March 12, 2018


Yes, I'm attempting a no-buy.. again. With all this talk about minimalism here on the blog and all the research I've been doing on my down time, I've decided to finally share this new challenge I'm putting myself through. My no-buy actually started the day I came back from NYC. I did quite a lot of shopping there (I know, I still have share those purchases here on the blog) and I feel like I got it all out of my system - I'm ready for a no-buy! I think I am.. maybe.. no, I'm doing this!

Right now you might be asking yourself, but why would you do that? Are you broke? Don't you have any money at all? Well, I do have some money but the money is not the issue here. I mean, it kinda is but let's think about the big picture: I'm doing this to be a more conscious consumer, to think about the toll my actions take on the planet and, honestly, just to see if I can. 

Ever since I started with minimalism, I've been decluttering and getting rid off things. I've come to the conclusion that even though I've been doing this for years, I still have too much stuff and the best way to proceed from now on is to not bring anything else in - like really, no shopping at all. I'm making do with what I have. At least for the next 11 months!

- Makeup, skincare, body care and hair care.
I have enough lipsticks, lotions, powders, hair oils and hair masks to last me for the next 2 years if I'm being realistic. So, the goal is to not buy any of the things in those categories. However, if I'm being realistic, I will have to buy shampoo and conditioner eventually and I will. I just won't be excessive about it - I can only buy them when I really run out. This exception only applies to shampoos, conditioners and soap because I still want to feel clean and torturing myself is not the goal here. I'll actually try alternative shampoos and conditioners, like using apple cider vinegar and things like that but I have no idea if they'll work for me or not, so I need this exception. 

- Clothes. 
Just like most of you, I have way more clothes than I need. If I'm being honest with myself, I have clothes for every occasion possible - I have work clothes, workout clothes, chill clothes, formalwear and clothes to go out to a bar or something. Believe it or not, I think not buying clothes is going to be the easiest.

- Books.

You guys know I'm a book addict, but for the last couple of year I have been trying really hard to control the amount of money I spend on books because, well, they're expensive and also because I don't have available space on my bookshelf to fit anything else. I know I could just buy them on my kindle, which is something I have been doing, but that totally defeats the purpose. My dad actually hooked me up to his online library or something like that, so having option won't be a problem.
- Extras.
I still don't know what this category entails, maybe I'll figure this out as I go, but what I have in mind is everything that seems too extra. Like, a chocolate croissant while I'm grocery shopping, spending money on an app or Starbucks when it's not necessary - I'll talk more about Starbucks in a bit. 

- Gifts and presents. 
My best friend's birthday is this week and I'll have to buy her a gift. I not only have to, but I want to. I'm doing this no-buy for me, so I can be more intentional with my money and make better decisions in the future - I don't want to "punish" other people. The world is not going to stop while I'm doing this experiment and I actually don't want it to, I wanna see how hard it is to fight the urge to shop on my everyday life.
- Food.
I mean, I have to eat and I have to have a social life. Those are essentials for me and I don't feel like limiting myself that much or alienating my friends. The goal is to always make the best choice in every situation. Let's say my all my friends invite me to go out to eat: I'll probably eat something at home first and then maybe just order one drink or a little something. I still want to go out and I need money for that.
- Small little treats.
I'm allowing myself one Starbucks drink a month and if I don't have it on that month I can't have two next month, which I don't think is going to be that hard actually. I don't pass through a Starbucks on my way to work and I'm always running late, so grabbing a coffee in the morning is not really an option for me. I usually grab a coffee on the weekends when I'm shopping or at the mall, so since I won't be doing any shopping I plan on staying away from the mall. Other treats I'm thinking about right now are maybe some chocolate, cookies or something like that. If I'm thinking long term, guys, I need my chocolate. 

- Save money.
I'm not saving for anything in particular, like a trip or something. I just want to save money to save money. I feel like I'm always spending money on stuff I don't really need and at the end of the month I don't anything to show for it - I waste the money and it's not even for a good cause. However, I am still paying my trip to NYC and some of the shopping I did there. I honestly don't regret buying anything on that trip, so I'm happily (well, as happy as I can be paying for something) paying for it. I still need to share with you guys what I bought while I was over there and I will, I just need a couple of days to get everything together. 
- Be a more conscious consumer. 
I want to be more intentional with what I'm spending my money on and I think this no-buy will be really good for that. I want to reevaluate the things I think I need to spend money on and I want to challenge myself to make do with what I currently have. 
- Be more minimal.
I'm already pretty minimal, but I'm still constantly finding little things I can declutter and other areas of my space I can minimize. I'm rethinking the way things are set up in my space and if I actually, truly need what I currently have to live a happy life or if that item is just getting in the way. So, by not bringing anything new in, I think I'll be able to really concentrate on my belonging and decide if I want to keep it or not. 
- Get creative!
The more youtube videos I watch and the more blogposts I read I realize that we don't need to buy all the things we're constantly buying. We can get creative with our products, the way we clean our house and the way we spend our time. I'm hoping that by taking shopping out of the picture I will push myself to do things differently and to think outside the box, maybe even make my own beauty products. 

That's everything for today, guys! You might think I'm crazy or you might think I won't last a month, I guess we'll figure that out together. If you're brave enough to join me, PLEASE DO! I could use all the help and encouragement I can get and we'll be no-buy pals! If you have any questions, words of advice or you just want to chat about this, you can leave me a comment. Let's see how far I last!

Have you ever done a no-buy?
Do you have any tips?
Do you think I'm crazy?

Let's chat!

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon!

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