May 17, 2017

Book Haul // Shopping Therapy.

Well, I had a shit day today and I felt I need a little shopping therapy. I'm not saying this is a healthy way to deal with your problems, but thank God I'm an adult and I can self medicate with shopping and wine when I need it. You know when you have one of those days when everything, literally everything goes wrong? That was me today, YAY (*sarcasm tone*)! I didn't think I had to go to class today, but apparently I had to. I was woken up at 6:00 by an very unexpected call, I didn't have anything for breakfast because I thought I would have time to eat outside and then go grocery shipping and since I didn't plan my day, I choose a horrible outfit that bothered be the entire day. 

I know some people have worse problems, I know that.. But, having to wear a horrible outfit on top this already shitty day was just the cherry on top of the worst cake ever. So, I got home, took a shower, poured myself a glass of wine and chilled on Amazon for a good 45 min looking through books and more books. I only allowed myself to get four books, I just spent enough money to finish off my latest gift card (and couple dollars more), but if I could I would have bought waaaaay more. So, other than buying books and drinking wine, blogging sometimes helps and here I am! 

A World Without You - Beth Davis // When I'm having a bad day or when I'm on a reading slump, reading YA helps me and that's pretty much the main reason why I got. I wanted to get this on my last book haul, but I already had way too much on my cart and unfortunately I'm not made of money. 

Nights With Parker - Alice Tribue // I got this because I could use a quick read tonight. This book is less than 200 pages and I need something quick and cheesy to put me in a good mood, with a lot of romance. The reviews are surprisingly good and positive and I remember someone talking about it in a video once (apparently, I don't need a lot to convince myself to buy books). 

Swimming Lessons  - Claire Fuller // This cover is stunning and there was no way I was going to pass on it again! The reviews both on GoodReads and Amazon were pretty good and I've never read anything from this author. This is about a woman that writes letters to her husband and hides them in her house, and then one day she goes missing. I think he tries to find her, I'm not sure. But, I was intrigued! 

Small Great Things - Judi Picot // I went on a trip at the end of last year (you can see my travel diary here) and this book was everywhere in every airport I passed through. I decided to get it this time because I've been seeing it a lot around book tube and book blogs. I've never read anything from Judi Picot either, so I'm excited for this one. 

That's all for today, guys! Let me know if you've read any of these books, I would really like to know your thoughts on them. I really hope you had a better day than me, from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes, I feel a little stupid saying I had a bad day because of these small things, but small things add up and on top of that I just wasn't feeling my best today. I always debate on sharing these parts of my life, but I feel like this is an important thing to do - specially on the blogging community when it looks like everyone is always having a blast going on tropical vacations sponsored by brands. Of course there's nothing wrong with that, but I miss content I can relate to so that's I'm trying to do here! 

Have you bought any books recently?
Have you read any of the ones I've mentioned?

Let's hang some more!

Thanks so much for stopping by and come back soon!

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