November 3, 2017

Monthly Empties // October, 2017.

Heeello, everyone! 

Today we're going to talk about one of my favorite beauty topics, EMPTIES! I only finished 11 products this month and only one of them was makeup. However, the makeup product I did finish has been hanging on for quite sometime so I'm super excited to finally have it out of my collection. I also have a lot of hair products and body care this month, which is not as exciting as makeup but it's cool too. 

I thought about waiting and combining October and November but that would be too much trash to store and I feel weird hoarding too much trash - say the girl who save a month's worth of trash in her closet. Anyway, I hope you're as excited about empties as me and let's get to it! 
Cetaphil Daylong Sunscreen SPF 30 // This was an ok everyday sunscreen - nothing spectacular but it did the job. It was a bit oily, so if you have oily skin I'd skip this one - I just used it during the winter when my skin is the really dry. I would repurchase because Cetaphil is not cruelty-free, but maybe if it were I would consider. 

Éh Conditioner For Color Treated Hair with Blueberries and Pomegranate // This was really good. My hair is only color treated on the roots (because I already have some white hair showing, ooh the joys of growing old) and I bleach it at the ends, so I wanted to give this a try and see if it made a difference. It didn't, but it was still a really good conditioner. It was moisturizing and it left my hair feeling very soft. I just wish the blueberry scent was a little stronger!

Rosani Apple Cider Vinegar // I'm including this over here because aside form drinking it with my lemon water, I also used it in my hair. I've seen a lot of girls using vinegar in the low-poo or no-poo method so I wanted to try it out. This was actually really good to remove build up and I think it helped my flaky scalp. 
Equate One Daily Women's Health Vitamins // I take daily vitamins because I'm a vegetarian and I had to take B-12 anyway, so I decided to just go with a multivitamin. This was great, I don't feel a difference when I use this one or the name brands ones, like centrum or whatever. I would totally repurchase it. 

Granado Glycerin Soap in Ylang Ylang // I really like this soap. It's not a moisturizing soap, but it's still really good. I mainly use it to wash my face and hands in the sink. The scent is really good, Granado is cruelty-free and I think glycerin soaps are a bit better for the environment. 

Phebo Creamy Soap on Turkish Fig // These are the ones I usually use in the shower. They're more moisturizing, actually really similar to the Dove Beauty Bars, which were my favorite before switching to cruelty-free cosmetics. I've been using these for months and I highly recommend it.

Josie Maran Divine Drip Honey Butter Balm // I actually really liked this. I know it was just a sample, but I got two used out of it and my skin really enjoyed this butter balm thing. It was really moisturizing, I liked the scent and it left my skin feeling very soft. I don't Josie Maran is cruelty-free and I'm pretty sure this is quite expensive, so I won't buy the full size. However, I liked trying it out.  
Colorama Strengthening Base Coat // It's a base coat, it was cheap and it did the job - nothing noteworthy happened. 

Instant Hand Sanitizer Strawberry Scent // I used this to clean my house. I know.. I'm such an adult woman. I didn't have any cleaning supplies and I wanted to wipe down the counter in my bathroom and in the kitchen, so I just used this since I have a million hand sanitizer in my back stock. I wouldn't recommend doing it , though - for obvious reason but also because my entire apartment smelled like strawberry yogurt for two days. 

Lola Hair Oil (Carrots and Olive) // I LOVE Lola hair products. Seriously guys, I cannot recommend them enough. They're vegan AND cruelty-free AND they're amazing. I haven't tried anything I didn't like from them and I've tried a lot of their products. I know they're a Brazilian brand but if you can find it online (maybe amazon), get it. I promise you will not regret it.

This hair oil was just perfect. I'm don't want to brag or anything, but I have pretty good hair already and this oil made it look like I just left the hair salon. It gave a total blowout look to my curls and I'm in love it. I already have a backup. 

Kiko Milano Pencil Lip Gloss in 12 // I cannot believe this is over. If you've been following this blog for awhile you know that this lip product has been in pretty much every project pan I've ever done. I cannot believe it's finally finished - if you want a product to last, get this. I know I'm joking, but this lipstick was amazing. It lasted for a long time on the lips, it didn't smudge, it was moisturizing and I really liked the color. I don't know if Kiko still sells this particular pencil, but I cannot recommend it enough. 

Those are all the products I've used up this month! Let me know on the comments if you've done an empties post or video recently so I can go check it out - I really enjoy empties and protect pans. I have a lot of products that are currently on their last leg, so maybe next month's empties will be a little more interesting!

Have you finished a lot of products this month?

Let's hang some more!

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon! 

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