June 21, 2017

BOOK HAUL // E-books and Donations.

Well, I believe we've already established that I have no self-control when it comes to books. I can justify buying pretty much any book just for the fact that it's culture and that it's helping me with my English, but let's be honest for once... I buy books because I love them. I love reading stories, I love supporting authors I love and I love talking about it here on my blog. With that being said, I'm not encouraging you to be a hoarder of books like me. It's too late for me, but maybe you can still save yourself. 

This book haul is different though, all of these books came from different places and this never happens. I get most (almost all of) my books from Amazon - I have a Kindle and usually when I'm having insomnia I go to town on the Amazon store, it relaxes me and its one of the things I allow myself to buy guilt-free ever since I became a "minimalist". And it's a very nice arrangement if I do say so myself, I'm able to release my shopping urges without creating clutter in my life. I mean.. I do create clutter on my mind and kindle, but hey... I never claimed to be a perfect minimalist. Anyway, let's get to the books and I'll tell you where they came from as I'm talking about them!


The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch // I borrowed this one from a friend, so I'm actually going to have to give it back, which is good for my wallet. I didn't even know you could borrow an online book, but apparently it can be done. I don't like to admit it, but I decided to read this book because everyone was talking about it on the internet. This is not the genre I usually go for, but it's good to spice things up, right?! I have really high hopes for it, people are saying it's impossible to put it down and I'm down for that! 

The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood // This book is everywhere right now and I really wanted to get it. I was browsing around online, but the price was always too high for what I'm comfortable with spending on an ebook. So, I was talking about it with my dad and he was like.. "Hold on, let me see if I have it, this book is really old and I remember buying it!" And, as it turns out, he really had it. I'm super excited about it, I've already read the first few pages and it is gooooood, my friends! 

Stop Saying You're Fine - Mel Robbins // One of the few books I bought with my mom this month! Mel Robbins TED Talk really change my life. I've talked about it two time already on the blog (here and here) and I've been meaning to get her book ever since the first time. Like I've said before, I'm really into self-help books right now, maybe because I've been feeling very lost in my life and I'm opened to try anything that might help. I'm really expecting great things for this book, I just need to take the time to actually read it.    

The Circle - Dave Eggers // There's nothing like a movie coming out with Emma Watson for me to read a book. I've heard about this book before, but the movie is what really pushed me to go ahead and get it. I'm one of those people that if Emma Watson has anything to do with it, I'm gonna read/watch it! I even joined her book club on GoodReads, no shame. And also, it sounds like it's a going to be a good one.    

The Probability of Miracles - Wendy Wunder // The next two books came to me in the most unexpected way ever. We have this little nook in my parents apartment complex where people can put books they don't want anymore and, lo and behold, these were just chilling over there. I never check that area, but I was visiting my parents on Sunday and I thought: why not? The weird thing is that there are never any current/YA books there, specially in English - I'd like to believe this was a gift from the universe. Anyway, I don't know why someone didn't want them anymore, but I'm so glad I have them now and I promised myself I would put it back there as soon as I finish them. So, I just got this one because of the cover and the fact that it was free, I know nothing about it, but I'm super pumped for the next one.   

When Dimple Met Rishi - Sandy Menon // This books is so hyped up on the internet is has to be good, right? That's not usually the case, but one of my reading resolutions this year is to read more diverse from diverse authors. I've never read anything related to the Indian culture and I'm really excited! It's an YA Romance (I think..), so I'll be able to get to it really soon!

Those are all the books I'll be adding to my growing collection this month! I'm pretty happy with myself because I didn't spend a lot of money on books, which is always a plus and more money going towards my savings account. Let me know on the comments if you've read any of these books and what did you think of them, without giving any spoilers please!

Did you buy any books this month?
What are you currently reading?

Let's hang some more!

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon!


June 19, 2017

Weekly Mantras #7

Heeeeello, everyone! 

We're still here! It's Monday and we're going to kick some assss this week, I'm feeling really positive about it! I thought I'd give my week a jump start and for once work on a blogpost in advance, so I'm writing this Sunday night. I know a lot of bloggers do this and I'm not judging, it's just that it's extremely hard for me to be organized enough to plan out my posts - I can't even plan out my weeks. I'm just one of those people who needs to take things day by day in order to not loose their minds with everything that's going on. If I sit down and think about all the things I need to get done on the next two months, I might actually cry. 

