October 18, 2017

My Blogging Schedule // How I Blog Everyday.

If you've been following the blog for the past few months, you know that I've been trying to blog every single day - first with Everyday September and now with Blogtober. Like I've said multiple times, it's been incredibly challenging, but super worth it. I've seen an increase in my daily views I've never seen before and I'm also having a lot of fun creating content. However, I've started to think that maybe daily blogging is not the best way to go. 

I did a poll on Twitter this week asking you guys how often do you enjoy getting content from the bloggers you keep up with and, much to my surprise, three times a week won. I've been blogging for four years now, but I've only started to take it seriously this year. And when I say taking it seriously I mean trying to create more content and really focus on a strategy to gain more visibility and maybe turn this into something more. Despite the poll results, I still think blogging everyday is a good strategy for growing your blog and attracting more traffic to it. I tired it out myself and I was very pleased with the results, so I'm planning on keeping this up for as long as can.

So, for those of you wondering how I manage to do it, you came to the right post. I thought it would be helpful to other bloggers to see my "blogging schedule" and maybe it can be fun to some of the readers to see a little behind the scenes and how much effort we bloggers put into our blog. Enough rambling, let's get to it! 
EVERY NIGHT // In order to get a post up everyday I have to do something blog relate every night. I tried waking up earlier than I have to and also carving out a couple of hours in the afternoon to write, but nights work better for me. I don't know why, but around eight o'clock, after dinner, something switches in my brain and it's blogging time. It usually takes me 3 hours at night to edit pictures, finish up some writing, plan content (like what is going up in which day) and answer to emails (I don't get a lot of those). That's if I do it every night. If I know that I won't be able to have that time tomorrow, it usually takes me longer obviously. 

IN THE MORNING // There are some things like taking pictures and sharing my posts on social media that I can only do in the morning. So, for that I usually set a timer on my phone for one hour and I literally power through it. If I don't set the timer, I tend to procrastinate. I start scrolling through twitter and IG, and next thing I know it's lunch time. I know myself and I need a tight schedule. 

THROUGHOUT THE DAY // Even though I try really hard to have a schedule, I can't schedule social media stuff. I know there are websites that do that, but it just doesn't work for me. I think social media is the place where my personality is important and I want to really interact with you guys, so I just do it whenever I have the time during the day - when I'm commuting, waiting for the bus or eating something. I want to get to know you and I want you to get to know the real me. It can be a bit overwhelming at times because I feel like I'm always on and always wanting to share bits and pieces of my day, but whenever I feel that way I just take a break. I put my phone down or I delete the app for awhile. 

WEEKEND BATCH WRITING // I know some bloggers dedicate their weekends to blogging, but I can never do that. There's always something going on that takes my time, like birthday parties, family gatherings or just gym and Netflix. It's the weekend and I need to relax too. Blogging is fun and it's a hobby, but as you can it's very time consuming. However, on Sundays is usually when I write a bunch of stuff. I never finish a entire post on Sunday, I kinda start writing a few of them and just finish them up during the week as they go up. I also, when I have the time, like to take some time to kinda brainstorm. It takes a lot of creativity and brain power to keep creating new content for your blog and social media, so brainstorming sessions help a lot. 

That's it! That's how I keep Let Me Cross Over running and how I manage to get a post up for you guys everyday. I just wanted to say that you don't have to blog everyday to have a successful blog. Like I said in the beginning, three times a week won on the poll. We all do our own things, you just need to find what works for you. Some bloggers don't even have a schedule, they just blog when inspiration strikes and it works for them. Hopefully, this helped you out somehow and let me know on the comments how you often do you blog and if you have a schedule or not. I really value your feedback! 

Are you enjoying getting new posts everyday?
Is it too much?
How often do you blog?

Let's chat!

Thanks so much for reading and I'll talk to you soon! 

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