November 30, 2016

Reading WrapUp | November, 2016.

I'm so excited about this WrapUp! I managed to read 7 books this month and I only disliked (we don't use the word hate for books in this blog) 2 of them, which is fine. This month I discovered that I really don't like books that center around dogs. I love dogs, really, but I loose interest very quickly if the dog is the center of the story and I don't really know why. I also discovered that although I love stories set in the summer, this is not enough for me to enjoy a book. Look at me maturing as a reader! Anyway, I think seven books in a month is a solid number, we'll see if I can top that in December.. I'm really hoping I will. Enough chatting, here are the books!

The Couple Next Door - Shari Lapena | 3 stars.
This book was really underwhelming. I went in thinking it was going to be a super twisted thriller about the couple next door (I mean.. the title is kind of misleading here!), but as it turned about the couple next door was just creepy. I didn't like the plot twist, I was expecting so much more and it just didn't do it for me. Having said all of that, this is a good book and I'm glad I read it... I was just expecting more. I really thought the neighbors were going to have a more important roll in the story, since it starts in their house, but they didn't. This is a solid three for me, not awesome, but not bad either.

That Summer - Sarah Dessen | 1 star.
This book was horrible. Worst book of the year horrible. I don't think I've ever read I book that I didn't like anything about. Serious, nothing. I disliked all the characters, the plot and the ending. From the cover and the title, I was expecting a fun-beachy read. I got whining characters, bad friendships and a dysfunctional family. I really didn't like this and I know I'm a little skeptical about reading more Sarah Dessen. If you've read any of her other books, let me know a good one to try out, 'cause this one was just sad. Don't recommend this, seriously don't bother.

Lily and the Octopus - Steven Rowley | 2 stars.
The only reason I'm giving this book 2 stars was the ending, 'cause the rest just sucked. This book has a weird vibe, and you don't really know what's real and what isn't. There was a lot of internal monologue which I hate. And, to be honest, I just don't like books revolving around dogs. I love dogs in real life, love them. But, I just don't think the story of a dog is enough to hold my attention throughout an entire book. Maybe this was my fault, I mean, I knew this was about a dog when I started reading it, but did it anyway.

Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda - Becky Albertalli | 5 stars.
This book was sooooooo good. I loved everything about. I loved all the characters (which never happens), I loved the romance and, most of all, I loved Simon. Somehow Simon starts chatting with this character "Blue" via email, they both use codenames because they don't want to reveal their real identities. Blue is a boy that goes to the same school as Simon. And from there they develop the cutest relationship ever. I love the fact that they fall in love with each other without really knowing who the other person is. This books also talks about coming out in high school, dealing with drama and friendship. I'm describing it well enough, if you're at all interested in what I said, or if you really enjoy YA, I would highly recommend this. I loved it! 

The Unexpected Everything - Morgan Matson | 3 stars.
While I think Morgan Matson books are good, I can never give them more than 3 starts. I liked this. I liked the characters and I liked the story, but I just think this was too long. She could have told the some story with waaaay less pages. I felt like it dragged on at parts and some parts were filled with backstory things that I didn't care about and that weren't necessary for the main plot. Having said that, I did enjoy reading it. It's a fun summery YA, and if you're looking for that I would recommend it.

Remember Me? - Sophie Kinsella | 4 stars.
Sophie Kinsella can do no wrong. I loved all her book so far, and this one was no different. Her books are always funny, filled with romance and quirky characters. I read this in two series, and I recommend this to anyone who enjoys romance, really. This one is about a girl who goes through an accident, and when she wakes up her life is completely different from what she remembers. This was super cute, funny and I really liked the characters.  

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas | 3 stars.
I had high hopes for this one, I really wanted to love it. Unfortunately, I didn't. I don't know if this just didn't agree with my reading taste or what, but this was just meeeeeh, you know? I liked the whole idea behind it and some of the characters, but the rest just didn't do it for me. To be honest, I can't tell you specifically what I didn't like abou it, the whole thing just didn't spark my interest. I can understand the hype, I just don't think I'll continue with the series.

Which books did you read this month?
What was your favorite?

Thanks so much for stopping by and come back soon!

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