Anyway, needless to say, I'm in deep need to these mantras. They're keeping going, they're keeping me positive and they're helping not to freak out. I feel like I'm in the constant battle of feeling overwhelmed but I also feeling like I'm not doing enough. I think this is pretty much an universal feeling and most people also feel this way, so I thought maybe these mantras could help. I usually take my mantra from blogspots I've read in the past, articles, self-help books or even online talks - I have an entire post about my favorite TED Talks (you can check it out here) - but some of them are just quotes that I enjoy and that have helped me throughout my life. 

I know sometimes they may seem very cliche or common knowledge, but I believe it's good to be reminded. In our everyday lives we can forget the big picture or the point to all of the things we're doing, maybe we forget to be positive or to be present, it's very easy to get lost in the confusion. I really encourage you to take some time everyday (maybe just 2 minutes if that's all you have) and really think about these mantras and how you can apply them to the situations in your life - kinda like meditation, I'm telling you: it REALLY helps. 
ONE // I have the power to change my life.  

TWO // I'm in charge of how I feel.  

THREE // Everyday is a chance to start over.  

FOUR // Everything happens to teach you a lesson. 

FIVE // I am focused and persistent. 

SIX // I forgive myself and I promise to do better. 

SEVEN // I am worthy of the person I want to become. 

That's it for today, guys! If you get the chance to implement these mantras in your day-to-day life, let me know on the comments how they work out for you. Don't forget to be grateful for the day ahead of you and I hope you achieve great things! Life is happening for you and not to you, we're always capable of change - habits, people and feelings are in your life because you allowed them to, they can just as easily leave because you're the one in charge.  

Do you have any mantras or positive affirmations to share with us?
Are you enjoying the ones I'm sharing?

Let's hang some more!

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon!

June 14, 2017

What I'm Looking For In a Blogger + Why I'm Not a FAN.

Just like many bloggers out there (if not all of us), I decided to start a blog because I was obsessed with reading blogs. I took this task so seriously that I even had a little notebook where I would write down my favorite bloggers and their social media pages, that's how committed I was them - don't judge me, that was before we even had Facebook and Instagram (now you can easily follow me on both, sorry shameless promo). What I loved most about blogging was the fact that everything looked so glamorous, yet so relatable. There were this beautiful girls with interesting lives living in amazing cities all over the world, but yet I could connect with them so easily, they would respond to my comments and I even remember a blogger  responding to an email I sent to her blogging account. 

That's what I miss most about blogging. I feel like today, bloggers and youtubers are being put on a very high pedestal by their followers and sometimes this goes up to their heads. They start to see themselves as celebrities and they believe that being unreachable is good for the business and this really pisses me off. If you are famous because of your work on the internet it's ONLY because people cared enough to support you. They could just consume the content you put up and not share it on social media or give you the "thumbs up" you ask for in every video. But no, they cared.. And God knows why because some influencers out there are really rude to their supporters. 

This really pisses me off. We created this great space where you can not only be yourself, but also get paid for it. If you really think about it, youtubers and bloggers are paid to be themselves and talk about the things they're interested in. Sure, it takes work and I'm sure it's not as easy as it looks. But, the internet gave you an opportunity to connect with people all over the world who want to support YOU. And then, you are rude to them, you don't respond to their comments or you completely ignore when someone wants to take a picture with you in public. I know that some people are really big, like millions and millions of followers and that it would be hard to answer to all of them, but there are always ways for you show that you care about the people who have literally put you where you are.

I also really hate when youtubers and bloggers use the word ''fan''... Like, girl you are not Beyoncé. The whole reason why people started to follow your work is because they related to you, so don't give yourself the celebrity status. I love Beyoncé, I'm huge fan of her work, but I don't relate to her at all. Like, if she told me to buy a lipstick I would be intrigued obviously, but I don't think I would be able to afford it and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't fit my lifestyle, so I probably wouldn't buy it. See where I'm going with this? This is where a lot of bloggers lost me as their follower. They started to promote products and services that I can't afford. It's great that they are being taken on tropical vacations and flying on private jets, good for THEM, but that kind of lifestyle doesn't apply to me so I'm not really interested in watching your video about an expensive trip you took FOR FREE. 

