January 12, 2018

The Minimalism Game // DAY 9.

Heeeeello, everyone!

Day 9, guys! I'm decluttering 9 items. Today I tackled my wardrobe and that was not fun. I mean, it was easy to find things to donate, but going through clothes is hard and it's very time consuming. The thing is, I'm a justifier - I can justify buying/keeping pretty much everything, so it was hard to look at my clothes objectively. For example, if something didn't anymore I would think: I'm loosing weight, maybe it will fit in a couple of weeks. Or if something was completely ridiculous (like the crop top you'll see soon), I could easily justify keeping it to wear as pjs or as loungewear. But I didn't. It was hard but I managed to let go of 9 pieces of clothing!
So, there are a lot of clothes today. Let's start with the grey t-shirt, it actually says BORED in it and I'm 25 years-old, a bit old to be wearing stuff like this without looking like a bitch. Like honestly, where is it acceptable for an adult to wear a shirt that says BORED in it? The next one is a workout jacket thing that I have no use for. I live in Rio de Janeiro and it's always hot here, seriously.. even on winter. The pink one is actually a crop top that says CHIC WILD and has a tiger on it.. what was I thinking? Again, I'm too old for tops like that - I thought about using it as pjs, but I already have enough old clothes I use as pjs and I thought someone else might get more use out of it since it's still in great condition.

Next we have the pants, one is a grey pair of leggings (I only wear black leggings) and the other is a hippie print loose pair, which unfortunately doesn't fit anymore - I actually love them and it's kinda sad to see them go, but oh well. As for the fuzzy socks, I have a ridiculous amount of fuzzy socks for someone who lives in a place where there's practically no winter. A friend of mine gave a pair of really cute ones for Christmas, so I took as a sign and decided to donate these.

And that's it, nine items out of my life. I find letting go of clothes easier than anything else, unless I bought them on a trip or something like. However, it does take time and sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I just want to declutter everything, but that's not the best way to do things in my opinion. Getting rid of a bunch of stuff just so you can go back and buy everything again is not what being a minimalist is all about.

Are you also doing some decluttering?
Which area of my house should I tackle next?

Let's chat!

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon!

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