May 29, 2017

Weekly Mantras // #4

Happy Monday, everyone!

I'm so excited for this week! If you guys missed my last post, lets catch up! Today I'm starting this new thing I'm calling 3 New Things Every Week (you can read more about it here). So, I thought today's mantras should be all about doing new things and living life to the fullest, which is exactly what I'm trying to accomplish with this whole thing. As I'm writing this, I've just woken up and I'm still having my cup of coffee and planning out my week. Hopefully, we'll get a lot of exciting things done. But, for right now, let's just focus on this week's mantras! They have been helping me out a lot these past few weeks, I've noticed that I've been more focused on my goals and overall more productive. Hopefully, they are having the same affect on you too!
ONE // I am confident and self-reliant. Confidence is my second nature. 

TWO // I always attract only the best of circumstances in my life. 

THREE // Nothing is impossible and life is great. 

FOUR // I choose to be proud of myself. 

FIVE //I release the past and fully in the present moment. 

SIX // I breath in peace and confidence. I breath out stress and negativity. 

SEVEN //  I love change and easily just myself to new situations. 

That's it for today! These posts are usually short and sweet like this, but let me know on the comments if you guys are enjoying these mantras and how or if they have been helping you in any way. I've also been trying to work more on being positive and focusing on the good things in life, so maybe we'll cover that with next week's mantras. I hope you're all having a great start to the week and if you've been feeling unmotivated so far, take this post as a sign to turn things around. If you are struggling today, take a screenshot of these mantras and repeat them over and over again until you feel better and more in control of your day. I really hope this helps you! 

Have you been enjoying the mantras?

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful rest of the day! 

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