January 4, 2018

Monthly Empties // December, 2017.

Heeeello, everyone!

My goal this year is to shop less and focus on the things I already own. I'm applying this mindset to every aspect of my life: books, clothes, shoes, makeup... I want to avoid waste and be more mindful of the environment and my finances. Let's face, I'm a full adult now.. I've actually been an adult for quite some time and I need to start worrying about the future. So, with that in mind, focusing on using up the makeup products I already have and tracking my empties is something I really want to keep doing this year. 

I've been tracking my empties before I even had a blog, it's actually quite fun in my opinion. When you really enjoy makeup, paying attention to what you're actually able to use is really important so you don't just throw money away. The way I see it, if you don't use up a product, you're just giving the makeup company your money and I think we can all agree that they're already doing pretty well as is - they don't need your donations. So, without further ramblings, let's get to the empties! 
Coconut Oil // I literally bathe in coconut oil, that's why I go through it so quickly - plus, this is the main ingredient for my homemade natural deodorant, so I always have to have it in hand. I feel like it's a great alternative to store bought moisturizers and oils. It has only one ingredient, which makes it pretty natural to me. It smells amazing (if you enjoy the scent of coconuts) and I honestly believe it's been helping to fade my stretch marks. Having stretch marks is not a big concern in my life, but if I could choose not to have them, I would. I also think coconut oil helps to firm the skin, but that could be total bullshit.. I haven't read any scientific research that proves that, just my humble opinion.

Nature Made Fish Oil // My dad read this scientific article that said that fish oil helps joints and to repair the retina in your eye. We all have pretty bad eyesight in my family (and my sister has had retina problems before) so he bought huge fish oil bottles and gave one to each of us. I went through the whole thing and I don't really have an opinion about it. I obviously wouldn't be able to see any difference in my retina myself, but I figured that it couldn't hurt to take these. I think I'll keep taking them. 

Equate Dual Power Moisturizer // This is a dupe for the Clean&Clear one and since Clean&Clear is not cruelty-free, I decided to go for the Equate brand. I read somewhere only that Equate and Up&Up were cruelty-free, but I'm not really sure about the accuracy of this information, so if you know anything about this, let me know. I did like this little moisturizer, though. I used it as a primer before my foundation and it really worked. I feel like this did more for my skin than any other primer I've ever tried, which is why I don't buy primers anymore. 
Herbal Essences Blowout Smooth Shampoo // I have a little back stock of shampoos and conditioners from my hoarding days and I think this is the last Herbal Essences products I had. I love this shampoo and I really like the brand, but they're not cruelty-free and that's why I won't be buying their products anymore. 

Lolla Argan Oil Shampoo // If you've been following my empties for the past few months, you've probably seen a Lolla product before. They're a more natural, cruelty-free brazilian haircare brand and I love them. I've loved all of the products I've ever tried and they all smell wonderful. They have ingredient I can actually pronounce, like coconut oil, coconut water and jojoba oil and I think (if not all)  most of their products are vegan. I buy them on my local drugstore, but I pretty sure you can find them online if you want to. 

Giovanna Baby Deodorant in Cherry // Like I said before, I make my own deodorant now but I still wanted to try out different cruelty-free alternatives. This was a total bust. It had a really strong scent and it didn't prevent any sweating or BO. I did not like this and I would not recommend. 

NYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray // This is one of the few makeup products I bought this year. NYX has recently opened a store in a mall near me and it's been really hard to resist their products. I needed a new setting spray and I decided to try out this one. I'm glad I did. NYX is an overall amazing brand (and cruelty-free). I would totally recommend this product!

Phebo Soaps // More Phebo soaps. I love them. They are natural, they have a vegetal base and cruelty-free. The only soaps I use now.

Colorama Nail Polish in "Cata Conchina'' // I used to love this color, I still do actually. However, Colorama is not cruelty-free and I'm not that picky with my nail polish, so I'll gladly try something new. 

Real Techiniques Miracle Complexion Sponge // As you can see, my beauty sponge has seen better days. I've had this for way more time than it's recommended (some people throw theirs out after three months, which I think is excessive), I even cut it open but it's time to get a replacement. I friend of mine actually one for me (amongst other things) for Christmas and my birthday, so it's time to let this one go. 

That's it! Those are all the products I finished last month. I won't be doing a End Of The Year Empties because I kinda feel like it's pointless since I have it all documented on the blog. If you're curious to know how many and which products I finished up in 2017, you can just click here and go though my old empties. I'm excited for 2018! I'm pretty I'm gonna do a no-buy, I just don't know how long I want it to last. Last year I only bought 5 or 6 makeup items, which I think it's pretty good. However, I want to really limit my makeup/beauty shopping to the bare minimum, like if I run out of concealer or something like that. We'll see what happens, I'll keep you guys posted!

Did you finish up a lot of products in 2017?
Do you usually keep count?

Let's chat!

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon!


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