I think there's a way to find a happy balance, but I still haven't found a blogger or youtuber that managed to do it. To me, the whole point of reading a blog or watching a video is to feel like I relate to the person on the other side of the screen in a way that makes me feel understood, happy or entertained. Maybe you're giving me some tips or recommendations that apply to my life, maybe you're teaching me something (like how to do a smokey eye) or maybe you're just making me laugh because your personality is amazing and you're really funny. Showing me the five star hotels you stay in or the all-paid vacations you go to does next to nothing for me. I mean, it's cool and it's great for you like I said, but I cannot afford it. I'm not looking for things that are out of my paycheck on youtube or in a blog, if I wanted that I would just watch E! and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  

I guess all I'm trying to say is, people followed you because they related to you. They related to the girl or the boy sitting in their room with a crappy camera talking about their shitty day at school. They related to the single mom that's telling us how she raises two kids on her own. Or even the couple that decided to live on their van. They related to real people. Bloggers and youtubers are starting to not look like real people anymore and that bothers me. Blogging is a platform where we can share our real lives and connect with real people by doing so and I feel like some bloggers are forgetting the connecting part.

That's all I have for today, guys! I hope you understand where I'm coming from. I love the fact that bloggers and youtubers are being recognized by their work, that's awesome! I just don't like the fact that nowadays it looks like they are portraying themselves as celebrities and forgetting the people who cared so much about them. That's all! 

What do you think? 

Let's hang some more!

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon! 

June 13, 2017

Weekly Mantras + Catchin' Up.

Whaaaat's up, everyone?!

As I'm writing this, it's Tuesday morning and I'm at the library. I came here in the hopes of getting shit done and I have a thousand things to read for school and whatnot, nevertheless.. Here I am writing a blogpost because priorities, right?! I know I usually do my weekly mantras on Mondays, but life happened and I couldn't get it up. I'm not gonna lie, I had the time to blog but I decided to go out with a friend that I hadn't seen in a while. It was great, I had an amazing time, but I'm here right now to make it up to you all. 

You guys know that I like to take this time to do a little catch up and talk about what's going in my life and let me tell you: it's not really fun to be me right now. I'm feeling really stressed out and overwhelmed. It's not like anyone else is pressuring me, I feel like I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself and I don't really know how to stop that. It's been a hard couple of months, but things are bound to get better, right? RIGHT? I've been doing a lot of meditation and I'm not gonna lie again.. I've been reading A LOT of self-help books. I've been feeling weird.. like I don't have anything to stress out, but I feel like I should be stressed out because I'm not where I want to be in life, you know? Anyway, that's enough rambling about my first world problems. 

This week's mantras are going to be all about embracing where you are right now, about enjoying the journey and not freaking out about the destination. Today we're going the  "life is what happens when you're busy thinking about tomorrow" vibe or something along those lines. We'll get there - and by there I mean wherever it is you want to get. We have to, everyone does! 
ONE // I have enough. I do enough. I am enough. 

TWO // Feelings are not facts. 

THREE // You only fail if you quit. 

FOUR // Be the energy you want to attract. 

FIVE // You are exactly where you need to be. 

SIX // Be positive. Be patient. Be persistent. 

SEVEN // I honor myself and my achievements. 

I hope you enjoy the mantras and I really hope they'll help you out throughout the week. Trust me, I know embracing where you are in life is not an easy task. We just need to keep reminding ourselves that everything is temporary and that things have a way of working themselves out. That's not to say that working hard is not important. All I'm saying is to trust the process. All things take time to happen and comparing your life to others doesn't help anyone achieve anything.. Just keep swimming, we'll all get there in our own pace!

What's going with you?

Let's hang some more!

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon! 


June 9, 2017

Links I'm Loving // My Favorite TED Talks.

What's up, everyone?!

It's been a hot minute since I've done a Links I'm Loving and I've missed them. These are one of my favorite posts to write because I'm a millennial and I love the internet - I love finding cool, hidden gems on it and I love sharing with you guys my favorites, sharing is caring and that's what's we're doing right now. Like the title says, this post is all about my favorite TED Talks. I've been low key obsessed with TED Talks for a while now, I think I've talked about them previously on the blog, but I've never listed out my favorites. 

