September 20, 2017

Links I'm Loving // Pinterest Galore.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I've rediscovered my love for Pinterest as of lately because that's basically all I can talk about. I'm not a newbie when it comes to Pinterest by all means. I made my account years ago, right when I started the blog, but I kinda forgot it existed to be honest. However, my obsession came back in full force when I was working on the blog makeover. I was wanting to change things up with the design and all online roads led me back to Pinterest. Now, I can get enough! I've been pinning and creating new boards like a madwoman and I'm loving it. Me and my sister make a new recipe almost every weekend and I wanted to share some of that with you guys as well. So, here I am! 

You guys know I've been trying to be more minimal and live a more minimalist lifestyle. I love it and I'm really glad I started down this path, but it's hard. Letting go of things and learning how to live with less when all your life you were thought that basically "more is more" is extremely challenging. When this post popped up on my page, I just had click on it. Even if you don't consider yourself a minimalist, I would highly suggest giving this a read if you have the time. 

WOW! This list was super helpful! There are websites in there I didn't even know existed. I spent a good hour going through everything and checking out all the links. If you're a blogger, you have to read this. I even bookmarked it!

If I'm being honest here, I never thought I would ever need a Media Kit until yesterday. I got an email from a brand offering to send me some products and asking for my media kit and I was like... S#!t, I'm really gonna have to do this, aren't I? So, I sat down on my desk and pushed through it. I googled it, read a bunch of blogposts, and this one was by far one of the most helpful ones. 

The Pretty Bee // Chocolate Banana Bread
I'm a BIG fan of banana bread, it's one of my favorite "deserts" - I'm using quotation marks because I usually eat banana bread for breakfast. Cookies are still number one desert in my book, btw. Anyway, this recipe got me so excited! Me and my sister tried it out last Saturday and O.M.G., it was AMAZING. We changed a couple of things (actually she changed it, I mostly just sat on the kitchen reading the recipe out to her), but this was everything.

Cookies and Cups // No Yeast Cinnamon Roll Muffins
I've been craving cinnamon rolls for months and, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), they're not easy to find here in Brazil. It's like in the US where everywhere you turn there's a Cinnabon. So, I decided to make them at home and it was a fiasco. But then, silver lining, I found this recipe too and decided to try it out instead and all my cinnamon roll dreams came true. Even thought it doesn't have yeast on it, don't be fooled! This is not healthy at all - but it is so so so good! They say don't eat your feeling, but this is like eating a hug. 

Those are all the links I've got for today, guys! I really hope you get to check them out, specially the recipes, and let me know how they worked out for you. I hope you're enjoying getting a post from me everyday. It's been super challenging and I know I've skipped a couple of days, but I'm trying really hard. Everyday September is almost over, but I will try to make blogmas happen this year too. Super excited about that!

Do you have any links to share?!

Let's hang some more!

Thanks so much for reading and I'll talk you tomorrow!


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