January 1, 2018

What I Want To Do More Of In 2018.


I wanted the first post of the year to be something special, but I had no idea what I wanted to write about. I thought about sharing some of my New Year's resolutions like I did last year, but I'm not sure yet rather I even want to set resolutions or not. I have no idea what this year is going to bring, so I thought I would take things slow - always trying to do my best and challenging myself but not restricting myself to a certain step-by-step by.

However, 2017 was a year of you know.. realizing stuff. I've learned a lot about myself and I did try out a bunch of different things, so I wanted to make 2018 the year of putting the lessons I've learned to the test. I might not know exactly what I want to achieve, but I do know the kind of person I want to be and I have a pretty good idea what I want for my future. Having said all of that, I've come up with the idea of sharing the things I want to do more of, sort of guidelines for this year, in. the hopes of getting myself motivated to be better this year. So, let's check it out!
VOLUNTEER MORE // If you guys didn't know, I teach English every Friday night at my local church as a volunteer and I love it! Honestly, I never thought I would like it so much, but I do, I really do. It's been such a rewarding experience that I really want to volunteer more, I just need to find a project suits me and my personality. I know that volunteering is not about me, it's about doing good for others, but I feel like I need to find something I can do well enough - like maybe helping out in a community daycare or something like that. I'm working on it, though. I've already talked with a friend that is part of a volunteer group thing, so I'm pretty sure this is going to work out. 

BLOG MORE // I feel like this is a "resolution'' every blogger sets in the beginning of the year. However, life is unpredictable and, as much as we want to stick to it, sometimes we end up having to put blogging on the back burner. I can't promise anything, only that I will try my best. I feel like 2017 was a great year for my blog, I publish a bunch of posts and I ended up daily blogging for almost three months straight - that's pretty good if I do say so myself. So, the goal this year is to keep going. Work on the blog even more and see where this takes me. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy seeing more of me!

BE HEALTHIER // This year I started to take working out and paying more attention to what I put into my body more seriously. I've been working out almost everyday and eating cleaner, but I've been having more "cheat days" than I want to. I just want to work on myself, not be skinnier or look a certain way. I want to feel good about my body and eat healthier, that's all. I'm not preaching weight loss. You should love your body and work on loosing weight or gaining muscle ONLY if you want to. May this be the year of self-love and self-care. 

BE NICER // It's not like I'm a bad person now, but I feel like we could all make an effort to be nicer to people. Go the extra mile. Try to make connections, show interest in their lives and make people feel special. The world is a mess right now and I feel like being nicer and caring more about people is a good way to at least try to make things a little better. 

BE MORE MINIMAL // I've been on this minimalist journey for quite awhile now. I've cut down the amount of stuff I own in more than half I think and I've been pretty good about saving money. I think I bought like 5 makeup items this year - a post on that is coming soon! However, there's always room for improvement. I don't if you saw my last update, but I've been doing the Minimalism Game, in which I'll declutter more than 400 items in the course of 30 days. I'm trying and I feel like I'm succeeding, so the goal is to just keep going. Declutter as much as I can and shop as little as I can - It's been a challenge but it's been really good for me. I feel like as I go through my belongings I'm able to really reflect on the kind of person I am, the kind of stuff I do and how I'm overall living my life. If that's something you might be interested in, I have a ton of posts about minimalism on the blog!

I guess that's it! From the bottom of my heart, I truly hope you all have a wonderful year. I hope you take chances and that you accomplish everything you want to. Let me know on the comments if you have a big goal you want to accomplish this year or if you're doing things like me.. taking it chill but still working towards progress and challenging yourself. Setting resolutions and writing down goals is wonderful, but don't feel pressured to do anything like that. At the end of the day, it's your life and you being happy is all that matters!

What do you want to do more of in 2018?

Let's chat!

Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful 2018!

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