July 12, 2017

Currently Reading // Mental Health, YA and Romance.

Heeeeello, everyone!

It's been a while since I've talked to you guys about the books I'm currently reading, so I thought I would do just that today. I'm kinda of excited about this post because I haven't been doing much reading. I'm taking two very important exams in August and I've been studying like crazy, so whenever I have some down time I'm either watching Netflix or playing The Sims 3 (seriously, that game is more addicting than crack). I need a chill post today because I've been really stressed with my life in general, there's a lot going on (like always).

I think you'll be able to recognize all these books from previous hauls! I've been really good and I haven't been spending all my paycheck on books and book related stuff. But the best part is that I'm finally getting to books that I've had for months and months. I know I always say this, but I'm going to try really hard not to buy any books this month. It's going to be hard, I have my eye on Wilde Like Me from Louise Portland. I love her channel so much, but I'm going to try push buying it until next month. 

Joyride - Anna Banks // I've had this book on my Kindle for quite a while now. I got it at the time I got her mermaid series and after hating the first mermaid book (Of Poseidon, I think - read my review here), I decided to a break from her books. But, this one seems quite different. It's another YA, but it's more up my alley: romance, cute high school couple and funny man character. I'm still on the first chapter and I'm really enjoying it. The first scene is super funny and I'm already digging the main character. High hopes for this one, guys!

Swimming Lessons - Claire Fuller // I've just finished chapter one, but I'm not liking this book very much. It's very slow paced, too slow paced for my taste I think but I'll give it another try, another chapter and see how I like it. I'm starting to think this is one of those stories that sound interesting, but translate badly onto paper. I don't know, I could be wrong and fall in love in the next chapter.. We'll see! 

As I Descend - Robin Talley // The main reason why I bought this book was because it was diverse and it has a lesbian couple. I've been trying to read more diverse books and to talk more about them in blog because I feel like that's an important thing to do. The second reason why I got this book was THE COVER, IT'S GORGEOUS! But, as it turns out, this book starts with a ouija board scene and I'm not down with that. I do most of my reading at night before going to bed and I'm a big baby when it comes to scary stuff, so that's a big problem. I was really excited about this book, but now I have no idea when I'll have the time to read it. 

It's Kind of a Funny Story - Ned Vizzini // I was super excited about this and it did not disappoint me at all (no irony, I'm serious). I'm really enjoying everything about it. This  book mainly about a boy that studied really hard to get into a private school and when he got in, he started struggling with depression and some mental health issues. The main character is funny and witty, I'm loving the family dynamic and his relationship with his sister is just too cute. This book found me in the perfect time for me to read it. If you guys didn't know, I've been struggling a lot with anxiety and my mental health and the main character is facing a lot of things I can relate to. Loving it and I already highly recommend it!

That's everything I'm currently reading, guys! I'm just so excited to finally get back into reading that I thought I'd just go big and get four books going at once, so I don't get bored with one, drop everything and go back to watching TV. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know on the comments if you've read any of these and what did you think of them. Not buying any books this month is going to be hard, but I think my bank account will thank me later!

What are you currently reading?
Which books are you excited to read?


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