February 25, 2017

Reading Wrap-Up // February, 2017.

Well, February was not a good reading month for me. I managed to read five books, but I didn't really enjoy all of them. If you've read my Currently Reading post, you know I've struggled with some of these books. I tried to branch out my reading and try out some different genres and although that is a good thing, sometimes it just doesn't work out for the best. I pushed myself to get through a classic and then the reading slump came. The fact that the book I tried to read after the classic was not very good only made things worst. But, you know.. these things happen. When you set a goal to read 100 books in a year you're bound to get some duds in the middle, right?

I also learned some things about myself as reader this month. Although I'm really into TV shows about high school drama (The OC, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars..), I hate books with annoying teenage characters. I also hate books that rely on bad stereotypes and slut-shamming to make a character look better than another. I'm not a big fan of classics, but I really want to change that because.. culture, you know? And also, self-help books are really not for me. I'm not bashing them and I know they help a lot of people improve their lives, but I think I just have a pretty good sense of common sense and these books just don't do much for me. But most of all, I've discovered that autobiography books about powerful and successful women really inspire me, specially when they're funny.   
Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls - Lauren Graham // L O V E D  I T! This book was amazing and now I want to read her other book 'someday maybe or something like that'. I'm a big fan of Gilmore Girls and I loved learning more about Lauren Graham and her time playing that part. I also really enjoyed learning more about her life in general, her time pursuing acting as a full-time job and her time playing Lorelai Gilmore and other roles. I cried, I scream-laughed and I learned some valuable lesson from her. I think I really enjoyed this book not because I was reading about the life of a celebrity, but I enjoyed it because it felt like I was having a conversation with an older, successful and more experienced woman.. It felt like she was giving advice on topics we all struggle and just chatting about her life. I honestly believe that even if you are not a big fan of Gilmore Girls, you'll probably still enjoy this book. I listened to the audiobook which is narrated by her and it was amazing.  

O Cortiço (The Slum) - Aluísio Azevedo // This is the classic I chose to read this month and oh boy, did I struggle with it! The Slum is the English translation to this Brazilian classic, but I still read it in Portuguese because I'm Brazilian. It's about a group of people living in a big building where the rooms were converted to ''small apartments'', something very common in Brazil in the 19th century. It basically talks about Brazil in that time, the arrival of immigrants, the differences between cultures and all that stuff. It was good, it read like a novel which was nice, but at the end I just done with it, you know? It didn't really hold my attention and like I said before, I only read it because I want to be a more cultured person. I think I kind of need to train myself to enjoy classics, so the goal from now on is to read one classic every month.     

Caraval - Stephanie Garber // This books really is as good as everyone is saying. It's been a while since I've found a story like this, that just sucks you up into the world and actually leaves you wanting more. Although it's similar to Night Circus in some points, Caraval has a magic all of its own. This books tells the story of two sisters that have a very abusive and borderline crazy father. One of them writes every year to a men that organizes this big Carnaval event and one year he decided to not only write back, but to offer them tickets to the show. They travel to a distant island and somehow the sisters get separated. In this Carnaval, however, you can just watch the show or you can participate in some sort quest and the winner gets a pretty good award. One of the sisters goes missing, there's a couple of hot guys, magic and family drama.. I loved this book so much and I already plan on rereading it.   

The Miracle Morning - Hal Erold // Reading this book felt like reading a really long and detailed blog post. Although I think the idea of waking up an hour before you usually do and dedicate this time to improving yourself, meditating, working out and all the good stuff is an excellent idea, I still don't get why Hal Erold wrote an entire book about it. He could have explained all of that in a blog post, an article on an online magazine or something. This book is less than 200 pages and I still felt like he was repeating himself. He just goes on and on about things you could with this time in the morning and they're all ramifications of working out, mediating or reading. 

I do like the idea of waking up earlier that everyone else, but I hardly think this is a life-changing concept or a miracle. This book did bring some light to the importance of paying attention to your morning routine and working on self-improvement, but like I said.. this is not something new and it's pretty much common sense. I mean.. if you need more hours on your day, wake up earlier. I don't want to sound too negative because I did enjoy some parts of it, but I don't think this book has some kind of miracle content to make your life better.   

White Hot Kiss - Jennifer L. Armentrout // I really disliked this book, I had so many problems with it that I can't even say I enjoyed my time reading it and I only finished because I want to add it to my Reading Challenge. Most of Jennifer Armentrout's books follow pattern: there's usually a half-half main character (half-warden, half-demon in this case, but there's also half-human, half-alien and half-human,half-greeksomething), a love triangle with a very good guy (in this book he hunts demons) and very bad boy (in this book he's a demon) and the bad boy represents something that is going to ruin the world and our main character needs to it. I read the entire Half-Blood series from her and I loved it, but now I'm getting tired of this whole thing and it feels like I'm reading the same novel over and over again. I love her writing and I think she a very creative and talented author, but please give me something new! I think I gave this two stars because I fell bad giving one star to books, but I really did not enjoy it. The slut-shamming was also the worst!   

Those are all the books I read this month. Hopefully, you had a better reading month than me. I still managed to read 5 books, so it wasn't all bad. Let me know on the comments which books you read this month and which one was your favorite! If you have classics recommendations, please let me know as well, I'm struggling with it. 

What was your favorite books this month?

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon!

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