May 10, 2017

Weekly Mantras // #2.

Well, it's been a rough couple of weeks. I'm not gonna bother you with the details because we try to focus on the positive here in this blog, specially when we're talking about positive affirmations. But, to sum it all up, I twisted my ankle, had a big fight with one of my best friends and, since I couldn't go to the gym with a twisted ankle, I gained a couple of pounds. But now, that's all in the past. My ankle is much better, I'm going back to the gym today (just to work arms and back) and I've been trying to work things out my friend and things are going good, better. 

It's weird to think how just one thing can mess up your entire routine and you entire life. Twisting an ankle is something so common and that happens everyday to a lot of people, but it really messed things up for me. As you guys can see, whenever something like this happens, my blogging routine always suffers. I was feeling shitty, so I wasn't feeling inspired to blog. Blogging reflects what's going on in my life and my current interests, if I'm feeling shitty I don't want to put up negative or bad content, you know? 

Anyway, we're here today! I'm feeling better and I hope you're feeling good too. Last week was the first time I tried sharing weekly mantras here on the blog. I had a positive response in the last post and I really enjoyed putting it together, so we're here again today with more mantras. More positivity, more love and more productivity. I'm gonna aim to get this up every Monday so we can all start the week on an extremely positive note, but this one is coming to you on a Wednesday so we can end the week on a positive note, I guess..

ONE // Things won't change unless you change.

TWO // Do one thing everyday that scares you.

THREE // I'm superior to negative thoughts and low actions. 

FOUR // The best is yet to come. 

FIVE // I forgive myself for all the mistakes I have made.  

SIX // I refuse to give up. 

SEVEN // There is always a way. 

I hope these positive affirmations make your week a little better and a little brighter. Just remember that it's ok to have a bad day, it's ok to have a couple of bad days when you're not feeling too hot. Don't be so hard on yourself! You're doing the best you can everyday given your circumstances! 

How do you feel about mantras and positive affirmations?
How was your day?

Let's hang some more!

Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful rest of the week!


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