You know how some people do Google Deep Dives, you can google it if you don't know what I'm talking about.. Well, I usually do YouTube Deep Dives! That's how I found the mermaids documentary and that's how I've come across these great TED Talks. Actually, I think I did a TED Talk Deep Dive because the amount of videos I watched from these conferences is insane. I would go as far as saying that I've watched probably more them 70% of the videos on their channel and they have A LOT of videos. What can I say? They really do help me. It's true that some of them are stupid, some talk about topics I don't really care about and some are just dripping with cliche and catchy phrases, but some really truly help. Sometimes you just need to hear the obvious from an impartial third party to really get it through you. So, I thought it would be cool to share my recent top 5 with you guys today!   

Stop Searching For Your Passion // Terri Trespicio.

Fake It Till You Make It // Tina Glenvik. 

Those are all the links I'm sharing today, guys! Hopefully, you guys enjoy them and they help you out in one way or another. You don't have to watch all of them right now, just come back whenever you're lacking motivation or feeling uninspired. Like I always say, don't mock it till you tried it. I've found all these talks very interesting and I truly believe they're very empowering and helpful. I'm strongly considering buying Mel Robbins book, that woman is really good at selling herself and her work! 

Do you have any links to share with us?
Do you like the TED Talks?

Let's hang some more!

Thanks so much for stopping by and come back soon - I'm on fire with my blogposts lately!

June 5, 2017

Weekly Mantras // #5

Happy Monday, everyone!

It's Monday and you know what that means: we have a new set of positive affirmations to help ourselves kick some ass (all of the asses that need to be kicked will be kicked, ours included). I'm not gonna lie, these posts have been helping me. A LOT. I know it's not cool to admit that self-help and positive affirmations are helping me, but they are and I'm not ashamed of it - at least not anymore. 

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying they're going to drastically change your life - maybe in the very long run, but they help. The keep me focused and present. Whenever my mind starts to wonder and I feel like I want to take a break (that's usually when the break turns into taking the day off), this bring me back to a positive and present mindset. They also really help me with my big procrastination problem and staying on top of things. If staying on track were easy, everyone would have their lives together, so there's no shame in getting some extra help and motivation wherever you can!  
(in honor of pride month, we're doing a little rainbow over here)

ONE // I will do what has to be done to accomplish my goals.
TWO // Life is only getting better. 
THREE // I can do anything I want to and I will. 
FOUR // I spread love and kindness with everything I do. 
FIVE // I honor myself in everything I do. 
SIX // My life is the result of my actions.
SEVEN // I haven't succeed YET, but I will. 

These are the mantras for this week, guys! I hope you are enjoying them as much as I'm enjoying putting them together every Sunday night. It really sets the mood for me, it makes me feel more excited about the week and come down my anxiety levels. I usually have an easier time waking up in the morning and focusing on what needs to be done, less procrastination, you know? I hope this post finds you whilst you're slaying the day, but if you're not currently living your best life and achieve maximum levels of success, I hope this helps a little. I'm rooting for you and you've got this!  

How is your day going so far?

Let's hang some more!

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June 4, 2017

3 New Things // WEEK #1

I've survived, guys!

I'm so excited about writing this post you wouldn't believe it! So, here I am with my first update and let me tell you something: a week is not as long as you'd think. I did my three things alright, but when you're dealing with anxiety and big events (at least big for me), I've discovered that I need at least a couple of hours to come down after an stressful event or sometimes even a whole day of sticking with my regular routine. I know the exact point of this challenge is to trigger my anxiety in small doses, in a controlled environment so I can cope with it in a better way, but it's been hard, guys.. Harder than I thought it would be. I did all the things I set out to do last week, but I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I would because some of them weren't picture worthy or because I was doing them outside my house and it felt weird to take pictures.  

