January 16, 2018

The Minimalist Game // DAY 10!

Heeeello, everyone!

Guys, I made it to day 10! Today I went through one of my desk drawers and let me tell you something.. there was A LOT of junk there - and that wasn't even my proper "junk drawer", God only knows what I'll find there. I'm going through different areas of my room each day so I don't get overwhelmed and want to quit. 

Letting go of your belongings is harder than it seems, guys! It's also very eye-opening to see how many backups of a certain item you have. Like, just today I'm getting rid of 5 pencils - I will NEVER use up five pencils in the near future. It will probably take me 20 years to use 5 pencils, so I basically through my money my away when I got these. It's little things like this that I'm starting to realize with this challenge. I cannot recommend trying it out for yourself enough!
So many pencils, guys. So many. Nobody needs this amount of pencils, unless you're a teacher or a general store owner. I'm pretty sure you will see me decluttering more pencils in the future, that's how many I have. I think got a big pack at the dollar store and even though they were only a dollar it was a completely unnecessary purchase and a waste of money. Next, we have this sticky note things from a company, I have no idea how it ended up in my possession, but now I'm decluttering it - I have cute colorful post-its so I don't really need it. 

I'm also getting rid of this little red bag, which I think I got with a gift or something - I'm pretty sure a friend of mine gave me bracelets in it and I kept it thinking I might use it in the future. And last and certainly least, I'm letting go of two paper clips and a little plastic box I used to keep paper clips in. I highly recommend going through stationary if you're doing this challenge because we accumulate these things without even noticing - the amount of pencils and paper clips I own is insane!

That's it for today, guys! I've decluttered 55 items so far and I'm really proud of myself. It does get easier as the days go by, but letting goof things is always hard and a bit uncomfortable. I'm always having this internal battle because I know that letting go of things that no longer serve is the right thing to do (for me), but it's hard because I've spend money on them and I hate waste. I just need to keep reminding myself that these things are not going to the trash, they're going to people that will appreciate them and that need them. It's still hard sometimes, but feeling like I'm making progress and that I'm making my life better is what's pushing me!

Are you also doing some decluttering?
Which area of my house should I tackle next?

Let's chat!

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon!


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