December 14, 2016

Personal Development | Youtubers That Can Help.

I usually like to take December as a month to regroup. I like to go through my resolutions and see the things that I accomplished from the list, the things I accomplished that were not on the list, and the things I decided throughout the year that I didn't want to accomplish anymore. I take this time to really think about the year and where my life is taking me. I know this all sounds very cliche, but it does help. I truly believe that every big event that happens in your life is a result of your daily small steps, and if you want things to happen you need to take intentional actions every single day and hold yourself accountable.

Having said all of that, I also think that it's never too late to work on your 2016 Resolutions or too early to work on your 2017 Resolutions. I feel like right now is always the best time to start, and it's never too late to begin. I've been doing some great changes in my life, starting with Minimalism, intentional living and working a lot on personal development. Along with that, my tastes and people I watch on Youtube have changed and I wanted to share that with you guys today. I already spend so much time watching Youtube videos that I thought "why not put that time to good use". All the channels I'm mentioning today, I believe, will help you out in one way or another. They're all about being better, developing good habits and just working on yourself.  

Muchelle B | I'm going to start with my favorite. I've recently discovered Michelle's channel and I've already binge watched most of her videos. To mention a couple of my favorites, I think you should check out How To Build And Keep Good Habits and Minimalism And Money. I truly enjoy her videos (to the point where I get excited when they pop on my subscription box) and I really think they can help you out or at least give you a new point of view to consider.    

Ana Mascara | Ana's channel is all about studying tips, memorization and all that good stuff.  If you're in college/school or if you're just taking a new course, this is the place to go (specially during finals). Strategic Reading and How To Make A Study Schedule are two very good videos that really helped me. I honestly feel like anyone who is studying anything can take something from her videos. 

The Strive To Fit | This is the kind of channel I go on when I need studying motivation. She has a very specific vibe, she's currently in medical school and most of her videos are about that topic, but I don't have anything to do with medical school and I still enjoy watching her. She does a lot of Day In The Life, Weekend Vlogs and Study Tips videos that I really enjoy watching. Like I said, her videos really help me, and if you're needing some motivation it can't hurt to try.     

Sugar Mamma | I discovered her channel when I was researching Minimalism, but she does so much more than that. She talks about decluttering, finances, budgeting and even fashion. I love her personality, and she has such a calming presence that her videos help me relax. Her minimalism videos are my favorite, and if you want a place to start check out the Mini Minimalism Challenge.   

These are all the channels I'm sharing with you guys today. I hope you enjoyed the post. If you're interested in that topic, I'm really thinking about bringing more personal development content into the blog. This is just something that really interests me and that I truly believe can help out a lot of people. I know most of this sounds really cliche and uncool, but working on yourself and doing something with your life is really cool to me. Taking care of yourself (mind and body) should always be at the top of your list. 

Do you have any personal development tips to share with us?
What do you think about this topic?

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!


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