I also wanted to add another rule to this challenge of mine. I told you guys we would see how things went and if I thought it would be necessary I would add another rule (you can read all about it in my introduction post) and it turns out that I do need another rule: I can't do more than 3 things in week and count the extra thing for next week. If I want to do more than 3 things that's great, awesome, perfect, but I can't count the extra one for next week and just do two new things. I'm considering this as cheating, but also.. My anxiety levels would go through the roof if I gave myself the possibility of doing more than 3 things. For the sake of sharing my week with you guys, I will add bonus things.. Like new things that I did but that are not as new or as bold as the main three things. 
ONE // I signed up for the TOEFL exam. 
This is not a very exciting thing, but boy did it trigger up all sorts of anxiety for me. Usually when it's something related to my future or something that involves bureaucracy, my anxiety levels spike up like crazy. I've decided to take the TOEFL exam because I'm hoping to pursue  some sort of course or master degree in another country and I need this exam for almost every program I've researched online. This is the first step towards the end goal and filling up the little application form just to take the exam was already really stressful, specially when I had problems with the paying method (side note: the TOEFL exam is REALLY expensive). I've also started to prepare for the exam and that has also trigged a lot of anxious feelings. I think the anxiety in this situation has to do with the fact that this is the first step towards something really big and something that I really want to do.   

TWO // I downloaded and used a dating app. 
I've decided to postpone the German thing for next week and instead I decided to work on my (nonexistent) love life, because productivity. I've soon discovered that dating apps are stressful and kinda stupid. Not judging if you use it or if you found the love of your life there, I'm just saying that it's an overall kinda weird situation. You have to decide if you "like" the person based on their pictures and the very little and selected information they decide to share on their profile. It's awkward when you decided to hit the like button and even more awkward when you decide to start up a conversation or when they are the ones who take the initiative. I've also realized that most guys (not all of them) are only there for sex (which is not surprising) and they don't really want to get to know you or anything like that. I'm not really sure what I was hoping to achieve there and I didn't really achieve anything. I got a lot of likes, but that doesn't do anything for me. I was hoping to chat with people and make connections, I don't know.. There are a lot of weirdos out there and apparently the majority of them use dating apps.  
Oh, and I'm not gonna tell which app I used cause I don't want you people finding me there! hahahah 

THREE // I volunteered. 
Like I've said on my previous post, I really wanted to volunteer and I did. I now teach English at my local church every Friday night and I'm kinda excited about it. The thing that was holding me back from doing it in the first place was the fact that I thought I wasn't good enough to teach anyone anything, but like my dad told me, you don't need to be the best to do anything and when it comes to teaching you just need to be a few steps ahead than someone to help them get to where you are. I'm really enjoying it, I feel like I'm helping someone and that's a really good feeling. I felt really anxious as I prepared my teaching material and even more when I started the class, but I'm really hoping things we'll get better.   

BONUS THING #1 // I've really engaged with fellow blogger on social media.  
This is something that used to stress me out so much, but now that I've started to do it in small doses everyday.. It's not so scary anymore! I used to be really scared of putting myself out there, I know that blogging is technically putting yourself out, but when you're small blogger you don't get that much attention so it's not that stressful. But engaging with bloggers that look like they know what they're doing and that are not scared to blast all over social media about their blogs, it's quite intimidating. I mean.. I love my blog, I'm proud of it and I want it to succeed and attract more followers, but at the same this is completely terrifying! The thought of people judging me and my content has always refrained me from engaging with readers and bloggers on Twitter and IG, so I decided to tackle this little by little this week. I still get nervous about people that I know personally finding out about my blog, but it's slowly getting better and that's all I can really ask for, right?  

BONUS THING #2 // I've started to use my own pictures on the blog. 
No, I didn't still other blogger's pictures before, I just used or other websites to get cool pictures for my post banners. Usually, the pictures inside the post were mine, but the banners would be made with these other pictures. I'm really self-conscious of my photographing abilities and that was working for me, some of these websites have amazing pictures. But, I've recently decided that that's just stupid. If you follow my blog I assume you want to see the real me and my picture-taking abilities shouldn't really matter. So, I don't know if you've noticed, but the last few posts have been 100% me and it feels great. I figure I'll never get better if I don't practice!  

I guess that's for today, guys! It's been a stressful week but I'm ending it with the feeling that I've grown as a person. I don't know if I already feel less anxious, but I know that's a process and it's only the first week. Hopefully things we'll get better with each week. I'm also planning on taking more photos to share with on these updates! If you'd like to share any thoughts, tips or suggestions of things I should do next week or the weeks after that, feel free to shoot me a comment. I love hearing from you guys and this is a stressful experience, I could use your support!

Keep up with my adventures

Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful week! 

