January 28, 2018

The Minimalist Game // DAY 13.

Heeello, everyone!

As you can seem from the title, today's collection of items has no rhyme or reason to it. I just went through my room with a basket and put everything I didn't want anymore inside. I had to be very practical and realistic today, which was hard. Some of these things are still in great condition and I could get some use out of them, I just know that I won't. They are either not my favorite things to use or things I've clearly outgrown.

When it comes to decluttering, the hardest thing for me is letting go of items that are still in good condition. I feel like I'm throwing money down the drain or being wasteful. However, it's important to keep reminding myself that even if these things are in good condition, they are not doing anyone any good by sitting in my room collection dust and taking up space. So, today I made a point of going through these items and adding them to the donation bin. 
First thing we have today is my old broken Kindle and its case. It's a Kindle Fire and I loved it so much, however I dropped it a couple of years ago and it's not really fixable - also, I already have a new one so it's time to let this one go. Next we have this Pink little baggy - it came with a phone case and I kept it because I thought I would use for storage.. I never did. We also have a couple of paper clips that I had forgot I had and an old tweezer that doesn't work anymore. More headphones from planes that are still on the packaging, three old bra straps that I have no use for and a little pandora box that came with a charm I got for Christmas. 

The hardest things to let go off today were the trashcan and the swimsuit top. I bought this swimsuit a couple of year ago (more like 5 years ago) and I never wore it. I didn't fit me right and it didn't match with any of the bottoms I have - a total stupid purchase, but I kept it in the hopes of making it work in the future. As for the trashcan, I don't need it in my room anymore. I have a bathroom attached to my room and I can just use my bathroom trashcan, there's absolutely no reason for me to have two. 

There you have it guys, 13 items. This is getting harder, but I'm determined to make it through the 30 days. Let me know on the comments how your decluttering process is going and if you have any tips or tricks to help me out along the way. I'm tackling my bathroom, makeup and beauty products next, so wish me luck! I have no idea if I'm going to force myself to use up the products I don't like, include them in a project pan or just get rid of them.

Do you have any decluttering tips?

Let's chat!

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon!


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