September 23, 2017

Reading Wrap-Up // September.

I'm proud to report that I've finished my 2017 Reading Challenge! YAY! I've read 50 books so far and I'm so excited about it. I originally started out with 70 books, but I lowered it to 50 because this year has been crazy. So many life changes and big decisions and I didn't want reading to add more stress to my life, but now I think I can go for the original 70 books goal. We'll see how things go!

I had such a great reading month! I read 8 books and I loved most of them, which doesn't happen often. I actually read 10 books and the month is not over yet, so I'll probably finish at least one more, but I thought 8 was enough for now. Maybe I'll include the other 3 on next month's wrap-up. So, we have a lot of books to get to, I'm gonna stop rambling now. Let's get to it!
Words On Bathroom Walls - Julia Walton // This is the last one I read this month and O.M.G, sooo good. I'm gonna be honest, I bought it thinking it was going to be about a bullying and I'm really interested in reading about that, not because I support bullying (I don't), but I think it's important to read a about topics like this and get different perspectives. Boy, was I wrong. In this one we follow our main character, Adam, in his new journey starting in a new school and dealing with schizophrenia. This is the fist book I've ever had in which the main character has schizophrenia and I'm really glad I did. 

One Of Us Is Lying - Karen McManus // This book was really hyped up on internet, so I was expecting it to be awesome. It wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be, but it was good. This is a YA murder mystery, which we don't see quite often. In this one, a group of five students gets detention and only four of them come out alive *evil laughter*. This was super gripping, I read the whole book in 2 days because I just had to know who the murder was. However, I kinda saw the plot twist from a mile away. I mean, I knew there was always the possibility of the murder being the murder, so it wasn't a big surprise. Still, it was good and I would recommend it. 

Fool Me Once - Harlan Coben // I listened to the audiobook for this one and I really enjoyed it. When it comes to mysteries and thrillers, I usually go with the audiobook because I don't like reading them at night, which is when I usually do all my reading. This way I'm able to listen to it during the day, on my commute, on the car or at the gym. This is the first books I've ever read from Harlan Coben and it was good. I really liked it. I loved how badass the main character is, I loved her best friend and I really enjoy how the whole story wrapped up. I knew nothing about it before reading and that's how I would recommend going into this book. If you're into this genre, I would highly recommend it. 

How To Break A Boy - Laurie Devore // This book was very different from what I expected, but it was still really good. The story was super cute and it was filled with high school/teenage drama, so if that's not something you usually enjoy I'd stay away from this book. In this story we follow the main character Olivia, who is a senior that gets caught up in too much drama. She's a bully and she's always following queen bee Adrianne. Besides all the mean things she does, Olivia eventually turns her life around and starts to be a good person in the end. I got so angry with some of her actions at times, but I think that's the problem with a 24 year-old reading YA.. You just get frustrated with these kids mistakes and it pissed you off.  The only reason why I didn't give it a five stars was because, like I said, this book got me angry at times and there was a lot of internal monologue, which if you know I hate. So, this is a solid 4 stars for me and I would totally recommend it if you're into YA, romance and teenage drama. 

He's Just Not That Into You - Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo // I've been wanting to read this book for years, ever since the movie came out. As you guys know, I've been single for a while and I've been spending a lot of time on dating apps.. Well, not a lot of time, just some time. So, when I friend of mine called me saying she was going to unhaul this book I snatched it up pretty fast - I actually drove to her house, which is 20 min away from mine, to get it because I really wanted to read it. This book is not life-changing, for me at least. Most of the advice here I already knew and I think a lot of people already know. However, it's good to be reminded of the basics. I think the best thing this book did for me was to constantly remind me that I'm not exception and that I shouldn't break my own rules or lower my standards for any guy because.. guess what?! When the right guy comes along he won't ask me to and I won't even have to consider. I don't agree with everything Greg said, but I did agree with most of the things Liz said, but I still really enjoyed this book.

It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken - Greg Behrendt and Amiira Behrendt // Well, I enjoyed the last one so much that I decided to get another one. This one was written by Greg and his wife and, just like the name says, it's about breakups and how to get over someone. I wasn't expecting it to be so funny. I really enjoyed reading it, even though it was a bit repetitive at time. I didn't agree with everything they said, but I agreed enough to keep going - they made some good points. No one broke up with me recently (you need to be without someone for that to happen), but I wanted to read it because I don't think I deal with relationships that well and I wanted to see if this was going to help - it did help! 

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them - Newt Scamander // I'm trying to read all the Harry Potter related book out there. I already bought them all, so now I just need to sit down and get to them. This one is part of the Hogwarts Library trilogy. I liked it better than the Quidditch one, but this is definitely not a favorite. I know this is supposed to be a ''text book'' used by students at Hogwarts, but there's was too much information I didn't need and I wanted more context. 

Sapiens - A Brief History Of Humankind - Yuval Noah Harari // This book changed my life. I totally changed the way I think and I really glad I read it this month. Just like the title says, this book talks about us and how we got to where are. Why we chose to live in societies? Why we eat how we eat? Why we learned how to talk? Why we use that capacity to gossip?  It defies a lot of our values. Like, why we think we are superior to most animals? And things alone these lines. I loved it and I cannot recommend it enough. I already bought a copy for my dad.

Those are some of the books I read in the month of September, guys! If you enjoy reading and talking about books like me, you can follow me on GoodReads. I've decided to write reviews for every book I ever read over there and boy, it's been a process, but I'm really enjoying it! Let me know on the comments if you've read any of the books I've mentioned or if you have any recommendations for me! 

Did you read anything cool this month?!

Let's chat!

Thanks so much for reading and I'll talk to you tomorrow!


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