February 27, 2017

Weird Things That Happened This Week.

As you can probably guess from title, this was a weird week for me. Weird things happened not only to me, but also in the world (or should I say in the universe?). So, since apparently every time something weird happens to me blogging about it is the first thought that crosses my mind, I decided to make this post into a little catch up series. I thought I could take this time to share with you guys some of the things that happened to me or in the world in general that I thought were weird or even a bit crazy. I feel like I need to warn you though that my life is not that exciting: I don't get kidnaped on Starbucks (thank God), people don't usually break into my house (thank God, again) and I don't have a stalker (not that I know of anyway), but I casually stalk some people, in a healthy way.

Just like everything I write in this blog, I'm going to talk about things from my perspective and I'm going to try to be as real as I can, as in I won't create stories just for your entertainment (no clickbait here). So, I'll probably only do this when something weird happens that I feel like sharing. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy this! I might keep doing it even if no one says anything on comments because that's just the kind of blogger I am, but I do appreciate your input. Blogging is a two-way street, if you write something on the comments you can bet your ass I will read it and write back to you. Anyway, enough with the chatter!
NEW PLANETS // WHAT? I know.. This takes first place on all the weird shit that happened to me this week. If you don't believe me, here's the link to a more reliable source. Nasa discovered 7 new planets in another galaxy far far away (or whatever the right technical term is) and I'm freaking out. I've always thought there were other planets with different life forms out there because the universe is a pretty big place and there's no way we're the only blessed life forms out there, but having this evidence is pretty big, right? I thought the internet as whole was going to freak out a little more over this, but apparently this piece of news is being overshadowed by the amount of horrible things that have been going on in this particular planet.   

I WENT ON A DATE, sort of // So, today I'm sharing not one, but two of the newest installments of Michele's Single Life. Well, I went on a date.. kind of. Me being the most single person in the world, I decided to download tinder and some other dating apps. I only did it because a single friend of mine told me she met a super cool guy on the app and that they went on a bunch of fun dates and bla bla bla. If you're thinking ''these stories never end well'', you're right, it didn't end well. So, he ''liked me'' on the app and sent me a message. We started chatting and things were great. He was funny, easy to talk to and not a total stranger because I found him on Facebook and we had friends in common, so not a creeper or online pervert or anything. We exchanged numbers, started with the texting and I got my hopes up, because I'm a human and that's what we do when we're about to be disappointed, right? And then, he asked me out (or so I thought). He told be about a super cool event that was going on (kind of like a party) near the beach and it sounded really fun. His exact words were: ''so, do you want to go?" (I'm translating it to English but you get the point). I thought we were going together, he didn't tell to bring a friend or anything like that. But, no! Apparently, I forgot to read his mind! I arrive at the event ALONE at the time we arranged and he's not there. I thought I was being stood up, but no such luck. He arrived with not one friend, but FIVE. Five of his closest friends just standing there looking at me, and he said: ''so, did you come alone or something?'' I was too pissed to be embarrassed, and honestly, I'm not the one that should be embarrassed here right? So, that was that. I even tried to have a good time, but he was just not making any effort to talk to me so I just got an uber and went home. Bad ''date'' and a good story to tell.          

I FELL ON THE GYM // As you guys know, I've been hitting the gym pretty strong these days (no joke). My building has a pretty good, well-equipped gym and that's where I work out. Since it's inside the building, there's usually families, older people and your regular annoying teenager working out there. But, this week a hot guy appeared. So, being the most single person in the world my brain went on hot guy alert mode. Since I'm super single but also super cool, I decided to act cool (I'm not cool) and just do these super intricate exercises I pick up from fitness girls on youtube (I'm not a fitness girl either) and then I fell down. And it wasn't a quick-nobody-saw-thing.. Heavy weights were dropped to the ground, I fell from the step-thing I was using and hit a mirror on the way down. I kid you not, I fell down with a BAM next to the hot guy, apparently the only one that uses that gym. There goes my first impression. He was actually pretty nice and asked if I was ok and everything, but I'm still mortified. I'm seriously considering moving. Funny thing is, the plan was to finish writing this post and go to the gym. 

CREEPY DM // I'm a blogger and I use my twitter mostly to share my blog posts, connect with other bloggers and readers, and also build a following for the blog. I follow a lot of people I don't know in person, a lot of people whose content I enjoy and some brands and celebrities here and there (Chrissy Teigen's twits give me life!). Most of my DM's are like ''hey, thanks so much for following me, here's a link to my blog/youtube channel/store/website" or the occasional brand wanting me to advertise their product without me knowing anything about them. So, whenever something doesn't go according to this I already think it's weird. But this one had a creepy vibe all of its own. I won't post it here because this man obviously knows I have a blog and he's obviously weird and I don't want to anger him. But, the DM came from an older gentleman offering to fly me to his country and pay for my traveling expenses 'around the world' if I agreed to have a good time with him during this trip. He didn't specify what a good time entailed to, but that's not the point. Well sir, I'm not THAT desperate. I just laughed, didn't answer because I won't dignify these kinds of "offers" and moved on with my life. But that was weird, right? Like, who does that? And more importantly, are there people out there that say yes to these types of question? I'm not even sure if it was a real guy because the profile picture was a creepy landscape-thingy, maybe it was just someone trying to mess with me, I don't know. As soon as I read, I thought it was funny, but after it made me a little angry. I mean, the guy wasn't doing anything illegal. I am legally an adult and he was actually really polite about it, but the whole thing was super weird and creepy and when you think about the amount of young girls and boys on social media you can't help but to be a little scared.    

This was an unusual week, guys! Usually, nothing weird happens to me. I do tend to fall down more than most people, but that's just cause I'm clumsy or when I get nervous around really cute guys. Hopefully, you enjoyed this post. Let me know on the comments if anything weird happened to you this week so we can all have a good laugh, no point in feeling embarrassed now, right?!

Did something weird also happened to you this week?

Let's hang some more!

Thanks so much for reading and let's chat on the comments. 

FUN FACT: This post was scheduled to go up on Sunday, but apparently me and blogger are still having some issues and it did go up when it was supposed to. I hope you're still interested in the events of my week, even if they're coming to you a day late! :)


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