January 30, 2017

HOW TO: Stay Motivated To Workout.

Heeeeello, everyone!

How are y'all doing with your 2017 Resolutions? Like I've said in some of my previous posts, I really want this to be the year in which we all keep track of our resolutions and goals. I want to get to December and be able to cross off everything from my list and feel like in 2017 I actually accomplished something. So, for this post, I thought it would be cool to talk a little more about working out and loosing weight. 

Like I've mentioned before, I don't feel like 'loosing weight' should be your end goal. When you limit your goal like this, you'll only be happy and feel accomplished when you see a certain number on the scale and that doesn't prove anything. It doesn't prove that you're healthy or that you're pretty or anything like that. Unless an actual doctor told you to achieve a certain weight, loosing weight can't quantify all the progress you can make by working out and eating well.

In my case, I just want to feel good in my body. I want to feel comfortable in my bikini and I don't want my body to be an obstacle to wearing the clothes that I want to wear or to do the things I want to do, and that's why I want to work out more often this year. When I was writing down my personal goals (let me know if you'd want to me to share them with you guys), I wrote down 'feeling comfortable in my own body' as my main goal and 'working out three times a week' in the how I'm gonna get there session. With my schedule, three times a week in the best that I can do. 

Having said that, even with all of my weekly check-ins and my daily planning, sometimes I don't feel motivated to workout and I feel like that's a problem a lot of people are faced with everyday. So, I decided to put together this post in the hopes of helping you out with that and also helping me out in the future in case I forget these. I'm currently writing this post in my workout outfit as a last attempt to get my ass to the gym. Anyway, let's get to the tips!  

ONE // Watch YouTube Videos and Check Instagram. 
This might sound like I'm telling you to procrastinate, but trust me on this one. I don't know about you, but when I watch videos of people working out it motivates me. There's no way that seeing those super ripped fitness models and youtubers won't motivate you to put down that bag of chips and get moving. They're also a great source of different ways to workout and different exercises for you try out at the gym or at home and keep things interesting. Doing the same thing over and over again doesn't challenge your body and is flat out boring. 
Here are some of my favorites, if you get the chance check them out:

TWO // Do Something Different.
I don't know what was going on with me last week, but I was feeling super unmotivated and the thought of going to the gym literally made me cringe and crawl back to bed. So, after procrastinating for a while (which in something you shouldn't do), I decided to take advantage on the pool and go for a swim. Now, I know that I might not have burned the same amount of calories, but at least I didn't waste a day and still did something towards my end goal. Not everyone might have easy access to a pool, but you can always take your dog out for a walk, follow a workout video on Youtube or just put on some music and dance for 30-45 minutes in your room if you don't feel like leaving the house. Going to the gym is not a mandatory rule to loose weight, you just need to move your body.   

THREE // Put on Your Work Out Clothes.
Sometimes, just putting on our workout clothes helps. Whenever I'm not feeling motivated to do something, I take small steps. So, if working is the goal and you just don't feel like it, try putting on your clothes. The next would be to put on your sneakers too. By doing that, you're sending the signal to your brain that it's time to work out and chances are that, if you're already in the right outfit, you're gonna feel that you might as well leave the house, even if you're not in the mood to go to the gym, maybe you'll try going for a walk. Don't mock it till you try it! 

FOUR // Take Progress Pictures.
This has helped me sooooo much, guys! I'm not confident enough to share progress pictures of my body on the internet. And to be honest, I don't really feel the need to post pictures of myself wearing nothing but underwear on Instagram (but that's a topic for another post). I just take pictures and store them on my phone, whenever I don't feel like working out I just pull them up to remind me of how far I've come and how far I still need to go to accomplish my goals. Seeing progress is a big motivation for me, but also realizing that I'm still far from being comfortable in my body (my end goal) still works. Maybe you feel like posting your progress pictures is a way of holding yourself accountable and whatnot, whatever works for you, just do it!

FIVE // Caffeine.
I wouldn't recommend relying on caffeine to workout because that might not be the healthiest option, but getting a caffeine kick once in a while can get you pumped up to work out when you're feeling down and lazy. You can go for a cup of coffee, redbull or any sort of pre-workout the cool kids are taking these days - I'm not really into pre-workout but some people swear by it. I would recommend going for more natural options, like apples, lemons, green tea or even combination of both.   

Guys, working out is hard. Sometimes you don't feel like it, sometimes it's just too cold or too hot outside to do anything. So, if you muster the motivation to go out into this crazy world and do something to achieve your goals, I don't see why you don't deserve a glass of wine and a 30 min Netflix session at the end of the end to unwind and relax. You earned it and if anything it's just going to keep you on the right track and help you replenish your energy. Just like moving, relaxing is good for the body and the soul sometimes. 

These are my tips for today. Having said all of that, I just want to highlight that these are tips for people who want stay healthy and workout. You don't need to loose weight to be beautiful or anything like. I hope you enjoyed this post and that these tips help you out. If you'd like to share some of your tips with us, that'd be awesome. I love when you guys comment and let me know if you like the post, if you agree or if you disagree with me. Constructive criticism (as well as compliments) are always welcomed in this blog. I hope you guys are having a wonderful and if you're not I really hope it gets better soon!

Do you have any tips to share?
Is loosing weight part of your 2017 Resolutions?

Thanks so much for reading and get moving!

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