January 28, 2017

Reading Wrap-Up // January, 2017.

Heello, everyone! 

I hope you're all having a great day and if you're not I hope it gets better soon. Today, we're talking about books! I thought about waiting a little longer to see if I could squeeze in anymore books in this wrap-up, but I came to terms with the fact that this was a busy month and I won't be able to finish anymore books. I read a total of 5 books and two of those were audiobooks. Not bad, but it could definitely be better. I'm not going to beat myself up, though. Life is messy and sometimes reading only 5 books in a month is the best I can do. 

I read two books that I've been meaning to get to for months, and I'm so glad that they're not just sitting on my kindle collecting electronic dust and mocking me. I'm making it a point this year to stop impulse buying books on my kindle. I was justify it because it's an ebook, it's cheaper and it doesn't create cuttle in my house, but I got to a point right now these unread books are creating clutter in my mind. Anyway, you probably don't want to know all about this internal battle I'm having right now. Let's get to the books!

Dumplin' - Julie Murphy // This is one of the books I've been meaning to get to for ages and, sadly, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. This book sets out to be all about body positivity and accepting yourself in high school, but I felt like it was really lacking in that department. I didn't like the way the main character treated her mom and her best friend, kind of like blaming them for being thin while she was fat. And she was very whiny, complaining all the time and only thinking about herself - kind of like playing the victim. All in all, I did enjoy it a little. I like the romance aspect, some of the friendships and sometimes the internal monologue was dead on. It threw me back to high school and I remembered having very similar thoughts. It just felt short on the body positive aspect to me, which was the main focus of the book in general. 

Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon // This book on the other hand was surprisingly good. Since it was super hyped on booktube and book blogs, I was very skeptical in the beginning. This is mostly about a girl that's allergic to everything, so she can't leave her house and not a lot of people are able to go inside, and she stays under her mom's care. And then, a boy moves next door and she falls for him - it's YA so I'm not spoiling anything. But, then things start to happen and she starts to question some of her mom's attitude and then you need to read the book to know how things unfold. The love story was just the cutest thing ever, and that plot twist was everything. I really enjoyed this book and I'm planning on reading more from this author. 

The Heart Goes Last - Margaret Atwood // I decided to read this book because a friend of mine recommended. He said it was one of those fiction books set in the future, but that are super realist and talk about things that totally could happen. And that's exactly what this is. In my opinion, it was also super thought-proking and intriguing. It had a lot of internal monologue which I'm not usually very into, but I really liked the way this author did it. The story is basically about a couple that lost everything due to an economic crises and they had to move into their car. They decide to join a program that gives them a house and a job, but in return the need to spend every other month locked up in jail while another couple lives in their house. Bad things start to happen and the story is all about human nature, marriage and how people can seem to be a certain way but turn out to be completely different. It was incredibly interesting. 

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J.K. Rowling // Reread and still amazing! I listened to the audiobook in English this time (first time I read it it was in Portuguese) and I cannot recommend it enough. It felt like I was watching the movie in my head, but with so much content. I think this is my third time rereading Harry Potter, I just can't help it.  

Aristotle and Dante Discovere the Secrets of the Universe - Benjamin Alire Sáenz // This book was beautiful. I loved the story, the writing and all the characters (specially Dante), which is something that never happens. I just finished reading it so I feel like I can't talk about the story without giving too much of it away, but it's basically about the friendship between Aris and Dante, discovering who you're in high school and all that good stuff. It's diverse, it's own voices and it's amazing. I'm already predicting this is going to be one of my favorite books of the year.

Overall, it was a pretty good reading month for me. I didn't read a lot of books, but I only had one let down. Hopefully, I'll do better in February! I'm currently reading The Last Time We Said Goodbye, which I mentioned on my last TBR, and I'm really enjoying it so far. I hope you enjoyed the post and got some good recommendations - and by that I mean please read Aristotle and Dante!   

What was your favorite book this moth?

Thanks so much for reading and I'll talk to you really soon!  

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