February 15, 2017

My Tips For Having A Good Year | 2017.

Yes, I do own a calendar and I know what month it is. This is not some post I had collecting digital dust and decided to post even though it's February. Just like for a lot of people, 2016 wasn't my year. Some terrible things happened, I didn't feel like I was going anywhere and I wasn't putting effort towards the things that I wanted to achieve and the things that made me happy. I was basically sitting around watching Netflix and doing the bare minimal in order to get by, just going though the motions. So, I made a commitment to myself that I would change things up in 2017. I'm still not really sure what I want to do exactly (I have a rough idea), but I do know that I want things to be different. And I believe that if you want things to be different, you need to do things differently.

I started to make some changes in my life to figure out what I want this year to be about and like I said, I have a rough idea. I want to get in shape, focus on studying and bettering myself to achieve my goals and get a better job, and I want to be a better person overall. These are things that are constantly in my life but that I've never worked on with consistency. So, year after year, they would make their way into my New Years Resolutions. This year, I'm tackling them one by one. And, since I'm pretty sure these are very relatable goals that a lot of people want to accomplish, I decided to write this post today so we can all get inspiration, tips and motivation from each other and keep the discussion going even if it's already February.
No matter how much you plan or bullet journal, our days only have 24h and 24h is not enough to accomplish everything we want to accomplish. Learning to prioritize is a must and that's why it's tip number one, it's the most important one. The way I do it is: I figure out what my big goals are for my life and I try to think what is going to help me get there today and I prioritize this things. If that sounds a bit too intimidating for you, try to figure out what you want to accomplish that week or that month and prioritize the things are going to get there. So, basically, if you getting in shape is your main goal, working out and meal preparing (or whatever it is you do), should be your priorities for that day and doing laundry, working on your blog and all these other things you'd like to accomplish need to come second. If you don't focus on your main goals and procrastinate by doing other errands, you'll never really give your best in what you are currently doing because your secondary tasks you'll be done quickly so you can get to the important stuff and when you get to the important stuff you'll feel tired or burned out because of all the energy you spent doing things that are not your priority. 
I don't know about you but I'm a firm believer in karma, the law of attraction and the whole 'what goes around comes around' thing. And also, in order to be a good person you need to be nice and say 'thank you' whenever a 'thank you' is required. And the same thing goes with 'you're welcome', 'please' and while we're at it throwing in a 'good morning' can't hurt. If you're nice to people, people will be nice to you (not always, but most of the times) and your life will become a little easier and a little lighter. The whole gratitude thing fits in with my religious belief, but even if you're not religious, being grateful for the things you have is always a good idea. Specially when you're having a bad day and you feel like you things are not working out for you, taking a moment to list all the things you're grateful for can really help you out. I've did it in a blog post a couple of months ago and you can check it out here if you'd like.  
I was very skeptical when it came to meditation, I didn't see the point of it and I thought it was a waste of time. But, recently, I started to see meditation in a more positive light. I know there are all kinds of meditation (and I highly suggest practicing whichever works for you), but the way I see it meditation is a time I dedicate to think about my life, the things I want to change, how I'm going to change them and just sending out good thoughts into the universe. You can also use this time to pray, imagine your ideal life and even practice gratitude by acknowledging all the things you're grateful for. It's basically your time, with yourself to practice some introspection.
I would suggest doing it in the morning before you begin your day, that way you will have all your goals in mind throughout the day as you run your errands. I've noticed that I'm way more productive the days I meditate and my anxiety is more manageable. It just gives me a sense of purpose when I'm doing the things I have to do. I do 10-15 minutes in the morning, after breakfast and before getting ready for the day. Meditation has really been helping me out and it can't hurt to try, guys!
It's embarrassing how many times I've put 'getting in shape' in my New Year's Resolutions, and I never pay much attention to it after January. Getting fit and working out always is never a priority for me and that's just stupid because if I'm not healthy, I won't be able to accomplish all the things I want to. So, I decided to make working out a priority in my schedule. In the beginning, I would literally postpone errands just to get my workout in for the day. But, as I got more accustomed to my routine, I've noticed that working out actually gives me more energy and motivation to get everything done from my to-do list.  

Watching three hours of Netflix is extremely rewarding, I feel happy and relaxed while I'm watching. 'While I'm watching' is the key here. You'll only have those feeling while you're doing it, and as soon as you stop you'll feel unproductive, lazy and anxious because you spent all that time doing nothing. Although sometimes you need a break from the world, you should dedicate your time to things that will bring you long term gratification. Very feel people get a quick out of studying, but everyone feel accomplished and happy when they're done with their study guide or writing their paper, and then you can go for the Netflix. It's human nature to pick things that will give you instant gratification, that's why planning is so important.  
Planing is gives my day structure. Whenever I don't take my time to plan out my day, I usually don't get a lot done, I spend way too much time thinking about what to do next and I don't feel accomplished at the end of the day. I hate feeling like I could have done so much more. When it comes to planning, you can do whatever works for you. I keep a ''bullet journal'' where I write down my main goals for the week and then I break them down into smaller goals and schedule them on my weekly planner. This is what works best for me. I'm thinking about writing a more in depth post yo show you guys this system, so let me know if this is something you'd be interest in. 

Setting aside some time for your hobbies is extremely important. As you can probably guess, blogging is my main hobby. I don't make money from it nor do I plan on becoming a full time blogger, blogging is just good for my soul. It's something I do simply because I want to (which is  very empowering), it's my time to write down my thoughts and connect with people who share the same interests as me and that makes me happy. It does takes time and effort, but at the end of the day I feel happier and more fulfilled whenever I spend sometime blogging. 

These are all the tips I have for now, guys! Your tips are more than welcomed, please share your input with us on the comments. I want this post to spark a discussion, I really want to know your thoughts on this tips! If accomplishing your goals was easy, everyone would be fit and have the job of their dreams. I believe we need all the help we can find and I really want this blog to be a place where we can all find support and help each other out. Mostly, I think that to accomplish your goals, you need to be constantly reminded of them and to keep track of all your small victories. That's why I'm planning on doing at least one post about accomplishing your goals every month. This is a way of holding myself accountable and hopefully inspiring you guys to do the same. Let me know if you think that's a good idea. If I can do anything to help you out on this, let me know on the comments, twitter or send me an email.

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon!


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