May 1, 2017

Daily Mantras For A Better Week.


I hope you're all having an awesome start to the week. I hope you woke up motivated to get shit done! I hope you woke up pumped to go to the gym! I hope you ate a super-bomb-awersome-sauce-healthy-af breakfast and now you're ready to workworkworkwork. I really hope all of that happened to you, but in case it didn't I got you, babe! 

I know what you're thinking.. "Really, Michele? These mantras are gonna change my life?'', but hey, don't mock it till you tried it! Mantras are to me the cherry on top of a great productive cake. Whenever I need to get things done and be productive, I make sure to wake up early (around 7:00), have a good healthy breakfast (usually overnight oats with bananas) and get ready before attempting to get any work done. These rituals set the mood for me and mentally prepare my brain to get into work mode. In this little routine, my daily mantras are something I consider extra - they won't make or break my morning but saying them out loud and taking sometime to really think about the words always helps. 

In today's post I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you guys - because I'm blogger that's just what we do when something works for us. We want to share the knowledge, share the wealth and you're welcome! hahaha I hope (again with the hoping!) these mantras work for you and let me know on the comments if you get the chance to try them out in the morning. I took the time to put together 7 of my favorites just so you have one written down for everyday of the week, but if you get into the mantra mindset (which I hope you do), I'm sure you can find more online or maybe I'll do more of these posts in the future. 
ONE // Do something today your future self will thank you tomorrow.

TWO // I honor my spirit and trust my vibes.

THREE // I am stronger than my excuses.

FOUR // Progress is more important than perfection.

FIVE // Do not postpone joy.

SIX // I am in control of how I see myself.

SEVEN // I matter.

What do you think about the mantra thing?
What do you usually do to have a more productive day?

Let's hang some more!

Thanks so much for reading and have an AMAZING week!

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