November, 2016.


Since here in Brazil we don't really celebrate Halloween (just a regular monday over here, guys!), I thought it would be cool share with you my "still spooky TBR" (yep, that's what we're calling it). I decided to keep the Halloween vibes going until December because I'm not ready to dive into the Christmas/winter reads just yet. Although I LOVE the holiday season, I'm still in denial that 2016 is coming to an end and if I have to keep reading scary books in November to appease my mind than that's what I'm gonna do. Naaah, I'm just kidding. I just got hooked into the mystery thrillers and whimsical reads and now I want more.

Some of these books I just want to finish because they've been on my "currently reading" shelf for too long (the struggles of being a reader), but others I'm really excited about. If you've read any of them let me know on the comments so I'll know what to expect. Anyway, I'm just gonna stop right here and we're going to talk about the books.



The Couple Next Door - Shari Lapena | I've actually already started this book, I think I'm about 30% in and I'm hooked, guys! The suspense is building up so well and I'm super intrigued. Definitely excited about this one! 

Lily and the Octopus - Steven Rowley | I've been reading this one for a while as well, but this one is just meeeh. It's a cool story, but as you can see from the cover it's about a dog and I'm never intrigued by stories with dogs. I love dogs, I just don't like reading about them. This has a Marley and Me vibe going on, so if you liked that maybe you'll enjoy this one more than me.  

That Summer - Sarah Dessen | When I said I just wanted to finish some books because they were taking too long, this is what I'm talking about. This book was not AT ALL what I was expecting. I was expecting a light summer read set in a beach house with some high school boy drama, I got a boring dysfunctional family instead with an annoying main character. Hopefully, things will pick in the future - fingers crossed.  

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas | I'm late to the Maas party, I know.. I just wanted to see what the hype was all about. I've read like 10 pages from it and I'm excited. Cealina has sooooo much sass and I'm loving her.  

The Night Sister - Jennifer McMahon | This book scares the crap out of me. The cover, the sinopse and the title are enough to make me really scared. I have no idea how I'll be able to actually read this book since I do most of my reading before I go to sleep, but we'll see if I manage.   

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe - Benjamin Alire Saenz | This book won a bunch of awards and that's why I want to read it. That's all. I don't even know what this is about, so I'm hoping for a pleasant surprise.

Thicker than Blood - Madeline Sheehan | This book got me with the cover, but I've read the first chapter and it definitely starts with a BANG. I have no idea where they're going with the story, but I'm hoping for the best.  

Vicious - Victoria Schwab | I have so many expectations for these books. Everybody says Victoria Schwab is amazing and I don't know why it's taking me so long to read something from her. Hopefully this is as good as I'm building up in my mind.

As you can see, I'm all over the place with my reading. I've been reading waaaay too many books at the same time and this is the month when it all ends. I need to get my life together and start finishing some books if I want to accomplish my 2016 Reading Challenge. Since some of this books I've already started, I'm hoping I'll be able to squeeze in some other books, but I'm also traveling this month so I don't know how things will go. I'll talk more about my trip in my next post if you want to know more.  

What's on your November TBR?
What are you currently reading?

Thanks so much for stopping by and HAPPY HALLOWEEN again!

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