June 3, 2017

PLAYLIST // Repeat-Worthy Songs.

Heeello, everyone!

It's Saturday. I'm tired, you're tired. So I've decided to do a very chill post for today because we need to chill on the weekends. We work very hard during the week, we have to deal with annoying humans and find solutions to all sorts of problems, so I'm here today to help you relax. My suggestion is to get a glass of alcoholic beverage (if you're old enough) 'cause let's be honest, alcohol helps - maybe it's not a good thing to exaggerate, but I think we could all agree Saturday is the day to enjoy an alcoholic drink without shame - and kick back with some good music. 

Maybe you want do this while you're getting ready to go out on the town or maybe you just want to enjoy yourself and listen to some good music during your me time. Hey, I get it! I love me some me time too. This playlist is a mix of everything and anything, there's country, pop, and other music genres that I don't now the names of. These are all songs that I cannot stop listening to at the gym, on my way to work, while I'm getting stuff done in the house or working on the blog. They're always playing on the background so I decided to share them with guys. I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for new songs so if you'd like to leave some suggestions down in the comments that'd be awesome!
Nothing Holdin' Me Back - Shawn Mendes
Thunder - Imagine Dragons
Two Ghosts - Harry Styles
We Could Be Beautiful - Wrabel 
Want You Back - HAIM
Bad Liar - Selena Gomes
Where The Sky Hangs - Passion Pit
Carolina - Harry Styles
Young Blood - Noah Kahan
It Was Love - LANY
Think About You - LÉON
Love Won't Sleep - Lostboycrow
Be The One - Dua Lipa
Speakers - Sam Hunt
80s Mercedes - Maren Morris

Let's hang some more!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!

June 2, 2017

We're Back To Monthly TBRs // June, 2017.

I cannot believe it's June already. Seriously, I'm not ready for June, are you?

I've been so extremely behind on my Reading Challenge it's not even funny. Last month I only read four books (one of those was pretty much a long essay, but still..) and I didn't even enjoy most of them. So, I thought it would be a good time to start the Monthly TBRs again. I need more structure with my reading and I need to focus on books I know I'll enjoy in order to avoid the much feared reading slump, 'cause I feel it coming, guys!

For this month, I only picked books I'm super excited to read. I know that sounds kinda obvious because why would I pick books I don't want to read.. But, sometimes, I add to my TBRs books that I think I should be reading (like classics) or books that I've had on my shelfs for years (like All The Light We Cannot Still, still haven't read it though). Not this month, my  friends! I'm really hoping I'll turn things around this month and catch up with my challenge!    
Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver // I'm currently reading this one and I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm most excited about watching the movie, but since I've bought the book I might as well read it, right? The story is really interesting and you guys know how much I like to read about high school drama. This is my first Lauren Oliver book and I'm pleasantly surprised so far, let's see if I'll feel the same way at the end. 

The Female Of The Species - Mindy McGinnis // I've had this book for quite a while now and it's time. Do you guys ever the this feeling? Like, you've had something for so long that it's just time to do something about it? I've had books for longer, but this one is just calling out to be this month. I saw this book in a lot of people's best books of 2016, so I have really high hopes for it. I also have no idea what this is about, so I don't even know what to expect.  

The Hate U Give - Angie Thomas // Like I said when I hauled it, this book is everywhere. Everyone is talking about how good it is and it worked on me, I bought it and now I'm gonna read it. I have really high hopes for this one, I'm expecting it to blow my mind and I know this is the best way to be disappointed by something, but I can't help it. I blame the internet.   

The Upside of Unrequited - Becky Albertalli // This is also from the same haul as the previous book. I got this one because I loved, LOVED, Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda and I had to read more from. Becky Albertalli. And also, one of my main bookish resolutions this year is to read more diverse books and I'm pretty sure this is also diverse. 

A Thousand Boy Kisses - Tillie Cole // Another one that was all over the internet. For this one, I don't really know what to expect. The cover is super cute, so I'm kinda expecting some YA Romance (which is always a safe bet). I usually really enjoy this kinds of romances, but sometimes they kinda piss me off. We'll have to see how this one goes, I'm just hoping for a cute and quick read, that's all.   

What books are you reading this month?
Have you read of the ones I've mentioned?

Let's hang some more!

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